Yolanda Hadid Opens Up About Her Battle With Lyme Disease, Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for Advocacy


Yolanda Hadid is contining to be a strong advocate for Lyme Disease. Right after announcing her the release of her book, she has been awarded with a Lifetime Achievement Award by ProHealth, Inc.

The press release states, “We’re honored to award Yolanda Hadid with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her efforts to foster awareness about chronic Lyme disease and for her courage and willingness to share her story publicly, as she also battles to recover from Lyme.”

Hadid shared the story about her initial diagnosis with Lyme with Pro Health.

“Before I got sick, I was a hardworking multi-tasking butterfly that could do anything. Nothing was ever too much for me! I was a single mom raising three kids in Santa Barbara. I was a busy bee, always going, 24-7.

Then, I started to have flu-like symptoms that were cyclical; I would have severe joint pain, and it was as if I would get a bad flu every two weeks. But when you are such a high functioning person, as I was, you always find an excuse for the symptoms. I told myself that I was working too hard, or that I was driving too much, or that I wasn’t getting enough sleep—things like that. So I went through a whole denial stage at first.

I went to Germany and tried lamb stem cell therapy, which ended up helping me remarkably. Literally overnight, the joint pain disappeared. But I continued to have severe fatigue, as neurological and brain symptoms started to set in. For instance, I started to not recognize people, was suddenly bothered by noise and began to have memory issues—that sort of thing. I saw many doctors, all of whom tried to treat the symptoms rather than get to the root cause of what was wrong with me.

I did that for maybe a year before moving to Malibu in 2011, right before I got married. Then, I remember being in the gym one day, getting ready for my wedding, and all of a sudden I realized that I couldn’t do one more push-up. I looked at my husband-to-be (David Foster) and said, “You know what? I’m done. I can’t work out one more day.” Five years have passed, and I haven’t been to the gym or worked out like that since.

In the meantime, while I was in Malibu, I continued to see doctors but everyone around me was saying things like, “You are (feeling badly because) you’re doing too much; between getting ready for your wedding, doing your show in Holland, and so on…you are overworked.” But I knew this wasn’t true, because I used to thrive on that kind of lifestyle. I told them, “That’s not what is wrong with me.”

The doctors at that time gave me a whole rundown of antidepressants and medications; things like Ritalin and Adderal, to try to speed up and improve my brain function, but none of their treatments resonated with me or made me feel better. Yet I knew something was really wrong, because I would get circles, or rings, under my eyes every 3-4 weeks that would come and go. I would tell the doctors that it was as if something like a bacteria, was growing in my brain. But the doctors would tell me that I was wrong.

At times, I would go to the hospital with severe migraines, but the doctors would always just send me back home and tell me that I had chronic fatigue syndrome. However, I knew that because of the cyclical symptoms that I had, that it wasn’t chronic fatigue syndrome; that there was something in my brain that was causing symptoms to come and go.

Then I went to Belgium to see one of the top chronic fatigue syndrome specialists in Europe, and he ran some tests on me. Six weeks later, he called me and said, “You have chronic neurological Lyme disease. You need to get a port and start intravenous antibiotic therapy.” And that’s where my healing journey really began. This was in 2012.

At the time, I didn’t know much about the difficult detoxification reactions that could happen with intravenous antibiotic treatment. These reactions occur when microbes die in the body and release neurotoxins into the bloodstream. If I had known then what I know now, I’m sure it would have been a totally different experience for me (because I could have prepared for those reactions).

Once I started the antibiotics though, it was as if my body just shut down. I would be sweating on bathroom floor, feverish, sick, and in the end, the medications didn’t really get me much better. And, as I started researching—and I’m a pretty matter of fact kind of person—I realized that there is no cure for Lyme.

Once I really started educating myself about it, I thought, okay (the research shows that) they can’t kill Lyme in a test tube, which means that popping antibiotics for long periods of time doesn’t make sense. Doing antibiotic therapy never really felt right to me, anyway.”

