Yolanda Hadid Stunned David Foster is Already Dating


As we previously reported, Yolanda Hadid broke down in tears during the season six taping of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion when Andy Cohen brought up her divorce from David Foster.

“Andy Cohen attempted to get Yolanda to talk about what led to the break-up but she wasn’t having it,” the source said. “From Yolanda’s viewpoint, this isn’t part of any public discussion or part of the show. This is a very, very sad time for her.”

Meanwhile, her co-star, Erika Girardi, came to her defense and “asked Andy to move on,” the source told RadarOnline. “Erika is very, very protective of Yolanda and didn’t think it was appropriate that Andy seemed to be digging in. Yolanda revealed she loves David, and that will never change, but they just could no longer be married.”

Yolanda did wonder out loud if, “she hadn’t gotten Lyme disease, whether she would still be married,” said the source. “David never really got to be married to the healthy, carefree Yolanda, because she got the disease shortly after they were married.”

Behind closed doors, the source said, Hadid “is absolutely stunned David has already begun dating.”

As for Hadid, “She has vowed she will begin dating, but in the future,” said the source. “She is focusing on her health and kids.”

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47 Replies to “Yolanda Hadid Stunned David Foster is Already Dating”

  1. I’m sure she isn’t surprised he is already dating, I’m sure she is hurt but that’s life after divorce. Maybe if she hadn’t got sick the ‘minute’ she married him, her words, she just might still be married now who knows.

    1. For someone that has been married 4 times, that is about expected. However, what does she expect him to do… Sit and wallow how sick she is and continue to hold her hand …. I have to say at this point I can’t blame the guy for wanting to get away from her

    2. He married for sickness and health he is just a male whore his one of those men no matter who he has as a partner or wife it’s never gonna be the one.

      1. Maybe that is because he just wants arm candy instead of a partner in life. Those vows meant nothing. He had a prenup in place and an exit planned in case of emergency. Yolanda filed for the divorce, not that it would not have happened anyway with David’s past record of failed marriages.

    1. I wonder why they keep recycling the same old still photos from the show that are already over a year old? There are plenty of others out there to choose from in the public domain. This tries to create or manipulate a narrative that may not even exist in the first place, the gossip blogs just keep regurgitating the same 7-10 images ooooover and ooooover to make up content, smh…

    2. I know, seriously. The IV thing bugs me. I wonder why she is staunchly reporting it is Lyme. IMO, it was always the silicone leakage. My God, I am stunned that throughout all 4 years that was the first time a doctor ordered an MRI. !!! I mean that is one test that is done pretty frequently nowadays when no diagnosis can be found, and not four effing years later. If there is anything I feel really sorry about for her it is that. I mean Jesus, she looked the world over to find what was right there. I would feel so cheated by the best money can buy. I was given an MRI because of a pain in my side. 106 doctors to order a test? Wow.

    3. That’s all she posts of herself. She wants to look sick. Go to her instagram. That’s her crack. Sympathy. She had leaky breast implants they came out, she’s feeling better, but has never been diagnosed by an MD with Lyme. She’s a lier going through menopause, suffering from depression who is begging for and getting attention. Your basic attention whore.

  2. Like I have said many times before there are soooooo many people on this world that are so much sicker than Yo with all kinds of things.. But yet even they are out to find a cure for their illness or disease they do not find the need to post sick selfies of themselves on a regular basis. Why does she do this? What good does her sick selfies, or should I say faking sick selfies, do for finding a cure or being an advocate for her disease?? NOTHING

    1. Well apparently the Global Lyme Alliance feels differently, because she was honored for her activism and awareness efforts on behalf of Lyme disease sufferers back in October by that organization. Yolanda, singer/ actress Thalia, and Alli Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter) were joint honorees for the gala, raising $3 Million for education and research to find a cure.

      1. The global lyme alliance does not have any information about Yo’s newest dx that came from a doctor that has very questionable practices. He charges a lot for his services and has his own line of supplements that he pushing on the patients I wonder if he is even part of the alliance.
        My personal opinion, the reason the alliance honored Yolanda was simply becuase she was on a national show and could bring them press.
        Here is the link to other tick borne illnesses.

        Just fyi, I have a friend who has/had EHRLICHIOSIS one of the tick borne diseases that could cause death. She could not drive and was very weak but she staying in college with a 4.0 and is now in Medical school. Both of her parents are doctors and she was treated by the best medical in the US at John Hopkins and the Mayo clinic not by some quack doctors.

      2. Well, whipee for them! They all showed up at an event and stood in front of cameras (publicity) and then stood on a stage (more publicity) asking people to donate $. Why not donate some yourself and stop with all the “LOOK AT ME” crap? The only reason she’s involved with GLA is so that she can “be seen” doing something charitable. Well Ho? Doing something charitable means more than standing up in front of a crowd, like a circus freak, asking people to donate $. I have not, and never will, understand these types of events. If the general population thinks something is worthy of donating their hard-earned $’s to, they will. They don’t need some fake housewife on a reality show standing on stage like some sort of experiment (which she is by the way) asking people to donate. How much as she donated anyway? What has she done other than send out selfies and appear before camera’s. Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.

  3. I can’t blame David for running fast and far from Yo-lie-a-lot. Her faux illness must have driven him near mad. First she says she got sick the minute she married him in 2011, later she says she contracted Lyme in 2012. On the show she said she has been in bed sleeping 18 hours a day and unable to walk, drive, read, etc. ALL of those claims have been rebutted by the show itself. Last year she was running around BH on a scavenger hunt and outrunning the rest of the women. Lies, lies, lies. David just couldn’t accept it any longer. I still maintain she has empty nest syndrome and depression due to aging and menopause and the fact her girls are now in her modelling world she is no longer part of and Anwar is living with his Dad.

    1. I can see maybe a bit of The Change creeping in there..but I’m not jumping on that “she’s faking it” train.

      I can certainly see how it would appear that way from the outside looking in, but there are legitimate medical and charitable entities standing behind this woman and confirming she has this disease, both her husbands have confirmed it, her two daughters have confirmed it: I doubt that it’s all a lie from all of the dozens or (by now) HUNDREDS of people who are working with her regarding this disease. That said, for me the problem I have with a statement like the one you’ve written above has actually zero to do with Yolanda Hadid, vs. the fact that I’ve been/ AM a caretaker for loved ones with diseases that cause chronic illness in my own life. I find that people who have never been in those shoes don’t understand that a person has days when they can be fully operational, and days when they are literally bedridden from whatever infections or fatigue episodes have come about. I tell people all the time that yes, of course my husband looks great at first glance, yes he can play a mean Chopin, he can bike the 10 kilometers to his neurologist with relative ease, or swing the mast of a sailboat with the vigor of someone nearly half his age…but there are bedridden days when that is not possible. At all. And he has a VERY restricted lifestyle.

      We have to get beyond watching instagram pics, reality shows with warped editing, and guerilla blogs that don’t even invest in owning their own domain names if we really, truly want to learn anything about these diseases. All I can say is that from personal experience, the concept of having “up days”, and “down days” really isn’t that difficult to understand…

      1. Most of us believe Yolo has contracted Lyme disease, Bon Vivant…it’s the “Chronic” Lyme Disease we are having trouble with. The medical profession does not recognize this diagnoses…nor do they condone the unconventional treatments she has chosen to undergo. Yolo also has a long history of sudden bouts of extreme fatigue, beginning at the age of 12, for which no medical cause can be found.
        I think awarding her for her work to educate the world about Lyme disease will actually do more harm than good, as she is not someone most of us admire, and the information she shares regarding the disease is very controversial in the medical profession.

