Is Yolanda Hadid Joining The Real Housewives of New York City?


Yolanda Hadid has been traveling and taking time for herself since she announced her departure from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now reports state that she is ready to settle down and claim her roots… in New York City.

Life & Style is reporting that Hadid is hopeful that she could join the cast of the Real Housewives of New York City. The mag claims that Yo “desperately wants” to join the cast and “is a huge fan of the NYC ladies.”

“She’s been in talks with Bravo for a few weeks about making the transition from Beverly Hills,” a source said, but producers are reportedly worried if she will fit in.

“NYC housewives are known for their big, bold and blunt personalities and Yolanda has a more relaxed vibe,” the source said, adding that “Bravo is considering the move because it could boost ratings and bring a new story line on board.”

Would you like to see Yolanda on RHONY?

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28 Replies to “Is Yolanda Hadid Joining The Real Housewives of New York City?”

  1. Please let this not be true. I can’t stand Yo and her fakeness. I was soooo glad when she left rhobh, she ruined the show.

  2. I love Yolanda and think she would do brilliantly in New York. As far as Bethenny, I think it won’t take B long to go for Yolanda (Bethenny can’t help herself), and I also think Yo won’t give two f’s. Bethenny is mere noise to some one like Yolanda. I think it would be a great idea for Yo to move to NY (anyplace is better than the barren LA), buy herself some terrific apartment, be near her kids, and find a great country place to feed her love of nature. You go, Yolanda!

      1. ITA Annie. I was sorry to hear that Yo was leaving BH, I thought she was the most genuine.
        Yes, it is definitely time for B to get out! Initially I was excited that she was coming back to RHONY, until she turned out to be a bitter, crass, mean girl.

  3. Yolanda would inject some much needed class and elegance in to the NYC cast. On top of that, she can call someone out on their BS with the best of them.

  4. I hope so, NYC personalities are too harsh (Bethanny and Ramona.) Hopefully Yolanda will team up with Luann and class things up. I hope Carol leaves, she’s so boring.

  5. Well, that means I will only be watching one RH show then…BH. I am not in love with NY in the least this season anyway, and if Yo joins, it is the end of NY for me,
    I hope we have more Below Deck soon. I would rather watch BD than any of this.

    1. No, not too cold. The NY area has been suffering from a terrible heat wave now for weeks, with temperatures in the 90s and 100s. We have hot summers and have mosquitoes, I was bitten by a tiger mosquito a month ago in NJ. We have them, but so far, no Zika in this part of the country…yet. Florida is the state most affected. Yet, if someone comes to this area already with Zika and is bitten and that mosquito moves on to another victim, it will spread. Those tiger mosquitoes bite in the daytime too. It is not impossible. I take all precautions to have no standing water, etc.

  6. I think she would bring a new twist to the show. She will clearly be on the prowl for rich husband number 3, instead of the “mister right now” that Sonja and Ramona seem to fall into bed with. I have loved this season, because I generally like Luann, and have been surprised at her level of desperation in finding a man to marry her. It let me see another side of her, and I discovered that deep inside she is just a desperate woman who will grab at the first man who wants to marry her, no matter what he does or how he acts. She’s not very smart, after all.

  7. I call BS on this report. I would hope Yolanda stays off TV and out of the media. I really like her but those two venues have not been kind nor positive to her. Too much negativity toward someone with her health concerns.

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