Yolanda also shared how she is currently doing with her Lyme battle.

“I’ve pretty much traveled the world and exhausted every possibility of being able to figure this disease out. In the end, I took the road of “underground medicine” and studied and tried just about any and every (treatment) out there outside of conventional medicine that I thought could rebuild my body and make my immune system better. Those were a crazy five years, but now, I’m pretty stable compared to where I once was.

I continue to see a renowned integrative Lyme specialist, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, every six weeks, for treatment. I also have a health advocate who works with me daily. I do a variety of treatments to eliminate the infections and rebuild my body; drips, shots, homeopathy, low-dose immunotherapy—many different things. I feel that if I keep hitting the infections from different angles that it will be beneficial and I hope and pray that one day, I will just wake up and be ready to get on with my life.”

She also shared how her children Bella and Anwar are doing with their Lyme battle.

“They are doing good. They are also under the care of Dr. Klinghardt. Looking at them keeps me extra motivated every day. They are young, and much more resilient than I am, fortunately.”

But Hadid is still motivated to find a cure.

“When I get words of ignorance from the world, it makes me stronger and just creates in me a desire to fight harder. I feel very strongly that God gave me the gift of being able to deal with all of the adversity, criticism and nonsense around me. It doesn’t make me angry. Somehow, I have the ability to just let it roll of my back and keep trekking forward.”

Yolanda has been doing some soul searching on vacation in Tahiti. Check out her photos below.

❤️Sun kissed, Tahitian style………. #Maruru #Tahiti #Summer #IslandLife

A photo posted by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on

❤️Choosing to make the rest of my life, the best of my life……… #Sunrise #salute #Intentions

A photo posted by YOLANDA (@yolanda.hadid) on

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Something very off out the thisshe says she hasn’t gone to the gym or worked out hard since the day she got married, het has a body liken that? I say, she is finding her next meal ticket

You are very right…she even did yoga with Brandi on the TV at one point.

I was thinking the very same thing. I’m sure Yoyo has a reason for that!

She’s ALREADY found her next meal ticket. Check out AGC Blind June #115. She sure ain’t paying for this trip …

Yolanda has brought the spotlight to Lymes and continues to do so – good for her. Having said that – I don’t care too much for her on the housewives – she’s annoying.

(Like button)

Team YO ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t believe anything she says now! Sad really!

My very thoughts, Suze. Don’t believe anything she says. Blatant liar. The only good out of her grand pity party, is awareness of Lymmes disease which I highly doubt –actually–which I totally doubt that she has ever had. Waste of our good time.
How r u sweet Suze? Pray every day for you. God bless you always. .

Starr, thank you and love you Xoxoxoxox so so at the moment so not too bad! ❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keep looking upward Suze, many prayers ongoing. Love you too.


Good luck to Yolanda . I wish her well

I’m happy to see the mostly positive comments for Yolanda. She really has fought an almost impossible battle and I’m so proud to see it pay off for her!

Jack I think your perception of positive vs negative comments is a bit misconstrued. People are not the least bit interested in a story about her so called journey to “Wherever”

Agreed .. The journey she has been forcing down everyone’s throat is over. No one cares any longer

Jack how messed up is the fact that you tried to be nice and get nothing but a hard time in return

we can all look like that via photoshop. there is something severely mentally wrong with her. very insecure and craving attention at any cost. vile, typical BH, over 50, desperate gold-digger.

The inconstancies are just tiring. People may say that she might feel good one day and rotten the next so what about her statements after the fact. She should quit making bold statements that she hasn’t done something for a damn year or two, when her activities are on film.

exactly what i think

Oh my goodness, what an honor! And they have free shipping when you purchase $79.99 too! She must be so proud!

I don’t believe a word Lymebrains says. I have seen her lie too many times on TV. I can’t stand her at all, and never did like her.

Lifetime achievement? For what? Is Pro Health made up of all the quacks Yoyo went to see over the years? What a joke!

