Is Yolanda Hadid Ready to Date?


Brandi Glanville says she is ready to be Yolanda Hadid’s single partner in crime when she’s ready to date! It’s been seven months since Yolanda split from her husband David Foster. So how is she doing?

“She’s not interested in men right now,” Glanville told People.

“She’s interested in her mental health and that whole thing,” Brandi continued. “She’s kind of in that moment.”

But when Yolanda’s ready, Brandi will be there by her side!

“She could be famously single. I said, ‘Girl, you need to get out there and get some d!’ And she was like, ‘No!’ So I said, ‘You can’t say that! I’m serious, it might make you feel better!’ And she laughs at me. But she knows my intentions are good, I just say crazy sh*t.”

“She’s the one that told me, ‘It’s not over and there’s another love in your life,'” Brandi revealed. “I said, ‘You told me that, now I’m telling you that.’ So the tables have kind of turned.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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  • Anonymous

    Good for yo . You rock it


    If Yo claims to be so classy, looking down her noses at people who drink (remember when they went on vaca somewhere and Yo went to bed early while the others laughed and did cartwheels in the bedroom and in the morning Yo made a BIG POINT of telling the camera that women who get drunk are NOT CLASSY and then she sat on the kitchen counter making a big deal to Kyle and the other women who were up about how she got up early, worked out and tsk’d, tsk’d the women as they walked downstairs hungover), then why in the world is she friends with Brandi?

    Just another of her web of lies.

    • patricia

      She bought Brandi an expensive gift because she wanted her to help take LVP down. On one season Brandi is completely drunk & drinking from a bottle of liquor. LVP tried to take the bottle away from Brandi, but no Yo thought LVP was wrong. Actually, LVP was being a good friends, trying to look out for Brandi. Yo saw her chance & pouned. I will never forget how Yo & Brandi treated Ken. Glad Brandi is gone. Now if we could get rid of Yo.

      • Yolo

        Yo is gone as well!!! She just announced on twitter she will not be returning :):):):)

    • I was just talking about that episode the other day. It was her first whole episode I think, no, maybe the party at SUR that Adrienne wasn’t invited to where Brandy informed Yo that she had slept with every man in BH. Yes, that was the first one. BG and Kimmy were still enemies. I really do wonder, GIGI, if Brandy even realizes her sons are going to read these things she says that IMO, denigrate women, if they don’t already. They might still be a little young to understand her basic message, which is eff as many men as possible, ( for those of you who think she has the right to do that, so do I, I simply think it is rather stupid to tell the world then be pissed off when they comment ), and that IMO, it makes her look like she is missing some basic fulfillment within herself to constantly be needing to fill with men. It isn’t only what she says, it is the way in which she says it, well, everything about Brandy bothers me. She is simply uneducated formally and socially. Apparently no one ever taught her what it means to be a lady. And I think that is a damn shame, because she really could have gone far, I really believe that. She didn’t use her platform well at all, and when opportunity is just given to one, the way it was to her, it is such a waste to, well, waste it.
      I am insulted even, when a person is given something that could be used for so much good, not polly anna talking here. Simply do something good within your own community. I don’t ever think anyone should give up their own life or happiness in the pursuit of a cause, but then, that is just my opinion. But to totally burn it to hell is so ignorant. She could have done so much for her own family, if nothing else at all, for them. Her constant need to be vulgar and seem like a woman anyone would be lucky to have is more important to her, and that isn’t an opinion but proven by her own actions, and the woman anyone would be lucky to have, well, let’s be honest, they can all have her. She is there for the taking.

      • FarFromPerfekt

        Well said! Stands up and applauds.

      • Miss Moneypenny ☂

        Oh my gawd another hit the nail on that head post from our resident writer! 😉 ♥️♥️♥️ You articulated the Brandi phenomenon for me perfectly. So in honor of this you receive the WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER accolade of the day mama ❌⭕️❌

  • Lisa

    I hope she finds the love of her life, gets all her strength back and has a happily ever after. ♥

  • apple

    There is a rumor in the air that she already has a sugar daddy who is paying for her recent vacations.

    • MG

      Yup, heard the same thing from different sources, she’s been in Bora Bora with her new sucker & missed Anwar’s modeling gig in LA. I guess the Udder one’s runway show is not important enough

      • apple

        I almost feel for her next victim…but he should have figured it out. There certainly is plenty of evidence out there.

