Yolanda Hadid Shares New Health Update On Lyme Disease Journey


Yolanda Hadid has always been candid about her journey with Lyme disease and while she’s been out of the pubic eye for awhile, taking care of herself and traveling, she gave fans and update when she appeared on the red carpet Thursday night at the Uniting for a Lyme-Free World Gala in New York, hosted by the Global Lyme Alliance.

“I’m actually feeling really good. I’m probaby at 85, 90 percent,” she told the Daily Dish. “I just started a new clinical trial and I’m really excited because I’m on day 12 and I’m feeling strangely good. So hopefully after 60 days this might be the end for me. I mean that’d be perfect but I don’t know. We don’t know.”

Yolanda was joined by her daughter Bella, who just started the same trial. “I just started [the same trial], so hopefully I’m getting there,” she explained.

“We keep trying. There is no cure. In the medical business, the pharmaceutical business is a $700 billion business and yet there’s no cure for Lyme disease, even though the first case was diagnosed in 1972,” Yolanda said. “I mean, you go and figure why is there no cure, why is this room full of people that are struggling and suffering? We don’t know.”

“It’s almost like a lifestyle,” Yolanda said. “She just came back from Tokyo. She’s been in bed for three days, complete resting, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,” her mom said. “And then she’ll get up and go to work and do what she has to do. I mean, obviously, at this age there’s so many obligations I think that for now we’re juggling until we can find a cure and get back to real life.”

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  1. Wow–wonder if Bella’s advertisers and promoters think she is a business liability–never knowing when she will do the job

    1. Models don’t have promoters or advertisers. They are represented by modeling agencies and assigned a booker in their gender division responsible for fostering relationships with fashion industry clients on their behalf, and taking care of all details of jobs they book. I have been on all sides of the booking table from internships under iconic modeling agents, to being represented as an artist, to casting in production, to being at the decision making table as an actual client: what I can say is that mine is a very unconventional business where what drives a lot of what we do is the model as MUSE. As such, first tier, A list models of Bella’s caliber are generally well accommodated as long as they can show up and ” give good face”. I have a friend that was able to maintain a successful career on a level similar to Yolanda’s for 2 decades between episodes with Lyme disease. It wasn’t easy, which is why I have tremendous respect for Yolanda and other sufferers because I have witnessed what the disease does to otherwise vibrant people who can be reduced to being bedridden. Still, part of an agent’s job is having a close enough understanding of the models and artists they represent to know not only their talents, but limitations or personal struggles, and book them accordingly. If and when Bella is in the middle of an episode or treatment, the agency neither pitches her or releases her to work. Also, Bella is primarily a first tier editorial and ad campaign girl, which is not the same as the grind house pace of being a catalog model as it uses less days to shoot, less hours, and less shots per day, so it will be easy enough to work around her physical ailments. Actually in a business rife with lost souls behaving like miniature tyrants, drug addicted, and general immoral behavior running rampant- having someone with an illness but with an established reputation as being pleasant, professional, and willing to give their all in front of the lens is lightweight stuff. By all industry accounts the Hadid sisters’ mother has done very well by them in establishing a strong Nordic work ethic in an industry where many girls have no parental guidance or shaping, and are nightmares to deal with even without an illness. Beyond that they really are lovely creatures. I’ve seen both in person during various fashion weeks in Europe and they have it (it including extraordinarily long legs that look like the could come up to my shoulders, lol). Bella in particular has dark, brooding, sensual beauty in some of her work reminiscent of 1980s-early 90s supermodel Yasmeen Guauri, and lord knows in fashion we love a good cycle where what once was becomes new again. I think as long as she continues to shoot excellent editorial, she will have the support she needs from clients. From the trades in my job I get to see a lot of campaigns and covers before they appear in magazines, but you can actually see some of the work she’s done simply by Googling her covers and campaigns. She has of lot of the most exclusive Old Guard and New Guard fashion establishment folks booking and rooting for her.

      1. BonVivant ! You are so helpful with all your inside knowledge of the model/entertainment industry. I have no idea what you do or if you’ve ever stated it and I missed it, but I trust your experience and I always learn something new from your comments thank you. 🙂

  2. I have no idea why her kids are “models” since they have those dead eyes. I don’t see it. As for Ho? It’s too early to comment on her.

  3. Sorry. I don’t buy it. Especially after seeing pics of Bella smoking cigs and boozing with Kylie Jenner over the summer. One minute she’s posting pics of an IV in her arm, the next she’s jetting all over the world.

    1. Queenie, isn’t that the same behavior that Bella’s mother, Yolanda show all of last season on RHOBH? Many question marks still.

  4. One could ask “why is there no cure for cancer?” or any number of debilitating diseases that have been around for centuries? If Yo wants to bring awareness to Lyme disease, fine. I just don’t like her comment about there being “no cure” when big Pharma has sooo much money. A lot of money goes into research not just for Lyme but for many, many other diseases. My comment is not about defending the pharmaceutical companies but is directed more toward Yolanda and her ‘everything should be about me and my problems’ attitude.

    Have a great day everyone!

  5. this woman is FRAUD #2 behind Vicki with the fake illness yes people have Lymes that does make you worse only the nerve damage is forever so i call B#@#^%$!
    on this woman my friend died from lymes and nerve damage is real and can not be cured she is a snake oil sales lady pushing a book
    and where is ANwar ? he has lymes 2 ?
    she wanted her own show Blahahahaha
    when her husband refused to spend another dime on her fake a$$ she divorced him and suddenly she is getting cured she took out her poisoned boobs and teeth
    101 doctors she tried to scam and only 1 who lost lisence in usa moved over seas and she has lyme dx by him and David seen what a Quack he was YoYo is a piece of work
    she used her beauty to marry

    So I will say it like it is YoYo is gonna say she is very close to cured /is cured to allow her or Bella to be spokes persons for snake oil if her lymes is cured then it should cure MS and other nerve illnesses cause Lymes and MS mimic eachother so i will be cured

    1. missrox, I am so sorry to hear you have MS! I can understand your feelings for Yo totally. Just as mine are for Vicki. I hope you have more good spells than bad xoxoxoxoxo

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