Yolanda Hadid Foster Opens Up About Watching David Talk About Their Marriage On RHOBH


Yolanda Hadid is taking to her blog to share how difficult this week’s episode of RHOBH was to watch for her. Hadid says that watching this episode made her have mixed emotions. She talks about her divorce, her name change, Lisa Rinna and says this was all very painful for her to witness.

“I guess the only thing constant in life is change, and boy did I experience change in 2015.
I fought to live, I loved, I lost, I missed, I hurt, I trusted, I made mistakes, but most of all, I learned…and with that knowledge I choose to move forward, one day at a time.

I have so much respect for women that turn their mess into a message. I’m so proud of Camille for bravely sharing her journey and bringing awareness to women’s cancer. I was happy to be able to support her beautiful event, even if it was just for a quick visit.

The night took a piece out of me. When frequencies are off due to tension or lingering anger, it’s draining. I sensed Rinna’s negative energy early on in the evening. It’s hard to understand the animosity she feels toward me because before the Munchhausen comment I never had an unpleasant personal experience with her.

It was painful for me to witness her so bluntly label Kim a “drug addict” and Brandi an “alcoholic” in public because the ripple effect of that was so painful for all involved from children, family and loved ones. So much hurt that could have been avoided if handled in a more delicate way.

Now a year later Rinna still seems to be stuck in the darkness and speaks with anger about these women. Me going to lunch with them seems to oddly affect her. Why does she care how I choose to go about my day?

Our physical universe operates under a clear set of spiritual laws, and it might be time for Rinna to replace her anger with compassion, unity, love, and fulfillment as that’s what the red Kaballah string around her wrist is suppose to represent.

We don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but at least show kindness and compassion.

These women were in our lives for many years, and YES there were some really “uncomfortable” and “unacceptable” moments between them and the women in this group. I respect that and have not forgotten. At the end of the day, though, they are still human. They deserve to be loved and supported, especially during difficult times.

Those hardest to love need it the most!

Kim and Brandi have always been compassionate and supportive of my journey, and for that I will be forever loyal.

Most Beverly Hills friends seem to be there when the chips are up but nowhere to be found when the chips are down. Hard lesson to learn, but I guess that’s the reality of today’s world. This “replace versus repair” formula doesn’t resonate with me.

It is interesting to see some of these adult women make such calculating moves without any respect or empathy for other human beings suffering, yet they spend the day marching for Yulin. Is it because that moment brings them significant attention?

Don’t get me wrong–this is such an important cause and had it been a good day, I would have been there to support it for sure. I was touched seeing LVP’s emotion while talking about the poor dogs, and I do wish she would sometimes access this same emotional depth and apply it to us, her human friends.

Eileen is honest, authentic and is hitting the nail right on the head. I am going to wait to see this story unfold before commenting on it further.

I think Kathryn deserves a pass for raising her voice at Erika’s. I am happy that technology has come such a long way and given her a better quality of life. It was a touching segment and a reminder to never judge a book by its cover because most people in today’s world suffer in silence from invisible diseases that we know nothing about.

And yes, there were mixed emotions while watching tonight’s episode. A divorce, regardless of how it happens, is still the closing of the chapter, a separation from your life partner. We can’t help but feel the loss and wonder when and how things went wrong. Long-term illness brings challenging hurdles to a home, a family and a marriage. It affects many lives, but I have to believe we’ve all done the best we can. Rather then getting stuck on what went wrong, I choose to focus on what was right and cherish the many great memories we shared.

And finally, I will address the latest hot topic. My last name. Let me share some of the “footprints” leading up to this to help clarify unnecessary confusion. I chose to keep my married name for my children when their father and I separated in 2000. It was important to them and we decided this as a family. When I married David, I honored his and went by both. I was Yolanda Hadid-Foster, and now I have dropped Foster for obvious reasons. Honoring my children’s wishes on this subject is important to me.”

