Yolanda Hadid Receives Lyme Disease Advocacy Award


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid has been honored with another award for her advocacy in finding a cure for Lyme disease.

This weekend, the Stand4Lyme Foundation presented Yolanda with the Catalyst 4 Cure award for her efforts raising awareness for the disease.

Yolanda wrote, “Thank you to the Stand4Lyme Foundation, I am honored to receive the Catalyst 4 the Cure award……. #Stanford #MakingLymeHistory #WeMustFindACure #LymeDiseaseAwareness @stand4lyme & Stanford Lyme Disease Working Group.”

Recently, Yolanda has been attending many events with Ally Hilfiger, who is also fighting Lyme disease. Hilfiger is also a published author. She wrote a book called Bite Me about her own Lyme journey. Hadid is following in Ally’s footsteps and is currently working on her own memoir.

❤️Friday traffic on our way to The Grove….. @bneventsgrove @allyhilfiger #BiteMe #LymeDiseaseAwareness

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Go Yo! Glad things are going well for her.

I’m glad for Yolanda, but I still have zero respect for her.

She is such a beautiful woman, but the picture of her with Ally looks either heavily photoshopped or that’s she back on the Botox wagon.

Love you YO!!!! Power on , mama❤️❤️❤️

I would say ditto! But I can’t lie! but just thought I would say Hi! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

That wasn’t very magnanimous of me but it is what it is! Too late to take back! Xxxxooo

Don’t worry about it Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I still love you

Phew!!! Xoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️

I know it’s not the popular opinion but I kind of like Yolanda

At least you have Rain! Xoxoxoxo

Welcome to Team Yolanda Daisy ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks cutie pie

That’s so funny Suze. I know your speaking of our lovely Rain whom I absolutely love but that’s so funny because it’s done nothing but rain in my part of Texas for months now

Oh dear one way or the other Rain gets to you! I thought you would be having lovely weather by now, is this rain normal?

We’ve had rain since mid April and only 2 to 4 days of nice weather. Today is quite beautiful and I think going straight into summer! Enjoy the day!

Wow! And i thought Scotland was bad! We are having nice weather at the moment luckily! Xo

Hi Vanonna I’m just noisy are you from Texas?

Hi Daisy – I’m in Virginia. My son is in Germany and they are having our weather.

I’ve never been to Virginia but have heard that it’s gorgeous there. My aunt was in Germany for years when my uncle was in the army. She loved it so much it broke her heart to leave

Hi Daisy, it is pretty. I was in Germany too and loved it there too. Good food!

We normally get rain in the spring but not this much. 8 people drowned to death in Houston last month because of how fast it came in. The roads and draining is horrible. We normally only have two seasons summer and supper summer. Hot as hell!!!!

I don’t know what’s going on because we don’t get rain on the East but this year we have had so much rain, floods as well, but hardly any for the last month. Weird weather!

Yes very weird…..I wonder if we should build an ark

I thought that way up until a few weeks ago!!

I’m complaining now but when summer temperatures hit 100 plus I will be praying for rain no doubt

Yes I would be complaining then, wanting rain, when we lived in Dubai it was years after we came home that we complained about the rain!

I’m sure Dubai is much hotter than it is here. I would love to move up north but don’t think that I could survive the winters

It was hot! Nice in the winter and spring!

Thankfully your now back in beautiful Scotland

Yes and I wouldn’t swap it for anywhere!

Daisy, where I live we have 4 seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter and Construction.

Pj winter all year long sounds awesome to me but truthfully I probably wouldn’t last a week

Suze. My sister and I are planning a trip to Scotland probably next year

Wow! I wish it was this year! Xoxoxoxo

Actually it was suppose to be this year but she had to put it off until next year. I’m excited it will be the first time I’ve left the country

You will love it but pick your time carefully! June and September on the west coast is midge time! The east is ok unless you are by stagnant water!

U mm Suze what’s a midge? Both me and my sis are a bit strange , we want to go to laugh Ness and I’m not sure the name but there’s a haunted bridge that they say dogs jump off . And she has some other haunted locations on the list . To be honest it’s her and her girlfriends trip but I will be a happy tag a long

Loch Ness is beautiful and you never know you might see Nessie! Midges are little insects that bite and are near still water. If you are near any of the Lochs you need repellant! Loch Lomnd is lovely as well. With a great hotel!

Thanks for the warning about the insects . Sounds like us and mosquitoes . Wouldn’t it be wonderful Nessie did appear ! Knowing me I will be convinced that I see him no matter if he shows or not

Daisy, Midges are mosquitos. In Newfoundland, Canada, they are nippers.

FYI, midges are not mosquitoes, they are small biting flies.

Haha thanks Skeptic that will be my dumb moment for the day

Def not mosquitos! Midges are smaller and many more of them! They also don’t carry any disease! Xxxooo. The bites are itchy but only last a few days. But with repellent you will be ok!

Oops that was supposed to be loch Ness

Once again watching this fraud on never seen footage. Dr. What’s his name is doing his hold the bottle to your chest to see if it’s working. He told Yolanda one was not working and she said “really, it’s from Hungary” and took it back as he tried to take it away. She said she is unstoppable. This nutbar is her own worst enemy.

Well apparently those in the medical community and charitable org sector connected with this disease don’t think so.