Yolanda Hadid Reveals David Foster Thought She Was “Crazy” While Battling Illness

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid is opening up about her marriage to David Foster in her upcoming book; Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease. And Yolanda isn’t holding back when it comes to the dirty details of her marriage to the Grammy winner.

In her upcoming memoir, Yolanda revealed that she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue shortly after marrying David Foster and ultimately wanted to pursue a meeting with someone in another country in an effort to get to the bottom of what she was going through. Sadly, her husband wasn’t supportive and believed she was “crazy.”

With no support from her husband, Yolanda was forced to embark on her health journey alone and she told friends that David Foster wasn’t going with her because he was too busy. “If the shoe was on the other foot, I wouldn’t leave his side,” Yolanda writes in the book, obtained by RadarOnline.

After Yolanda was later diagnosed with Lyme disease, she began to notice that her husband was becoming increasingly unhappy with the fact that she could not go about life in the way she used to. Still, she did her best to remain dedicated to her marriage, but after taking a trip to support her husband against the orders of a doctor, he decided to skip one of her own events.

Hadid also recalled an incident in which David Foster had traveled to New York City, where she was working but refused to respond to her text messages. “I begged you to place never abandon me again and not only did you do it, you did it at the worst time in my life,” Yolanda continued in her book.

To learn more about Yolanda’s story you can check out her book that is set to be released on September 12th.

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15 Replies to “Yolanda Hadid Reveals David Foster Thought She Was “Crazy” While Battling Illness”

  1. It was very clear from what was picked up on film that he was not being particularly supportive so none of this surprises me in the slightest. You marry someone in “sickness and in health” but obviously David missed out the former part and it really came across as though he just wanted to have a trophy wife. Then for the girls to come after her, I really felt for her. The response she received from her husband and cast-mates must have been traumatic in themselves as if the disease itself wasn’t bad enough to deal with. Having said that, she couldn’t really contribute to the show/do her job anymore as she wasn’t well enough to so I think it was right for her to leave and she definitely did well at bringing awareness to Lyme disease.

      1. I can’t believe some of the comments – so incredibly judgemental! Clearly nobody would lose their job, husband and life just to feign an illness.. I really feel for her. I wasn’t her biggest fan on the show though because I felt like she excused a lot of Brand’s (& Kim’s) unacceptable behaviour; came after Kyle (& Joyce) unnecessarily/unfairly; & wouldn’t come after LVP who she really had the problem with because she was worried about the backlash/ramifications. Apart from that I did like her though lol.

  2. Honey we all thought you were crazy… he probably wanted you to see a shrink but your victim ego refused! A real psychiatrist would’ve seen right through the faking and we couldn’t have that!

  3. I am in full agreement with David, I thought she was not only crazy, but needy, in to herself, wanting a non-stop pity party, etc; etc; And No, I will not read her book. Had enough of her to last me a lifetime.

  4. Just thought of this. My own daughter has Lymme disease, she’s so tired etc; but goodness, no pity party, she works full time as well as working toward her PH.D Sympathy for the fake of the century, I THINK NOT!!!.

    1. Just a thought – Lyme disease effects people in different ways and to different extents. Gigi suffers from it and is still able to be one of the world’s biggest models. There is also the age difference. I don’t know how old your daughter is but assuming younger than Yolanda if she is doing a PhD… Sorry for your daughter but would have expected you to have a bit more compassion and understanding!!

      1. Thanks for your thoughts Pierre. I am so well versed in how lymme’s affects people & my daughter has it badly. Having said that, I still believe that Yo took this to a whole new level. 103 doctors world wide. A closet full of meds never seen before, reading her book & as soon as she became aware that she had visitors, off came her glasses, went into a fetal position & feigned sleep. The second she knew people suspected her of faking, she said she was on the mend & then onto her miraculous recovery.
        David lived & witnessed her act & had no patience for it.
        Life has too many sad things & I have had my share, so NO, I cant have compassion for someone like Yo. Sorry.

  5. Yolanda was a has been aging model looking for attention. She thought Her marriage to David would bring her attention but obviously not enough. Now that both her daughters are famous, she can bathe in their spotlight so she has been cured of her disease. For some reason I never believed her and still don’t.

  6. He was a musical genius, eccentric and self centered! The world revolved around him and he is not someone I would consider for the long haul!When she had her breast augmentation reversed he “mourned” her breasts.. but didn’t seem concerned about the REASON she had them removed! Not am empathetic or supportive guy.. her “picker” was broken!

  7. I love Yolanda and miss her so much on RHOBH. She’s the real deal and I loved watching her kids. I’m glad she’s speaking her truth!

  8. Yolanda is just as bad as Brooks/Vicki – both faked illnesses for attention. That’s why so many viewers hate her. “Clearly nobody would lose their job, husband just to feign an illness” – yes they would, it’s called Munchausens and is an actual diagnosis – unlike chronic Lyme. Yolanda has gone through so many “diagnoses” at this point she can’t even keep them straight herself.

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