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96 Replies to “Yolanda Hadid Foster Opens Up About Watching David Talk About Their Marriage On RHOBH”

      1. Amen Aunt Bee and apple!!! What a self important snoozefest. “She has spoken.” Please dear Lord make it stop.

    1. Bee, how bored were you reading this drivel, Yolanda has friends only if they will mop her brow and tell her what a brave soldier she is.
      What does it have to do with her if LVP supports animal charities? It’s none of her business, I would sooner support animals than most of these women! Especially Yo, Eileen and Kathryn! I’m so close to giving up now, I’ve never been closer! Xoxo

      1. Not only bored Sweet Suze but totally enraged. I can see this pious witch looking down on us peons. Lord she makes me sick.

    2. I agree with you. Miss High and Mighty, Sanctimonious Yo-lie-a-lot delivers yet another sermon. When confronted with all her lies, and feels cornered, she pleads “I’m tired” and leaves. Then she has the audacity to say the other women don’t have HER back when, clearly, she would never, ever have any of theirs. So over this woman and her faux-journey.

    3. She is so self involved she can’t see that the words “addict” and “alcoholic” are not labels. I don’t agree with Rinna in the way she does things, but those words are a description of what BG and Kimmy ARE. The psycho-babble is perfect for her. Maybe she forgot who called Kim a druggie in the first place. What makes her think any of the women don’t have compassion for her? I really do wonder what it is exactly she expects from them. Of course, she wouldn’t have had to nurse someone back to health to receive that herself. She would, however, have had to be a caring, compassionate, open minded person to speak the way she does about others. Her entire personality is about herself. Even her children represent herself in a way I do not think is normal. She has an abnormal sense of self importance. Calling her, sending flowers, visiting her, not enough? What is it she thinks Lisa and others should do?

  1. I do think some of these women have given Yolanda a hard time. I don’t see any evidence that Yolanda has faked her illness or any reason to believe that she is not really ill. Accusing her of that with no clear evidence is a nasty way to treat someone when they’re ill.

    That said, Yolanda needs to get it that other people’s illnesses aren’t interesting, and that her shallow Hollywood Barbie life does not actually qualify her as the Dalai Lama. Also, intelligent people don’t blab on about “their journey” unless it involves packing suitcases and buying plane tickets.

    Lisa Rinna really needs to get a storyline of her own or get off the show. Finding someone vulnerable to pick on each season is weak and she sounds rather paranoid and insane.

  2. How many times did this psycho say “my journey” during this episode? And she also said she’s psychic now. Is that a side effect from all the crap she pumped into her body? And Ho, hate to tell you… but Kim and Brandi really do have alcohol and drug problems. We all aren’t making it up. Why does the truth bother her that much? Her utter disdain for LVP and the whole Yulin thing is because Ho hasn’t done ONE THING to help other people with Lyme and standing up on a red carpet in NYC in that really ugly dress begging people for money doesn’t count and she is, once again, jealous. She is fighting and kicking getting older and it isn’t a pretty sight. She has man-hands, man shoulders, and now man-hair and it’s not sexy, nor is she attractive in anyway – anymore. Again, no wonder David left. And let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Last year, in October is when Ho got her man-hair. She claimed, at that time in her twitter account, that she was “letting go” of things. Hence, she knew David had checked out, evidenced by his conversation shown on the show tonight, but she faked it for the camera’s. And does anyone else notice how her voice and demeanor changes around David? Her voice raises a few octaves and she gets that “little girl” voice and almost bows down to him. My god woman, grow a pair already. As you can tell, she is one of my favorite people to mock because SHE MAKES IT SO EASY TO DO SO!!!

    1. And that outfit she was wearing at the roof party was very strange – the top looked like it didn’t fit her at all- this from a former model????

