Yolanda Hadid Reportedly Blames Lisa Rinna For Rumors on Faking Her Illness


The topic of Yolanda Hadid’s chronic Lyme disease has been mentioned quite a bit on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the Dutch-beauty has gone public via social media and on the show about her struggles, it didn’t seem to make any sense to her cast members, one being Lisa Rinna. Lisa had mentioned a discussion she had among friends and expressed her guilt in being involved as when the word Munchausen syndrome was brought up. As time and gossip has gone on, a source exclusively revealed to Radar Online that Yolanda is putting the blame for this whole story line on Lisa herself.

Rinna had shared on Watch What Happens Live that one of her hairdressers shared that information with her, but Hadid is not having it.

“Yolanda is convinced it was someone on the cast and absolutely doesn’t believe Lisa’s hairdresser started the ridiculous rumor.”

The source continued, “Even though Yolanda and Lisa made up on camera, the friendship is still very much on the rocks. She is going to give Lisa an ultimatum, fess up, or the friendship is over.”

What do you guys think? Is Lisa Rinna to blame for the gossip? Sound off in the comment section below!

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33 Replies to “Yolanda Hadid Reportedly Blames Lisa Rinna For Rumors on Faking Her Illness”

  1. It’s really getting old to hear Yolanda go on and on and on about how someone made everyone doubt her story. No, a lot of people doubt your story independently of each other Yo. Get over it.

    1. ITA! Even her husband, David, must have thought something wasn’t right when he told her no more treatments until a body scan (which probably saved her life). Sick of the same old thing with Yo. Sick of all the talk about LVP being so manipulative, when all we have seen is Yo, Erika, & Eileen do worse than they accuse LVP of doing.

  2. I think Tina when you wrote this article made the biggest understatement on here! ‘Yolanda’s chronic Lyme disease has been mentioned quite a bit’. There hasn’t been much else! It’s driving me nuts! I’m sick of sickness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am sick of the sanctimonious, holier than thou Yolanda Hadid. Everybody and their dog believes she is faking her illness. She has shopped long and hard for any quack to confirm her self diagnosis.

  3. of course she is to blame. She brought up the rumor and they all tried to discredit her. duh! Rinna is the cancer of RHOBH. How conveniant that she had lunch with Heather from RHOC way before the whole rumor thing happened. Rinna is not such a smart woman.

    1. If you read the Stoopid Housewives blog, it’s obvious that the rumour was around a lot longer than this season.

  4. Lisa definitely isn’t responsible. The rumours have been around for a long time. People watching aren’t stupid.

  5. Yoyo needs to give it a break – this “illness” was questioned long before. If I recall correctly, Andy brought it up on a reunion as well. If your timeframes and stories weren’t so different, maybe no one would have questioned the “illness”.
    Yoyo’s “illness” storyline has run its course, just as she has.

  6. Yolanda is as sick in the brain as they come. This has been around for a long time. Now she’s acting as if Lisa R did not hear it from a hair-dresser, but one of the cast members. She cant stand that the world has seen through her, infact she refuses to believe it even though it’s reached back to her through facebook, the RHOBH BLOG & I’m sure through media, blogs like ours etc She’s so focused on herself & cant see her nose to spite her face. I suspect her finger points directly at LVP. She wants to nail Lisa VP any way she can.
    Now she plans to corner Lisa R to either confess or lose her as a friend. LOSE HER LISA R. She does not deserve a friendship with anyone except, Brandi, Kim & Erika J as they are all well suited to her. No pity left for this paranoid, malicious, manipulative peace of cow dung.

  7. Nobody is to blame for discussing the possibility that Yolanda is exaggerating/faking illness for attention. It’s so obvious. Yolanda isn’t fooling anyone and shouldn’t be surprised that she has become to topic of conversations.

  8. Is there ever a time when this woman does not bring up her “illness”???? I firmly believe her illness is called hypochondria and she learned it from a mother who also suffered from an
    “Invisible chronic disease” as she told Dr. Oz. I felt sorry for her the first season she was on but soon suspected there was something else going on. So sick and tired of her and her desparate manipulations to stay in the spotlight.