When I saw that she was having all of her fillings taken out because they had something to do with her illness I realized at that point this chick is grasping for anything she possible can to get attention. No way do those fillings cause any illnesses. She is just trying to stay relevant and it is not working, I think she desperately needs a therapist .

Looks like she still has the dough to travel to the mot exclusive places on Earth to get healed. Wow, I wonder how many of the masses she supposedly helps are treated to that level of grandeur?

Said it once, i will say it again. Haters.

I have never shown hate to Yolanda. I have never been a fan, I think she is a pompous, condescending bitch. Her illness has nothing to do with it. She expects everyone to understand her journey, when most ill people’s “journey” is hundreds of times worse than hers. She went to that 1st scene at Riina’s BD with no make-up for pity. She has had make up and hair people doing her up since she was 18. She could have been asleep and had her face done. I totally am empathetic for the chronic illness. Totally. I don’t care for… Read more »
I didnt realize you had such a close, intimate relationship with Yolanda to know all this! Thank goodness Ive been enlightened by all your solid knowledge about this person you must know so well since you know everything about her intentions!!! Its so ridiculous to me that some people really still compare other people. Not saying you are unhappy but man, it just would be so hard living life comparing it to everyone elses. Itd be impossible. Everyonr has a different story. Sure Yolanda has it easier than a single mother with no health insurance blah blah blah but you… Read more »
You have a very unusual understanding of my post. I have never wished ill on her, or hoped she lost her wealth, Although she didn’t work for it herself. That still doesn’t make me feel like she doesn’t deserve it. I also don’t need to “know her” to see her as totally pompous ad condescending from the words I hear her speak. In Ojai, the girls were not dressed properly for an Ojai day. They were told in the a.m. they stayed up too late to have an “Ojai morning” This kind of schooling and scolding went on for her… Read more »

Jack, these are opinions and if you are reading them to the point where it is making YOU unhappy, it seems silly to try to come on a blog to school people on their opionions. You, of course, are entitled to your opinion of Yolanda as well. That’s the great thing about America : D

Obviously not. Jack was verbally attacked twice for his/her opinion . So it seems one can have a opinion only if it matches certain people here . A few here think that their opinions are truth

I did not attack anyone, ever here for any reason. I wish when anonymous posters made a comment they would refer to who it is they are making accusations about. Bad enough no one can tell you all apart from all the other anons.

3 D’s, stop feeding that troll. It doesn’t matter what you say, s/he will start feeding on your statement again. Don’t waste your time or breath. (BTW I agree with everything you wrote, and it was well written. Cheers.)


Suze, no button under the ironing comment. If anyone remembers Yolanda repeating her working farm girl beginnings, watch that episode where she gets to Joyce’s compound in the desert. She says “where are the ironed sheets with the corners…..” “And the (some other thing that was apparently absent from what she had become accustomed to.”) I have wondered, Suze, not being snarky either I genuinely wonder if you can tell when you get in the bed? I know it must look sharp, really nice, but I did wonder if it feels different. Because I am pretty picky about my sheets,… Read more »

To me they do feel different and also look different! Clean ironed ones going on tomorrow!

Suze , I think you ironing your sheets is the cutest thing ever

Why cute?

Oh Suze I didn’t mean anything bad by that . I’ve just never known anyone that has done that . I have a vision of a clean comfy crisp bed

I know you didn’t mean anything bad! You would never say anything like that. All my friends here iron their bedding so I just wanted to understand! My Daughter Is doing it and thinks i’m mad. Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

That’s ok Suze my chubby hubby thinks that I’ve completely lost it because I’m washing walls. I do this twice a year…. Funny he has never noticed before

Now it’s my turn to think you are cute!