  3. Yolanda is class class class. Another housewife fallen victim to the keyboard warriors. This woman is visibly in pain every time she’s on camera and people still question her validity. *rolls eyes into another dimension*

  4. Hi all, I am new to this site and hope I can have as much fun posting comments as I have read in the last month. I just couldn’t hold my tongue any longer on Yolanda “journey” IMO. Could it be instead of her dealing with her Lyme Disease she was actually dealing with severe depression knowing the whole time she was taping this season she knew her marriage was over. Her not wanting to be around people she was just overwhelmed with the fact she had to “act” normal and it was easier to pretend she was just to “sick” to film. I think the more I piece together depression from her failed marriage seems to be more of a reason she let herself go, little interaction with the women, and her snips at the other women who are still happily married. She didn’t show up at most “couples” dinners again because of her “illness”. I won’t say she did or didn’t suffer from Lyme but I do think she was/is dealing from severe depression on her failed marriage. Thanks for letting me comment.

    1. It is outrageous to me that a simple MRI wasn’t preformed at the beginning. It took 106 doctors and thousands of medications and hundreds of thousands of dollars to order a test. In that I feel really bad for her. The implants is what the problem was. She needs to quit wearing the stupid ugly silver turtlenecks and mens jackets and put on a dress. What the hell happened to her sense of style? She needs to quit prefacing and ending every effing sentence with “I have been in bed”, and “I need to goto bed.” a simple “let’s go on the roof and see the view” and “Time to go, bye everyone” will suffice.
      I have actually learned one thing from listening to her all these years. Never preface anything with “Now that I am well.” It reminds me and everyone around me that I was sick. I thought it was a positive thing till I heard her say it every time she opens her mouth, but then I haven’t been whining for 4 years, but still, I won’t say that anymore, or think it. I will simply say “Now that Spring has sprung……” I will be gardening more.

      1. Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is, the birdies on the wing, nae the wing is on the bird! Our beautiful Spike Milligan and Graham Nash!

      2. Maybe by her always saying “i need to go to bed” and “I’ve been in bed” is because she was hoping David would hop in with her. Keep dreaming Ho.

    2. Welcome sue-b!!! I agree with you – I believe she has/had Lyme, leaking implants and failed marriage defined Yo this season…your first comment is spot on – IMO!

    3. Welcome Sue B! I agree with depression, menopause, leaky boobs (the ones that don’t define her as a woman, so she says… but yet she had to have them)

  5. I love yo. I like to say that every time for balance on the blog. I love that she called out Lips McGee on her Kabbalah bracelet. What a fraud. When you wear that bracelet you commit to rising above the bs (gossip judgment etc). In so doing and by wearing the bracelet you’re protected from envy jealousy evil etc. A lot of ppl wear them in LA. I’m in and out of wearing them myself. When I’m bitchy deedee I don’t bother with the bracelet bc it’s hypocritical. Rinna is probably a nam myho renge kyo or however you spell it Buddhist too. A LA get rich quick spiritual scheme. If she talks about chanting to her gohanzan then yes she’s a Hollywood Buddhist and I called it first. She seems like a desperate trendy fool I’m pretty sure I could figure out her daily routine & be accurate. Let leaving eating off the list. But I have to let this hatred go. I’m with yo- rise above bc the negativity keeps you sick.

    1. I love Yolanda too. I think she is navigating a hideous illness –one several people I know here in the northeast are dealing with, and one that the Mayo Clinic recently released about stating that Chronic Lyme Disease is now recognized as a very real and growing problem– with enormous grace and positivity. I think she deals with the petty nonsense Lisa R and others are constantly harping on about, struggling to keep themselves relevant on reality TV with patience and I think she could give two shits about being part of the Lisa V and Kyle ‘cool girls club’. Yo has bigger and far more important fish to fry.

      1. I do not believe she is faking. I believe she has suffered and is suffering. My problem with her is that while she spouts compassion, she has none. While she spouts open mindedness, she has a closed mind. While she speaks of awareness, she is totally unaware of the negative impact she has on everything around her. While she speaks of caring for others, she cares only for herself. While she talks of kindness and understanding, she refuses to even try to understand OTHERS. She has imbedded herself in illness. She can not seem to remove herself from it’s clutches. If I were a loved one I would try to impress this on her. I would also sue the shit out of the doctor who didn’t order a simple TEST. Not for the money, for AWARENESS. She spent years searching for wellness, and in her search became saturated with sickness. Her health has been ruined, her marriage destroyed, her reputation damaged and all of it could have been prevented with ONE COMMON MRI.

