Yolanda Hadid Steps Out On Red Carpet With Daughter Bella Hadid


Yolanda Hadid joined her daughter Bella to the GQ Men of the Year 2016 ceremony in London earlier this week, where she watched her daughter take home the Model Of The Year award.

Bella even mentioned her mom in her speech. “It’s the first time that she’s been out of bed in probably four years,” Bella said during her acceptance speech. “Got her hair and makeup done for this, so I’m really happy she’s here and [she] means the world to me.”

Amy Schumer, Ricky Gervais, and Chris Pine were also honored at the event.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Suze☕️

    Funny, I have just put a comment on this on the last Bella thread. She states in the interview that it is the first time in four years her mother has got out of bed! How did she film for those seasons, go on her exotic holidays, support her kids at fashion shows? What a joke, and enough of these IV pics as on last thread. I do like Bella and think she is stunning more so than Gigi, although both very succesful.

    • I agree. I try not to comment on the sick pics, but I can comment on the ones that are well. Wasn’t it just a few months ago when those pictures of her on vacation were posted and she was beautiful and posing? I don’t think it’s doing any of them any favors when they keep remarking that she hasn’t been out of bed or out of the house for years!!!

      • Suze☕️

        I know I had to read it twice in the Daily Mail this morning, I couldn’t understand why she would say that. Treating us all like mugs! Xoxoxox

        • It’s definitely for effect but it really is becoming annoying. If it were anyone else, no one would probably care, but having watched this all play out on RHBH this year, it discredits her by claiming she has been in bed for four years. I don’t blame Bella, Momma probably wrote the speech..lol..just kidding.

          • Suze☕️

            Lol xxxooo

    • vanonna

      I was thinking the same thing Suze.

  • I have to say though Yo looks fantastic. Whoever her plastic surgeons is , they do excellent work


      Yes, those plastic surgeons that she never used? Maybe it’s all the potions from Whole Foods that did the trick. Like the natural hair dye (an oxymoron) from Whole Foods?

      • That’s s good point lol. As you know I love me some YO but some of her stories don’t add up 🙂 the ONLY natural hair dye is henna but that only makes your head red

        • kt

          But there is organic hair dye – could that be what she was referring? I don’t really care what anyone uses or plastic surgery they have…Nene posted a pic a while back of her when she first started and now – HOLY scalpel!
          I don’t care for their comments ‘first time out of bed in four years’ – too dramatic – but Yo looks like she’s feeling better.

          • I believe the main culprit that is responsible for the actual color change is still in organic dyes. The other ingredients may be better on organic dyes but you still need that compound ( forgot the name ) that some people believe to be toxic. However I could be wrong, I read this a few years ago when some companies were claiming their dyes are organic and harmless and it was found out that wasn’t entirely true .
            I have no problem with anyone getting surgery but with her I think it’s more laser and non surgical stuff. Plus I’m sure she uses excellent skin products etc. I think she looks great and healthy

            • Nene has been posting a few too many bikini shot lol

              • No bikinis , bathing suits , correction

            • Real Sandy⛱

              Hi Rain. You may be thinking of coal tar dyes (PPDs) made from petroleum distillates. They are in higher quantities in darker hair dyes. I don’t think any of it is good really, but bleaches are not as much of a problem as the darker dye colors. I still color my hair….not with henna either. 😉

              • Yes that may be it Sandy :). But i was thinking women have been dying her hair for decades and I’m not aware of an active proven link of anything caused by the dye. I used to cover my grey till a few years ago but stopped due to laziness rather than anyhting else lol

            • kt

              I think she does too and I really like her hair cut/style in his picture.

              • She does look amazing and she’s proud of her daughters. I read that Anwar is now modeling too . She should be their manager and be a mini Kris Jenner lol

                • kt

                  noooooooooooooooo…..one of those is enough!
                  Anwar is very handsome. Bella is beautiful. Gigi is stunning. They both have great genes!

                  • Oh yes they are a beautiful household ❤️❤️❤️

    • Agreed, it nothing else you can’t take that away from her. When she’s done up with hair and make up, she is stunning.


    those kids are as stupid as Ho. Hasn’t gotten out of bed in 4 years? Were we seeing a hologram of her for the past 4 seasons? Was she cloned? Either way, she has too broad of shoulders to be wearing a dress like that. She looks like a line backer. Other than that, she sickens me as usual.

    • Anonymous

      I know. I would feel awful with having my child say something like that. Even if I was dying I would get out of bed for my kids. Now faking an illness and playing an act for four years I would hope my kids would tell me to snap the heck out of it and not allow that into their lives just because I am their mom. Scratch that I would never do that to my kids and husband for a pay check.

    • Skeptic

      Agree with everything you wrote. She sickens me as well with all her BS. She has her kids believing it too, now. Pathetic that they’re towing the company line re her faux illness.

  • One Rotten Egg

    Like mother, like daughter–sick selfie, traveling/well selfie

  • vanonna

    I was thinking the same thing Suze.