Lol fair enough , with the dogs bumping up against them they get really dirt

Thanks for answering, I wondered that now for years. Line dried sheets are what feel and smell the best to me. But woe is me, I live in a place that is too dusty and windy to have a clothes line. I have a small one for the old dish towels I use in the garden, because they are much more absorbent than dryer dried, and it is much cheaper. They are washed with my garden gloves besides, which can never be dryer dried. Not my kind which are the ones with the rubber palms anyway, they don’t last long… Read more »

Just a note. Hi 3D’s. If you want absorbent towels, skip the fabric softener. I never use any fabric softener, it is not great for the skin either, but towels, especially, lose their absorbency with softener.
I use unscented Free types of detergents.

Jack just stop it ok? I am team YO , and always have been ! But there are all kinds of opinions and that’s ok! It doesn’t make others ‘haters’ , just a difference of opinions. Not anybody who disagrees with your opinion is a hater :). I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me so YO but I know not everybody does and Lord know I can’t stand other HWs that some posters adore. It’s all cool and we are all just expressing an opinion .

Mornin’ Rain. Hope it’s lovely in beautiful SF.

It’s gorgeous in SF, wish you were here ❤️❤️❤️❤️ How’s Reno? Hope all is well

65 and sunny. My “DeAnna” red roses are in their first flush of Summer bloom and besides the stuff you already know, all is well. She loved tiny flowers, and these are the deepest red with tiny buds, but the flowers cover that bush all summer. I have 2 canes pinned down to clone it, as I have no idea what cultivar it is to get more. Once in a while I still remember the best fish and chips I ever had, 50 years ago now, on the SF dock. Until then my relationship with “fish” had been fish sticks,… Read more »

Oh! I wish I was there, too.

Hi 3D’S and Rain I hope both of you ladies are having a great weekend

Hey daisy❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hope you’re having a lovely weekend sweetie

A perfect weekend Rain . …. spring cleaning and dealing with my 18 year old niece

Perfect indeed Daisy LOL! My boys are home from college so I’ve put them to work and things are looking a lot cleaner . Their future wives can send me a thank you note later and bake me a pie ❤️❤️❤️

Your too funny Rain. I’m a strange person because I love to clean

It’s not strange at all lol, I LOVE doing laundry!! Separating, washing, folding , everything about it

My daughter is doing all of my cleaning! It’s lovely! I do not enjoy cleaning ever! I prefer to get out in the garden. Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

You too, Daisy. My kids, though grown, call me the laundry “QUEEN” I kept a pretty nice house when my kids were growing up, and it’s still clean, bathrooms, kitchen and beds, ( linens ) but now that I have a huge garden and two kitties, the floors are not vacuumed quite so often, and the amount of books and garden and art supplies on tabletops are not quite so considered. My kitties are inside kitties, and their facilities are in our attached garage, so I keep that very clean, twice a day. So, I guess that goes with my… Read more »

She irons her sheets. How adorable. I suck at ironing to be honest so mine would be wrinkled. My big thing is floors. I can’t stand for the to be dirty and with 5 dogs it can be challenging to keep them clean

No button under your floor comment, but that is amazing, 5 dogs!! And, keeping the floors done up, wow. I have no carpet anywhere in my house, we had it built that way purposely. We were going to have hardwood floors put down, but the money was spent on something much more important. So, thank goodness for clorox easy mops, which I use as a dust mop in between and brush off the sheet thing until it is pretty bad. It would be wasteful and expensive, not to mention bad for the Earth to change it every time. Just 2… Read more »

3D I always iron my bedding! I don’t iron the kids now. I think because our bed is so big the sheets even when they are outside on the line still are creased! Our machines are smaller than your top loaders. My neighbour brought hers back from US when they moved back.

3 D’S I don’t have carpet either . I’m constantly chasing the dogs around with my Dyson and my mop , good thing like to clean . I have a cat also but Mr. MO MO Kitty is much easier than the dogs to look after

I would so LOVE to someday see your flowers and all your garden ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve pictured it a certain way in my mind and I’m sure it’s even more beautiful . I’m sure DeAnna is smiling from Heaven ❤️. I can’t make ANYTHING grow 🙂 , whatever the opposite of green thumb is, that’s what I got !! Fishermans wharf has changed dramatically but yes it’s funny what you remember. The last 2 years have seen a construction boom like we have never seen before. It’s getting super crowded, noisy and hectic now, at least for us old timers. But… Read more »

I remember going to Fishernmans Wharf when I was in SF! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

Happy Birthday, Suze. I wanted you to see this first thing. Make it a good one!! ♥︎⭕️❌❤️❀

Yes I second that . Happy happy birthday sweet Suze I hope you have the best of days . Thank you so much 3 D’S . I would have felt horrible not to wish our lovely Suze a happy birthday

Thanks you sweet Daisy and 3D! Lovely to wake up to! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you not thanks you!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️ 🙂

Thanks Sandy and thank you for my card! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

You are very welcome. I wish it was more. I am glad you liked it.
I hope you are having a very nice day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks, I would love, love, love to meet at either place. The garden is thriving from the heretofore neglect it suffered after I was injured. The front and side yards are doing really well, but the back and other side are simply weeded and that’s it. There is no lawn, lawns don’t grow well here, and the only flat place is the front, hilly all around. It is a cottage garden with lots of raised beds made with different materials. Rocks, which I am now replacing all the other materials to, concrete blocks that kinda fit together was making it… Read more »

Hey Rain. How are you? I hope you get to see the boys. What year are they in at college. Are they finished now for the summer? I hooe you are well and have a great day. XOXO

Opinions should not disparage someones character though, thats the thing. There are hateful, hateful comments on this blog saying no one cares about yolanda, shes a liar, this that and the other, the worst one being from queen Gigicat or whatever herself that Yolanda is a hoe. These are not OPINIONS, they are vitriolic, hateful words meant to belittle a human being who is living the life she knows. An opinion would be the things 3Ds was saying about Yolanda obvious displays of pompousness in Ojai and her tendencies to be holier than thou throughout her 4 seasons on the… Read more »
I guess saying “Queen GIGICAT ” in that tone, is different, in your OPINION, than GIGI saying ho. It seems to be her opinion, ( not that she needs me to stick up for her either, I just feel like saying what I think she means, then if I am mistaken, she will tell me what she really meant ) that when a very young woman puts a price on her looks, and instructs her children to do the same, it is similar to prostituting oneself. For a few years, when she was very young, as she reminds us constantly,… Read more »

3 D Forever everything you seem to write s exactly how I feel. Your brilliant. Thank-You. You can read my mind.

Thank you so much. I find that to be such a compliment, you can’t know how much. I love reading and writing. This blog is so much more than “housewives of Bravo.” I write way better than I speak at times, unless it is with my children, family or close friends. Hearing that makes me look so forward to seeing your next opinion to see if you can also read mine! 🙂

Hi Brandi/Jake, This is a blog and we are ALLOWED to write what we think without scoldings by anyone, nor do you have to feel the need to stick up for her. We all have our opinions on this crack-pot. You have your opinions, 3D and I have the same opinion. We’ve watched her lies for years now, her dumb blond act, her pushing her kids to be models (why any mother would push her kids to be models so that they can hook up with STD ridden little boys who think they are men and sitting around in clubs… Read more »


Wow! Thank you, GIGICAT. I just saw this, and I am truly honored in your view of me. As you know the respect goes right back at you. You just made my day! ♥︎

3 D’s as always, perfect.

Hi, Starr. I haven’t seen you in a few days. It might be me or you haven’t been around. How goes it? ✫❈✥❆❌⭕️

Doing good, 3 D’s Thanks for caring.

Just because some have a different opinion to you! If you don’t like it don’t read it! I don’t think any one here ‘hates’ as it’s such a strong emotion just they don’t believe or don’t like her.

Suze, I agree 100% : D

For me, it’s the different opinions, that make it all interesting. How boring, when everyone agrees and says the same thing over and over. It’s gives us all an opportunity to think and see things from someone else’s point of view. That’s never a bad thing.

