Yolanda Hadid Reveals Lyme Disease Prognosis Update


Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid is still fighting Lyme disease and claims she is 80% better, but is there more to the story?

Hadid recently told PEOPLE, that she is doing better, but a recent Instagram photo seems to tell a different story.

“I’m back on a vey extreme diet: no gluten, no dairy, no grains, no caffeine, no alcohol, no black tea and nothing that turns into sugar,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s boring,” she confessed. “But I would eat bark for a year if it would save my life. I would do anything.”

“I’m 80 percent better,” Hadid confirmed. “I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to eradicate everything from by body, but remission sounds really good.”

But Yolanda photographed herself eating pita chips and candy less than a week before her interview was published.

❤️Late night t.v snacks and girlfriend talks……….. #BadGirls are #HappyGirls #MidNightSnacks

A photo posted by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on

What do you make of this? Comment below.

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  • Suze☕️

    She really doesn’t make sense to me but then she hasn’t for quite some time. She can’t eat sugar etc but she can drink sugary drinks and eat crisps (potato chips as you all call them.) I just give up I don’t have anything else to say about her so I will just say, it’s Friday so happy weekend to all! Xoxo

  • Rain

    Ahhh Yolanda , my weakness , can’t help but like her crazy ass lol 🙂 most of the stuff she’s not eating is basically saying she’s on a Paleo diet , so yes it’s a harsh diet but a lot of everyday people are on it

    She needs a respite from social media.

    • kt

      My friend…how are YOU?
      I read this story and thought…oh here we go…but glad to see Yolanda has a little fun and cheats with jelly beans every now and then…

      • Rain

        How are you kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Missed you lots xoxo . Hope you’re well

        Yes Yolanda just being Yolanda lol

        • kt

          Doing great! It’s chilly here today and I don’t do cold! I’m a little – well – a lot of the loop on the shows. Hope all is well with you!!!

          • Rain

            It’s chilly here too 🙂 I think once RHOBH is back, you’ll be back posting ❤️❤️❤️

            • kt

              Oh you know it…my inner feisty person comes out! NY was boring, NJ I lost interest, OC – I can’t stand the screaming and scheming – but do watch the clips.

              • Rain

                I never watched NY , or NJ. Gave up on Atlanta and I hate OC now
                So I’m down to RHOBH and VP Rules. I started watching below Deck and I’m enjoying that

                • Aunt Bee

                  Wonder what Ben would cook for YO on the yacht?

                  • Suze☕️

                    How about poached potato chips in fizzy pop?

  • Jake

    When you’re on a diet you never ever have a cheat night/cheat day? You can’t have a good diest without indulging. Yes it’s about her health, but still, if anyone wants to maintain a good diet they have to have some sugar at some point otherwise you crave it.

    It’s exactly the same thing that was said on the show “Of you said you didn’t walk but we saw you run in Beverly hills on the show” blablabla let it go people, she can do whatever she wants, even if it’s confusing to you,

    • Of course she, and everyone else like us here, can do or SAY anything we want. She knew this article would end up on at least one blog, and, wow, she got a whole 12 comments. Fascinating her diet.

    • Suze☕️

      Jake, we are all entitled to state our opinions, we don’t have to agree with you and vice versa but you can’t tell people what to think!
      Yes you can have a good diet without sugary drinks and crisps. I went three years without and was the healthiest I have ever been in that time. (Potato chips as you call them)

  • starr

    Same difference, different day in the life of Yolanda. So glad we don’t have to hear of her often these days. She’s as big of a scammer & liar as Brooks, oly with a difference to her ailment——-Manchausen.


    1. She is looking very “manly” or is it “handsome” in that photo.
    2. She is, and always has been, full of sh*t.
    3. She lies. Period. Vicki and her could have their own show called “The Real Liars of the Housewives.”
    4. Nobody is interested in her anymore so now she has to do and say anything to be relevant.
    In closing…
    Good-Bye My Love

    • Rain

      I laughed so hard GIGICAT 🙂

    • Suze☕️

      That was funny xoxoxoxox

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

    lol GigiCat you slay me.

    For me, I rill always wish Y better health but she needs to keep her living journal to her own blog and away from Housewives. I think anything else at this point kind of backfires on her. She is a handsome beauty. 😉

    • Rain

      I’m with you Miss M . I will wish her well but just because I like her doesn’t mean I’m
      Not aware of how crazy or odd she is LOL

      • Miss Moneypenny☂

        Me too my friend. I know she has her ways that are super annoying to others and me too many times I get it but I can’t help that I find her likeable all the same I don’t know why. I just don’t think she means any harm at all.

    • A bland diet consisting of nothing is for someone with a bleeding ulcer, not a compromised immune system. And I say that with knowledge, my Dad was an herbalist, not a quack, and a nutritionist.A variety of fruits, vegetables, including potatoes, and a variety of grains and legumes for protein is what it calls for. But hey, the 600 doctors she went to must have told her.

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂️

    rill ? haha Yesh I rill arways wish her rell…. lol

  • Sherri

    Yolanda I hope she meets her goal & Lyme desease is not something to lie about. I hope you get better Yolanda u have been threw a lot. Would you get ur breast implants out if you weren’t sick? When they leak u will get real sick.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    Now she is in “remission” from eternal Lyme Disease. I guess she can pull it out (Lyme card) again and complain as long as she wants. Now her Paleo diet is attributed to some sort of cleanse to get rid of all of her impurities….right.
    Yolanda, why not get a really high colonic and reach into your brain and flush flush, and flush some more. Use lemons and limes and all sorts of non carb fruits and cleanse yourself of all of your egotistical, out of proportion thoughts, and then take some time out to really care about others. Why not volunteer somewhere and help out those in need who cannot afford to spend millions on closets full of “supplements”, etc. and see hundreds of “doctors”.

    It seems more like the model’s diet she is on, to me anyway, and not some perfect plan. It is to lose weight, most likely. It is to keep that bikini bod.

    I knew a ballerina who starved herself like that and then popped some small candy, like M&M’s in her mouth just before going on stage. It is a quick burst of sugar for energy and then it was worked off. No weight gain there.
    I cannot feel sorry for someone who does not have a thing to pity. Others are in pain constantly, debilitated, weak, and even losing a fight for life, and they are not complaining like she does. Why am I even writing this. I just saw this and became a bit incensed at the nerve she has to say all of this BS. Sick…in the head she is, and she needs help.

  • Marie

    I can’t believe she’s pulling this crap again. 80% healed what kind of crap is that? She is so far from healed of all affliction. She is 100% certifiable.