Yolanda Wanted To Help Brandi Reconnect With Her Father


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she wanted Brandi to reconnect with her father. Yolanda says she recognizes what Guy Glanville’s issues were with his daughter and that she wanted to soften him up so that Brandi could make peace with her father.

Yolanda writes, “As you can see, Brandi is still in a funk and everything overwhelms her at this point. She asked me to join her for Pride weekend in Sacramento and to meet her family — and to help navigate the situation with her dad.

They got into a big blow out months earlier after Brandi’s book release because she exposed a part of his past that he understandably did not want to share with the public. I enjoyed driving around and hearing the stories of Brandi growing up. Even though we both came from equally humble beginnings, her suburb was very different from the little, sleepy farmers town I grew up in. The Glanvilles are a lovely, hard-working family that have problems just like yours and mine.

My father died when I was seven-years old and I still miss him everyday so it is really sad for me to see a daughter relationship shut down this severely.

Our parents are close in age; I know that generation has an extraordinary sense of pride, loyalty, and privacy so I recognize Guy Glanville’s issues with Brandi and I was hoping to soften him to a point where he could express not only his disappointment but also his love and pride for his daughter because no matter how old we are, the approval of our parents is extremely important. Brandi absolutely loves her family and obviously did not intentionally mean to hurt her dad.

I believe the biggest lesson here for Brandi is to learn to protect the privacy of her family and friends. Just because something is the truth, does not mean you need to share it with the world, especially when it involves others. Thinking before she speaks is going to be mandatory because the choice of her words are starting to have consequences that effect not only her but also her loved ones.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    That witch Brandi is good at exposing secrets about family and friends. She does not have an ounce of common sense in that pea sized brain of hers.

  • DebBrenn

    Yolanda is right, and helpful to Brandi. But so was Lisa and in the same ways.

  • kathy

    Yolanda believes that she is the ONLY person who can say, do
    or act the way she wants. I cannot believe how high she is on
    herself. I think she should take care of fixing up her own (fake)
    life before she pretends to care and fix someone else relationships.
    She has no story line!!!

  • DeDe

    Yeah, Yolanda, get it? We are so sick if your SUPERIORITY complex. You are just as unbearable to watch and listen to as your friends Brandi & Carlton. Don’t know WHAT it’s like in Deutchland, though I have been to Amsterdam several times & never met the likes if you, but your manners & you idea of friendship & being “a girls girl” is pretty warped! You are the weak link in the housewives if BH. You are the Wannabe Lisa Vanderpump. You are the ugly two faced snake in the grass! You are the dummest woman on the show! Oh yeah, and the next time you want to talk? Try super gluing at least one side of your mouth. So tired if seeing you talk nonsense out if both sides. A show if your own? Please! You and David are the real clowns here. Not impressed with you at all!! You need to run along with Brandi & Carlton. You NEED to go!

  • yaya

    I agree DeDe! Yo needs to go!

  • Anonymous

    No matter what I think people see what they want. Yolanda was I’ll , unless you have the disease or knows someone who has it you gave no idea.. it is painful , when it attacks the joint and bones you want to die. Often you get the flu like symptoms poms first a rash much like shingles and the disease goes on anmon. So don’t go mouthing off that Yolanda condition is fake, or that she’s acting almighty. Hey she was insulted , showed lack of disrespect and backstabbing all by 1 intagater, who will not admit she’-s illiterit. That would be the Queen Lisa V. So if all of you on this panel think that Yolanda is miss high and mighty rake a,look at the 1 Queen herself. She contacts what she says, openly tries to get someone to take the fall . SHE’S THENFAKE. ALL SHE KNOW IS GOSSIP, WATCHING HOW SHE SLIMES HERSELFIE AROUND. AS SOONER AS THEIR IS SOMETHING JUICY , SHE’s right there. Watch how quiet all the other ladies were. Scared they may get implicated they should they all added their two cents . What coward bitches. How ikon about lyme disease, my attorney got it and my best friend. Shingles I know all about it iv’e had it 4 times . From the blistering .and pain unbelieveable. So unless you are aware of these diseases or experiencednit. Don’t go there. YOU KNOW NOTHING! YOLANDA HAS A TERRIFIC SUPPORT GROUP, WITH THE EXCEPT I ON OF ERIKA. THE REST ARE ANIMALS. YOLANDA FOESN’T NEED THEM. I’-M PROUD OF YOLANDA MAY SHE HELPS FIND A CURE.. I KNOW THROUGH HER THERE’S AWARENESS. PRAYERS TO HER AND HER FAMILY.