Yes, me too Queenie. Otherwise it would be “If you think Bethenny is crazy and you have season 7 on Prime or anywhere, watch episode 7, and you will get a tiny education on child abuse, hers”
And the rest of the page would be “Ditto”, ” I see what you mean”, “I agree” , “You are right” and yuk.
But, for real when you see Bethenny be how she can be, watch that episode if you feel like it, wow. S-7 Ep.-7

Jack, it’s not about hate. It’s about lying. All one has to do is look at all the inconsistencies in her stories. She used her “illness” for only one benefit – hers. To throw her children in the mix is horrible as well. She is no better than Brooks. When people started questioning her “illness” and “doctors”, that is when she suddenly recovered.

Sure seems to be about hate to me . So many morality police here so glad all of you have perfect life’s

Misty K, JUST SO YOU KNOW, Us police do not have perfect lives. Because of our own pain and suffering, we spots fakes many miles away. You are the judgemental one. If you perceive us as “HATERS”, then the answer for you is plain as day.

Very eloquent, Starr of the skye. ❈

Well said Starr xxxooo I can only ish I had a perfect life!

Wish!!!!! Xxxooo

You are so wrong! I do not have a perfect life in fact totally opposite! This is a blog for people to state their opinions. If I don’t agree with a commenter I don’t read their opinions. I never call others ‘haters’ because they don’t agree with me.

Suze don’t give them a second thought . You know the saying bird’s of a feather flock together . Hope you’re having a great day lovely lady

Yes I am sweet Daisy, I have had two seperate deliveries of flowers from my daughters friends I am so lucky! I hope you have a lovely restful weekend. Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze, you have just made my weekend. It warms my heart to no end knowing how caring your daughter and her friends are. I know I’m still new here but I truly do care about you and think of you often through out my day

Thanks Daisy, I am lucky and also I don’t think of you as new here just someone has been here ages! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

Kisses and virtual flowers from Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And returned ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze that’s so nice . Thank you


It’s not ‘hate’ or about having a perfect life Misty. I am and have always been team YO ! I disagree with some posters but they’re stil my friends and I know they are NOT haters. It’s just a show dear and I think all of us have more important things in our lives than to ‘hate’ someone on a ‘reality’ show LOL! There are alllllllll kinds of opinions on any board and you will find out you are not the only one to love or dislike a certain HW. Have fun and GO YO!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I only hated one person in my life, and he is dead. I can hardly even go for the word dislike, more like I just don’t have the feeling of liking the woman. It might seem the same, but it isn’t. I never wished Yolanda any harm, I wanted her to get well, I felt suffering in my heart for her pain. I simply was not a fan from way before she got sick, and I do not care for hypocrites, which I believe she is, IMOpinion. I genuinely hope she is getting better every day and that she never… Read more »

I don’t hate Yolanda. Hate is a strong emotion and I don’t wish to have such strong emotions against somebody I do not know. I don’t dislike Yolanda either, again, because i don’t know her. I do not, however, respect her. She has shown too many inconsistencies in her statements over the years that I cannot respect anything she says. She and the truth seem to have never met each other.

That was a great post, saying you don’t respect her spoke what I couldn’t seem to find the words for.

Why thank you as we ARE enjoying our perfect “life’s”, signed…..the morality police 😀

Freedom, you ALWAYS have a cool way of looking at things, thanks for my first laugh of the day, many more to come I am sure. 🙂

It just seems silly. It’s a darn tv show for Pete’s sake and this is just a forum to discuss it. Lol. I’m pretty sure every housewife is grateful for it because if people aren’t watching/discussing their shows, they are out of business 😀

That is so fucking hilarious, Misty K, if there was any morality worry, none of would watch housewives, much less comment on them.

It’s called an opinion. It doesn’t constitute hate. Also, not even claiming anything about morals, but anyone who fakes and illness obviously has no morals or character. As far as my life – it may not be perfect, but I make the best of what I have.