    2. I love Yolanda too. I think she is navigating a hideous illness –one several people I know here in the northeast are dealing with, and one that the Mayo Clinic recently released about stating that Chronic Lyme Disease is now recognized as a very real and growing problem– with enormous grace and positivity. I think she deals with the petty nonsense Lisa R and others are constantly harping on about, struggling to keep themselves relevant on reality TV with patience and I think she could give two shits about being part of the Lisa V and Kyle ‘cool girls club’. Yo has bigger and far more important fish to fry.

      Read more at: http://allthingsrh.com/yolanda-hadid-foster-opens-watching-david-talk-marriage-rhobh/

        1. I meant Mayo Clinic in that….sorry. I did research The Mayo Clinic too, just typed the wrong name in that first part.

          1. Thanks for the links Sophia. I totally agree that Yolanda could care less abt being in the cool girls club. I think that’s one of the things I love most about her

          2. Those links are saying exactly what I found, which is that The Mayo Institutr a new strain of Borrelia that causes Lyme. Where did you read that it caused “Chronic Lyme Disease?” I see no mention of it not being treatable with antibiotics or lasting longer. It can be treated with antibiotics, and only has some added symptoms. And nowhere have I seen chronic Lyme mentioned by this institution or the CDC. It is not recognized.
            Are you from the Sophia Institute where Yolanda goes? You are grasping at straws here.


  6. Oh jeeeeezus, she’s got her collar and robe on it’s another Yo blow sermon. I thought it was funny when she was called out about skipping Erika’s dinner. Yo said she only has two hours a day that she can be out of her robe so she spent it with the drunks not the person who picks her up at a hospital with their plane and takes her home…that makes sense?? Yo knew she was busted so of course she gets up to leave..puhleeeze! She didn’t seem to have any problems jumping on Erika’s plane yet again to fly her cross country. I’m really sick of watching what we all know is her phony relationship with David, obviously Rinna is right about something going on with Faux-Yo

  7. The physical universe has spiritual laws? Yeah whatevs…she needs to go sit on a mountaintop & charge admission to her spiritual freak show. Before someone kicks her in the spiritual balls. She’s like a walking Lifetime movie.

  8. I guess David thought Yolanda needed a new robe. He also was tired of the constant complaining, most likely. I am not on his side or Yo’s side with their issues either.
    I just saw that Yo had pulled her sleeves up, most likely to show us her bruised antecubital space where she probably had track marks like a drug addict. Clearly she gets IV medication of some sort, and she wants to continue showing us how sick she is all of the time. Yolanda identifies as an ill person, not a person. She always has to “go to bed” it seems, just when she wants to get out of another fight, but always leaves the seen totally ticked off at most of the women. If she is that ill, maybe she should stop doing the show. Clearly she dislikes everyone except maybe her new guard dog, Erika. She seems to like Eileen at the moment too and anyone who gives her passes for being ill. Fine. I just never want to watch Yolanda Hadid/Hadit. She seriously needs to go to a real doctor and stop pumping garbage into her body. She is making herself sick. She needs a good psychiatrist too IMO. Please, Bravo. No mo’ Yo.

    1. One thing I noticed is, when on the plane speaking with Kyle and Erotica, she said “dis” then “dis” then “this”. On another note, Bravo, PLEASE get rid of Whineleen. That woman refuses to let anything go. Eileen is trying to manipulate Rinna to her side and Rinna definitely is a follower. When they showed the clip of LVP apologizing in the Hamptons, Lisa didn’t look hurt at all, she looked a tad embarrassed.

  9. She may very well have had Lyme disease. But my money is on her leaking breast implants as what caused all of her problems to begin with. Sad that all of these doctors and other people offering weird treatments were more interested in making money than in making her well. