Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid Speak Out After GiGi Fends Off Milan Attacker


GiGi Hadid was grabbed by a self-described “protester” in Milan this week. Her sister Bella was by her side yelling at the man to get off of her sister, but GiGi took matters into her own hands by elbowing the assaulter until he ran off. Now, her parents are speaking out about how proud they are of their daughter.

Yolanda took to Instagram to write, “Bravo Gigi for defending yourself and standing up for what is rightfully yours, your mind, body and soul should not be touched by anyone unless you want to.” She followed the statement with the hash tag #boxingskills. In a seemingly related post later that day, Yolanda put her stamp of approval—a red heart—next to a sign that read: “Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”


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Her father Mohamed added, “Who needs security Guards when You need them? I Guess .. Not Gigi. @Gigihadid ..Woman Power. Self defense .. He ran way while 30 men were looking on. #takecontrole”

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5 Replies to “Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid Speak Out After GiGi Fends Off Milan Attacker”

  1. This made it to the news in the US??? Gosh, I was in that exact vicinity for work for those first 2 days for MFW and flew back home (my commute is literally 3.5 hours from door to door to Linate) and heard what happened. That guy is a known public nuisance who does this for press attention to celebrities in Europe (and I think he’s moved on to assault some in the US as well). It’s sick and scary to know that people believe they have the right to physically assault you, pick you up as if they’re kidnapping you- it’s NOT funny. He invades people’s personal space and physically assaults them intentionally, shows no remorse, then boasts about it in a smug manner for the press, and the time must come when he is either sued or faces criminal charges. The latter is preferable because like any broken mind, it’s the attention that he wants.

    I’m glad Hadid socked the **** out of his jaw with her elbow. I’m heading back out tomorrow for the first two days of Paris shows- he will be too cautious to come & act out there because he spaces out his stunts , but now that he’s going out of his way to make himself publicly recognizable with social media, if perhaps someone accidentally tripped him or ran into the back of his knees in the midst of him going for his next victim/media come-up, then that may be indicative of his karma.

  2. This was scary to watch. But, this young lady was quick to respond to this nut and I was really impressed at the way she handled herself. Bon Vivant is correct, this guy is a public nuisance who has shown up in other places and made a fool of himself attacking the likes of Leonardo di Caprio. I think this guy is looking for his 15 seconds of fame, but no one knows for sure if he is just doing this for “fun” or if he could be more dangerous. Here’s hoping that he lays low and stays out of the spotlight or becomes so recognizable that security will stop him before he really hurts someone. What a creep. UGH

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