Well said, VaNonna, well said.

This is the kind of stuff im talking about ^^^^^^^ that right there is an OPINION!!!!!!! i get this, this comment makes me want to hear more about why you feel this way. What about saying “That’s her lifetime achievement, marrying rich men, then when divorce is near, find a way to get out of the prenup,” is productive?? That isnt an opinion its just straight bs cause you dont like her! So yes ma’am VaNonna. It is about hate as much as it is about you feeling like she lies. The difference is i want to have a conversation… Read more »
You weren’t addressing me, Jack, but yes, it does make sense. On the other hand, it might not be productive to you, and maybe it is for VaNonna. It is your OPINION that speaking about Yolanda in that way is not productive, or, was that a non-rhetorical question? And, BTW, who said we needed to always be PC and worry whether our opinion or comment is productive for others to read? Maybe it produced relief for the commentator to say what they really think of her. Yolanda went on 3 ( I believe ) reality shows, showing her real life.… Read more »

Thank you 3D’s. You said it much better.

Sometimes I get really effing tired when something I am passionate about, like illness or hypocrisy comes up, and another poster will say what I was just to tired or busy to say. If I can do that once in a while too, then it really gives me a sense of accomplishment, for real, so thanks, VaNonna 🙂

I respect where youre coming from and i get very passionate about things and that can come across a certain way on this blog. I am a teacher, i deal with kids every day so i have an extreme soft spot for everyone. I always want to see the good side in people. Maybe Yolanda is a big ole liar and shes just going through menopause and being the most extra extra read all about it queen on the planet about her “journey”. But i am one of those people that just wants to believe she really is sick and… Read more »

We are all black sheep in one way or another babe! Just say your piece and don’t over process and what everybody else says . As a teacher, maybe you can better edit so that your mouth doesn’t get you in trouble as you say. However, you’re NOT in trouble and nobody is. We are all adult with different life experiences and perception and opinions . You’re fine , now let’s all just let it go and go on! Things like what happened in Florida today should put things in perspective for all of us! Xoxox ❤️❤️❤️

Florida shootings were apalling! Sickening! You are right it does bring things into perspective.xxo

That is honestly why I came back on here. As a member of the LGBT community, and I know a lot of you are allies or have family members that are part of this community, it feels personal. To all of us near and far. It is such a tragedy. It makes me appreciate everyone that I come in contact with that offers support and love. Thank you all for listening to me and allowing me the chance to listen to you. Thank You.

Yes Jack my Daughter is and I know it feels more personal to folks who are or have family or like Rain has friends who are gay. Glad this here is all sorted here xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️

I just found out that a nurse at the hospital’s (where hub works) daughter was there with 3 girlfriends to see the drag show and all three friends were killed. The daughter escaped without injury. It is known to be a popular after hours place in Orlando. It is all over the news…on World News right now. The FBI followed the suspect for 10 months, so they just stated on the news as I typed this. Still…it happened. Sad for all of us. You don’t have to be gay or be related to someone who is either to feel this,… Read more »

So sad Sandy! Every life has value and nobody deserves this , regardless of who or what they are. ❤️❤️❤️

How true.
How are you, Rain. How is everything. Are the boys home for the summer now. I think I asked this to you somewhere, but I did not see a response from you. I hope all is well with you and yours, Rain, my friend. xoxoxoxoxo

Hey Sandy , thank you for asking ❤️❤️ I must’ve missed your first question. Yes the boys are home for the summer, they usually get some sort of job or another plus time with their girlfriends etc. it’s nice having them around and I actually like both their girlfriends so I like to when both or one of them are here . My daughter is ramping up the prep for her wedding in September so she’s running around like a crazy chicken lol. How are you and how’s your hubby?? I hope you are all well and hopefully no more… Read more »
You are lucky that you like both your boys’ girlfriends, Rain. I am happy for the boys and you, too. It must be lots of fun to plan a wedding, and of course, stressful at times, too, but worth it in the end. It sounds like you have a nice family. Everyone is fine here, including hubby, barring his side effects from the pills…like hot flashes at times. He is doing okay. So far, so good, thank goodness. The weather here is beautiful today. I wish it would stay like this. If only the landscaper would show to do some… Read more »