          1. Skeptic very interesting, I can’t remember where I read but in Holland she was told she didn’t have LD. Hmmmmm!!!! Xo

      2. I also am a caregiver and there is NO WAY on earth she is as sick as she claims or was as sick as she claimed. Period. If she was, she wouldn’t be appearing on a reality show where camera crews are in your face for months at a time. If she was that sick, she’d not have one inclination or tolerance for that. Once again, everything about her is fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Fake hair, fake boobs, fake tan, fake everything. Now she’s trying to convince us that this latest incarnation of herself… hacked off hair, fake boobs removed, no spray tan, no bleach, no make-up, ugly clothing is the real her. If this is the real her, then who has she been the other 51 years of her life? Nope. I wager in a year she’s gonna be back to her spray-tanned, bleached blond self in skin tight clothing. And that is the real her. Pam Anderson also tried convincing all of us she changed and after a year, she’s back to her old self. Leopards don’t change their spots.

        1. Gigicat, I haven’t asked for a long time but I guess recent events have made me think about others with cancer even more how is your husband? Xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I agree with Bon Vivant. People with chronic illnesses often do have bad days and better days. Often it’s more like good hours, then they’re worn out for a while as the price to pay for trying to do something besides stay in bed.

    I believe she has Lyme disease and maybe complicating factors along with it too. Lots of people have chronic illnesses and turn to alternative cures when the usual ones don’t fix it. I don’t see any reason to doubt her on it. I think she has to share her life as part of being on the reality show, hence all of the photos. The only reason she gets by with not talking about her divorce is probably because it stated in the pre-nup that she can’t.

    It would really suck to become ill and have your husband dump you and your friends doubt you. I don’t especially like or trust Ericka but at least she seems to have Yolanda’s back.

    David Foster apparently does not understand the meaning of the vows he keeps taking. Maybe Yolanda’s illness will show her that money isn’t what counts and next time she’ll look for a man who understands “in sickness and in health” not to mention the part about being faithful. I think these mega-rich boys are spoiled jerks and mostly treat women like new cars to be traded in for a newer model every few years. They really are sickening. Maybe she should try a regular Joe next time, someone who appreciates her rather than believing himself to be a king.

    1. I have a chronic illness and I understand all this is possible, having my good and bad days as well. But what makes me distrustful of Yolanda is her constantly varying stories about what she is able/unable to do, how long she has been “bedridden” etc., and her need to constantly bring this up, post photos, and turn every discussion around to center on herself, as well as accusing everyone who does not sit at her feet daily of being a poor friend.

  5. I can believe faux-Yo has Lyme, however I also believe it was those implants that Yo says don’t define her as a woman but had to have them anyway..I believe its obvious that’s what was making her suck I mean sick on top of menopause which I again think that’s obvious I’m going through that to. I know all about chronic illness..Yo’s statements are way to inconsistent they start to make no sense, and if it doesn’t make sense it didn’t happen!! With that said I’m so exhausted I need an IV, somebody get me a gurney I can’t read it write anymore.

  6. This is not about Yolanda ! This is more about how men quickly move on to their next woman, while we women sit around and mourn and ‘process’ . I feel very bad and sad for her, to have to deal with this on top of everything else. He should’ve at least have the dignity to keep it hush for a few more months

  7. It’s a REALITY show….surely her marriage didn’t go to pot after the season ENDED, she and David just put on a front during filming. Why can’t Andy ask about this?

  8. Well, considering Foster’s track record, I am not surprised. Considering what I read about how great their sex lives were before she got sick, it sounds like he had four years with little of it, and this man, nearing 70 or not (Viagra helps most likely) is not giving up on finding a younger woman now. He found one from what we have been shown. Maybe he just wants a friend with benefits for now, so it may not be anything but that. As long as he is able, he will be with a woman, and even if he is not, a young woman will try to latch onto him because he is famous and quite wealthy. I doubt Yolanda is that surprised. She was hoping he would wallow a bit and not date so soon maybe, but when she met him, how long was he single? I don’t know, but I doubt it was very long.

    1. If these old goats really think they can keep up with women even their own ages sexually or in any other way, let alone women many years younger, they are beyond delusional. He’s already 10-15 years older than Yolanda. I wonder if he ever turns it around and considers how appropriate a woman thirty years OLDER than him would be as a partner for him. That’s every bit as ridiculous an old codger with a young gold digger is.

