Is Yolanda Hadid’s Book Title a Jab at Her RHOBH Cast Mates?


Yolanda Hadid’s battle with Lyme Disease has been chronicled on the last several seasons of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and if you are a fan of Yolanda, you can keep following her journey in her new memoir; Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.

The book will be published by St. Martin’s Press and will be released in February 2017. Yolanda shared why she decided it was time to write about her journey.

“Once I started to uncover the mystery of chronic Lyme disease and the stigma around it, I felt a strong sense of obligation towards the millions of people suffering from this debilitating disease to share my journey and to be a voice for those who can’t be heard,” she previously told the Daily Dish.

The title of the book certainly is a dig at her RHOBH cast mates for questioning her journey like they did on last season of the show by accusing Hadid of having Munchausen.


“I would hope that anyone who watched or knows about my journey will take the time to read Believe Me as I truly hope it will educate and open people’s hearts in order to gain a much deeper respect and understanding of this journey,” Yolanda says. “The message here is really about how we can learn to be less judgmental and deal with chronically ill people in a more kind, compassionate and understanding way.”

“I have met so many debilitated and financially devastated patients, parents who’ve sold their homes in order to pay for their children’s treatment all while fighting to keep them alive,” Hadid continued. “I documented my journey with photos, daily logs, lab results and short videos, because I wasn’t sure I would make it through alive, but I did. I am here to tell my story because we need a cure affordable for all.”

“I was raised to blindly trust doctors, but learned I had to be my own health advocate,” she added.

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  • One Rotten Egg

    If her two kids have it, then why aren’t they doing this “journey” with her? Oh right, no menopause or leaky boobs or weekly anal cleanings?

    • Anonymous

      what tells you they aren’t ? You seem obsessed yet you’re not close to her enough to know anything. Sad to you I guess

      • One Rotten Egg

        Yet you don’t know if I see those kids running around all over town. Not obsessed, just bringing a different perspective to this post. Sad to you for not knowing the difference between obsession and posting on a blog.

  • To answer the question that is the headline…of course it is…and what better way to market and sell more books!!!

  • Sophia

    I don’t agree with everything Yolanda does, but I appreciate her bringing awareness to invisible chronic illness. I know the frustration she feels from having people question your illness and doubt your treatment. Many people will give you their opinion while knowing nothing of your disease or the many co-infections that you may also have that complicate it. If you happen to have a rare or not well understood disease it can be a frustrating experience to have to wait for science to catch up. When you are not responding favorably to conventional treatment you begin exploring alternatives in an effort to feel even slightly better; a modicum of normalcy. I can relate to her feeling good one day and terrible the next; on the good days I find myself pushing to do as much as possible, but then the very next day I feel like death. Friends and family just do not understand how crippling it can be because I still look “okay” physically. My illness has robbed me of the life I should be living, but until I am able to recover my health I am going to fight like hell for myself and try to aid others in their own recovery. As difficult as having an invisible illness is it has taught be empathy, patience, and how to persevere. I wish Yolanda all the best in her recovery.


    How can she write a book when she can barely speak English or is that “pretend” too? It’s the only way she has to generate income at this point beyond what she took from her two ex-husbands. I highly doubt she knows anything about investing or the markets. I highly doubt she knows what she’s talking about. If she wants to discuss her Lyme and be taken seriously.. THEN GET OFF REALITY TV. Just another indication that she wants the entire world to hear her, look at her, pity her and not take her seriously.
    I can’t stand her.

    • Gigicat, you are giving her too much credit. lol. If she wasn’t on this reality show, she would have no notoriety and therefore not have a platform anyway. Her claim to fame will be her model children, unless she marries another wealthy or famous man.

    • I agree with you 100%

    • Anonymous

      you know that all housewives use ghostwritters for their books? right? right?!

  • Aunt Bee

    OMG so sick of this journey and her mental illness. This woman craves the spotlight and the many recent healthy pictures in a bikini on the beach just proves what an exhibitionist she is. My heart goes out to the many people who have a real chronic illness.

  • Marie

    Sorry Yolanda no one believes you, pretend to write all the books you want, you’re still a fraud.

  • patricia

    Yo was sick from leaking implants. She still doesn’t address it. She completely ruined this show. I hope she is gone next season. She is so deceptive & manipulative. I can’t stand her. Her jealousy of LVP is so obvious.

  • VaNonna

    She’s trying to make it affordable? How, not everyone has married men with a prenup then tried to get out of it with “illnesses”. I hope the dog she’s holding doesn’t have ticks or fleas, it may mean another journey. I wouldn’t waste my money or my time on that book.

  • Team Yolanda

    Congratulations Yolanda for staying true to yourself and writing a book about your daily journey dealing with Lyme Disease.

    You continue to project positivity & light & awareness to many who are ignorant, uneducated, unsupportive & unwilling to hear the truth about your personal struggle with Lyme Disease.

    Please don’t stop your good work!
    You are an Inspiration !!!

    Team Yolanda all the way! !!

  • starr

    Don’t believe a single word she says, far less a single sentence in her book. She’s not really sick, mild whatever. She is definitely another Brooks, liar to the end & just as disliked. She’d better not be a returner. What a fake.

  • Melodie

    Oh GREAT!!!! Another Housewives book that won’t sell. People don’t know Yo unless they have watched the HW’s and I think the majority of the viewers were just done with her continuous whining. The others well way to much time on their hands. When she first started feeling bad we all were sympathetic to her issues. But going on and on and on and on…. people just got tired of hearing about it. Yolanda made a HUGE WRONG decision to stay on the show. She should have gotten off the tv and dealt with her illness in private. Look what ended up happening. She was fighting whatever it is, her marriage went down the tubes, and the media frenzy did not help at all. Sorry but writing a book about it and again taking private information and sharing it with the world instead of keeping it private. Yo is a fame whore. Her girls are taking the world by storm and she is a has been.