I’m soooo happy your hubby is doing well, that’s great ❤️❤️❤️❤️ My daughter is super organized and opinionated so there is no burden on me really other than nodding here and smiling there LOL. Yes the boys fill the house with noise, fun but also laundry and food left overs :). Enjoy the lovely day xoxo

Well, it sounds like your daughter has it all together. That is the best! It should be a breeze. 😉
I know the noise of the boys is wonderful too, bar the laundry. Leftovers with the boys home or no leftovers?
I love it when both my boys are home, and I do hope to see them both on the weekend.
Glad all is well with you and yours. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Please guys please stop . I didn’t want one stupid comment to start all of this . Everyone likes who they like end of story . Everyone has value points on who they like and don’t like . With what happened in Florida and all can we please agree to disagree . Please

I am so glad you explained that, because I used to get in a lot of trouble from my mouth too. I had never even seen a blog before, much less realized regular folks cold just write in it. That’s the honest truth. But many here forgave my initial hostility, and it has become a very important part of my life. So, hopefully we can discuss some stuff soon.

Jack as well as having he same name as my son! This comment is lovely!

Hi Jack! We may not agree about Yolanda in this case, but we can always agree to disagree. As for what happened in Orlando, it is a shock, a tragedy, and a sad, sad time for all of humanity. It is a horror that Christina Grimmie was shot right before all of this too…not related, but just a random act of extreme violence that saddens and horrifies us all, and in the same city. My heart goes out to all the families and people affected, and I pray those injured recover and are able to cope. After hearing that the… Read more »
You are correct Jack, I don’t like her. I don’t like anyone who uses an “illness” as their own convenience, i.e. when to film, when not to film, can’t film the whole reunion, always an excuse. I don’t like anyone whose stories have so many inconsistencies, i.e. lies. Yoyo seems to have a pattern of her marrying rich men, having prenuptial agreements, then coming up with an “illness” when the marriage starts going downhill. Those are MY reasons on MY OPINION. My OPINION of her is exactly as I stated, she lacks character, especially for one who tries to be… Read more »
Wow!! This is the most intense thread of reponses in a while. Hopefully we all reached a good place with our differences. I’m going to play devils advocate her and say yes Jack,, bullying is a strong word and doesn’t really apply here , IMO. It’s all about perception and how we react and respond to things. However, VaNonna , implying Yolanda is lying about her illness (whatever that illness is) can also be hurtful to some people . Is she dramatic, annoying and over the top? HECK YEAH LOL!!!! And as far as i know , she’s been married… Read more »

Did we all read the part about how i made sure to reiterate that i think no one is bully here? .

Yes. 🙂

I am late to this thread, mostly because I am tired of the topic, and am glad to see your nice comment too. 🙂

Yolanda looks stunning. She doesnt need fake boobs to look great. I pray her health returns 100%. I just read they thought Kris Kristofferson had Alzheimer disease and it was LYME!!! Thats how serious Lyme disease is. I wish people wouldnt mock her.

seems to me she just told the entire story. Why buy her book… it’s all right here. Dummy.

Her blogs usually are almost the length of a novel, so same old….. 🙂

Yoyo has a way of needing a way out of all her prenups with her rich husbands. Seems to be a pattern there. That’s her lifetime achievement, marrying rich men, then when divorce is near, find a way to get out of the prenup.

Thank you. She’s so predictable. Ugh, I cannot wait till she is no longer posted on this blog.

she scammed all her followers never shared anything on social media of costs where she was she made people wait for her book for answers
she needs people to buy her book
i will save my $$$$$$$$