      They are such misogynists to always go for women their daughters and granddaughters ages as if women age and they don’t. When they end up with an Anna Nicole Smith who uses and abuses them for their money when they’re old and in need, they DESERVE it!

  9. Yolanda’s pride is more hurt than anything else. David could not wait for the formality to be over to move on freely with yet another woman. The fact that she herself promoted her illness over & above & because of that, she made herself open for talk, speculation, discrepancies which created major question marks, did not help her cause which returned to bite her. And with David dating again & so soon too, showed how replacable she was & it’s as much open news to her friends & everyone else. Unfortunately, her constant pity party at home & out of home became a flop & she realizes she cant point fingers at anyone except herself..

    1. Really, though, wasn’t she a replacement for David’s ex? I think the expression is that the shoe is on the other foot now.
      According to Wetpaint, Linda Thompson, was a songwriter and former beauty queen who divorced David Foster in 2005. At the time of the split, Linda told PEOPLE the cause of the divorce “will remain personal and private.” In a statement, David said, “”The end of every relationship has three sides: His, hers and the truth.”
      When did Yolanda meet David? I thought she said they were together at least nine years up until 2015. I would think David started dating very soon after his divorce from Linda, and Yolanda knew that then. She should not be surprised now!

      1. Ho knew exactly what she was getting into when she married David. She was a silicone-filled, bleached blond with a fake spray tan. She took out her silicone, hacked off her hair and stopped spray tanning. Then he saw the “real” person. I don’t blame him for running away screaming with his hands up in the air. To me, the “REAL” Ho is the one we see now, with the dark circles, back fat, belly fat who is working out with her personal trainer saying “I have to stay in shape because anyone will “…uck” my husband for a Chanel handbag.” That pretty much sums her up to me.

        1. Yes, it appears that way. Once he put a ring on it, her true colors came out, along with neverending illness, etc., and he never signed up for all that, considering his record of marriages. I don’t feel sorry for him. Any man who keeps marrying younger and younger has to know that most likely it is his bank account and all that it comes with it that the girls are after and not his nearly 70 year old, older than their daddies, looks. No amount of Viagra can turn back time that much. He has to be delusional, no matter how talented.
          I also do not pity Yolanda. She stepped in just like David’s new gf years ago and dated for years until he committed. Then everything changed. Yes, she had a disease, but maybe she just could not stomach Foster anymore and stopped forcing herself…maybe?

          1. LOL. These women should all start refusing to consider men their own ages back, leave them sitting in their rocking chairs and go after THEIR sons and grandsons. Well, really, it seems as if they are beginning to! It really is misogynistic BS.

            1. The real problem is that many very successful, wealthy men feel it is their right to date younger. They won’t look at a post menopausal woman. Now look at Tom Girardi. He is with a solid golddigger, but she still is with him. She will stick it out until he croaks most likely. Who knows what her extra curricular..activities are, really. She is on the road or jet quite a bit. There is no way she would be with him if not for his money IMO. There is far too much of an age difference there.

        2. It also sums him up. David Foster looks like a giant California raisin. It would be hilarious to see him with a woman of actual similar physical attractiveness to his own!

          1. OMG! LOL for real! Two giant California raisins in the sun. That is funny. i can almost hear him playing, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” though I hear Marvin Gaye singing it. 😮

  10. She seems to be stunned by a lot lately! It won’t be long before she finds snags another rich one. Hopefully her “illness” won’t return conveniently for that marriage too.

  11. Hold up here lymes;– (king) david is not the only one moving (running as fast as they can from you), the viewer’s have jumped ship along with your (co-stars)… So basically- your scam is an epic fail—no one believes your BS train……Time to go away, stop embarrassing yourself and harming those who are truly sick –
    you have severe munchausen, aging badly, mental illness, depression and menopausal, deal with it—you are NOTHING SPECIAL, and not above growing old like the rest of us peons…. Most just have alot more grace than you….

  12. Enough of the acting Yolanda. Sounds more like depression then Lymes disease. Throw those quack medicines in the bin and in the words of LVP get a life

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