Is Yolanda Hadid Modeling Again?


Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid’s children, GiGi, Bella and Anwar, are taking the fashion world over and now it looks like Yolanda herself might be getting back into the modeling world.

Hadid took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself, writing, “Little rusted but slowly getting back in action with @jimjordanphotography thank you @mrchrismcmillan for my new Goldie locks…….. #Grateful #Blessed #GoodDay.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Amy

    Can’t wait until the new Below Deck starts in September. Does anyone know if Eddie is coming back?

    • Aunt Bee

      Does anyone know if there is a blog for Below Deck? Carribean and Capt. Lee are the best.

      • Amy

        I have looked and can’t find one. Only the bravo website . I wish someone would make one. Suze you would like the med. season that just ended here. They were in Greece

        • Aunt Bee

          Thanks Amy.

        • Suze☕️

          Fingers crossed Amy that it will be on in September. Xoxo

    • VV

      Eddie won’t be back just capt. Lee, Ben, Kate and Kelly (deck hand) from 2 seasons ago.

      • Amy

        Damb.. Loved to look at Eddie !! I like that you said Kelly is returning however. I liked him. Easy on the eyes;) thanks for the insight VV. Actually love everyone from below deck . Much more original than this house wife crap. Cheers

      • Amy

        Sounds a bit uneasy shaking the crew up so much. Sad to her Eddie is not back. Minus a few bad decisions with the Phyco Rocky, he and Ben are the staples. Perhaps he will return in the future. At least Ben is back.

  • Aunt Bee

    Good for her. Hopefully this will give her all the attention she so desparately craves.

    • starr

      Aunt Bee, you could not have said it better. I salute you/

    • Suze☕️

      As long as I don’t have to watch I’m fine with it! Good luck to her.

  • Banna

    What happened to never coloring her hair and all that crap?
    I hope that she truly is recovering but it seems strange that now she thanking someone for her hair as much she tried to make it sound like part of the culprit. I have wonder… that there is more Housewives she has to do something to get back in spotlight.

    • Queenie

      I agree!! I don’t believe Bella has Lyme Disease either. There’s pics of her, in the Bahamas for Kylie Jenner’s birthday vacation, boozing it up and smoking cigs. If the girl is so sick, that she needed to lie in bed with an IV in her arm, WHY is she putting poisons into her “supermodel” body?!? Bunch of LIARS.

  • Who didn’t see this coming, she pimps out gigi and lives thru her modeling. This dinosaur is a liar and embarrasses herself —- she lied about the lymes (munchausen and menopause)—she is truly sick in the head and in constant need of attention, no wonder her king david (my love) left….

    • FarFromPerfekt

      Couldn’t agree more. Liar, indeed! She truly disgusts me.

  • Misty K

    There is always a need for older models . Good luck yo