  9. Ahhhhh, my favorite mental patient rears her head off of her lumpy pillow and musters up enough energy (and brain function… let us not ever forget her limited brain function) to inform us all again that she is extremely ill, near death, at death’s door, grasping for the white light, gravely ill, unable to perform basic human functions and on and on and on. This hag lies so much I’m surprised her nose isn’t growing. Her latest outing was classic. She stumbled into that powder blue mens jacket, an old t-shirt, no make-up, that bleached out fried hair in a scrunchie, some jeans (thank GOD they weren’t one of her 1,000 pairs of skin tight white ones) and trailing behind the King as he blessed everyone with Andre. I wonder why, since she’s been at deaths door for the past 3 years (her statement), how she just now managed not to be able to put on make-up or do her hair? And expect all of us to believe she’s just exhausted. Her brain can’t differentiate between a tube of lipstick or her root touch up stick (from Whole Foods…. of course) Are all her clothes natural now? 100% cotton? No dye. Just plain muslin? Can’t have any of those pesky spandex/poly blends near her skin? What about her shoes? Does the dye from the leather cause her to go into convulsions? What about her house? The dye from her furniture must give her a rash. I wonder what this nut job will come up next? Then we see her barely able to talk to LVP and Kyle. She just had to go sit down before she fainted dead away in a big pile of ugly powder blue mens jacket like the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz screaming “I’m melting… my love… I’m melting…” Then we see her again in all her glory in some random park with the other two psychos. Apparently they have NOTHING else going on in their lives except to discuss other people which is what the 3 of them claim to abhor. So they are sitting at a picnic table (covered in bird shit, I live here, they are always covered in bird shit) eating over-priced sandwiches. And someone needs to tell Ho to a) chew with her mouth closed and b) swallow her food before talking. Nice manners Miss High and Mighty – look down my nose at everyone. I wonder if Ho’s food was pure. Was it washed in filtered water? Did she go in the kitchen and yell at the mexicans for not speaking english or does she just reserve that for special times? And she looked haggard and washed up and old and ugly, as usual these days. And no Yo, that’s not natural. Your skin is orange. Why? Why was your skin orange in that park? Bad lighting? And that was it. Next week we’ll see her slogging along again, in more ugly clothing with that fried out hair back in a scrunchie with all her black roots showing begging for attention, respect and pity. I can’t wait….

    1. You Go Girl, GIGICAT. Did you notice in the limo heading to the function, she told David something to the extent she wasn’t well, he made a slight comment & continued humming? Not once can she refrain from seeking attention. I imagine the man was fed-up to his neck.

  10. I forgot to add this. I firmly believe that Ho thinks that ANY attention is better than NO attention. She instilled this in her daughters who think it’s okay to date morons (just to be seen), pose nude and/or half nude (just to be seen) and basically do whatever they can to be seen. Her and her spawn LOVE any attention.

    1. ITA GIGICAT! Once again you have hit the nail directly on the head. For somebody who is all about manners she really has none. She has no clue about manners at all. I wish somebody would hold that hag down and wash its hair and put makeup on its face. She really is a woman who needs makeup to look good. Some women use makeup to enhance their features but Yolanda needs it to look halfway pretty.

  11. I think that Yolanda is blaming Lisa R for bringing negative light to her situation, in front of the cameras. Yolanda probably feels like some of the cast is trying to discredit her and what she is dealing with. Opposing or challenging her, if you will. If any of you watch RHOC, then you know how livid Brooks’ story made people. That in itself would fuel her fire, to think that she could be put in the same boat with him. And honestly? I don’t know anyone I would put in the same boat as him

  12. Well, can’t stand yo but LR DID put the munchausen out there on camera and is responsible for her own words…but in my opinion did nothing wrong and yo needs to let it go. As to yos appearance… woman hires everyone and you can get your makeup done lying in bed and can dress in nice clothes as easily as raggedy ones. No excuses woman…stop being fake!

  13. I totally agree with Yolanda about Rinna starting rumors about Yolandss’ health. Rinna has a way of slinking around and causing problems with ALL of the womwn, they should ALL beware of her and NEVER let her in on ANYTHING that is going on with them.. Tellaphone, teligraph, tell Lisa Rinna!

    1. The funny thing is Rinna did put Munchausens out there but, honestly, how many of us were already thinking Yo has Munchausens. I know I did. In retaliation Yo suggested Rinna was bi-polar. i never thought that for one instant. The Munchausens label stuck to Yo but bi-polar didn’t to Rinna.

      1. Real Sandy, was talking about Munchausens last season and I didn’t agree with her! Ha! I do now and have apologised to her!

        1. Yes. I have to say too, that the major signs are still there. I am not saying she did not have Lyme Disease, but that it became much more than that. I honestly think too, that she wanted a ring on it from Foster, but as soon as he did that, she lost all attraction to him and had to force herself to be with him IMO. It was sickness, yes, but it may also have been a way out for her to disconnect from him physically and more just by what I read about their sex life just about ending right about when she married him on 11/11/11. It just does not add up to me with all that I have seen. It cannot just be a coincidence about her recovery becoming so much more apparent right after the divorce announcement IMO. Now she signed up for a marathon, correction: half marathon, that she says is her goal…though she said to Oz that she may walk it. We shall see.

  14. I wonder where they shop…with matching dresses on..cute. I bet it killed Yo to see Rinna in the same outfit whenever that above pic was taken. I know that wasn’t Kmart or Target’ 😮

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