      • Amy

        Whoever it is he must be nuttier than peanut butter to get involved with this nut job

  • Rain

    I don’t understand why anyone would continue to wish anybody ill will. Even if you don’t like her, just let it go . Smh

    • Daisy

      Rain I agree 100% peace love and happiness to all

      • Rain


  • Suze☕️

    I’m done with her. I have no feelings or interest. She can date whoever she wants I just don’t care! This is the last comment I make on Yolanda.

    • Amy

      Totally my friend.. No one will ever be good enough for the drama queen.. Maybe she can date a lemon orchard owner or maybe better yet a circus clown or carney. She’s bat shit obsessed crazy and needs to realize there are thousands of people and children passing over every week from diseases worse than hers and they don’t post selfies online to supposedly bring awareness to the illness.. No for her is not awareness it is refered to as exposure. She is s piece of washed up road hard hung up wet artwork

  • patricia

    2 bad Yo doesn’t practice what she preaches. You know, light & love.

  • What the hell, she’s got a divorce in the works so why wouldn’t she be ready to date? Like Suze said, she can date whoever she likes but I don’t care about it either way…Unless she jumps on the trend of dating a 21 year old. That would be weird 😀

  • Miss Moneypenny ☂

    You know in the initial beginning before her illnesses, I was fond of Yolanda. I thought she was a very beautiful (still is) foreigner with a penchant for a wholesome life of health and very motherly and family oriented. Kind of old fashioned in the way that she doted on her husband – like back in the day. She was unusual comparatively because most American women now a days have more of the equal partner in life approach with a two paycheck marriage. And see I happen to like both ways. I grew up with a mom who worked alongside my father in the family business so I was on my own a lot. I knew my mom was ‘around’ but she wasn’t accessible because she was running the business. I learned to cook meals early on in life and clean a house, and bake my own cookies by ten years old. I really loved the idea of my other friends having moms more present in the home (in the 60’s) and being there to talk to and such. I got off topic as I do, but my point is I have an affinity for moms that are devoted and attentive to their children that’s what made me appreciate Yolanda and grow a soft spot for her maternal side.

    Yes, she is very privileged and does seem to marry wealthy men and there’s a stigma about that kind of pattern. I get it. But I think she just wants to be a woman in a loving relationship, an old fashioned woman at heart letting the man be the bread winner and her making the bread. Believe it or not there are still women in this feminist age that like it this way. And I’m warmed by that fact and that some things stay the same in such a changing world. That’s just me though and my feeling.

    I think she’s been ill all along, I don’t know what she truly is I’ll from but I dont think she sabatoged her comfortable life just for a tv show and recognition. Although she may have enjoyed some attention from it by capitalizing on it perhaps a bit, but is that the worst thing a housewife has done on these shows?

    I don’t think she has a deceitful meanish bone in her body. I think she got hit with physical, maybe even mental illness, menopause and low self esteem and lost her footing. i hope she gets her self back and helps others by her experience. I wish her well on or off the show. I think for her best chance at a healthier happier life she should go plant a lemon orchard and stay away from reality tv.

    • Rain

      Such a beautiful post Miss M ! ITA of course , I
      Love YO ❤️❤️❤️

      • Miss Moneypenny ☂

        I blushed big Rain♥️♥️♥️ Love you too sweet mama! ❌⭕️❌

    • Amy

      Agree. Besides laying off of reality tv, she should also lay off the selfies


      She cooked one chicken. They had a live in cook. She worked out so her husband wouldn’t end up with another woman for a Chanel bag. She had nannies, housekeepers, drivers, gardeners, live in cook and barely ever lefted a finger except to pick a lemon or wag it at others. She’s about as old fashioned as the latest books on the NYT best sellers list.

      • Suze☕️

        I had missed your comment on the OC page and don’t If if you will go back to it. I am so so very sorry Gigicat about your father. Stay strong lovely lady! Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Binky

    And ….. SHE’S GONE! Quit the show!!! 🙂

    • MG

      not sure if she actually “quit” or was not asked back but I’m glad she’s gone nevertheless. I may start watching again when the next season starts 🙂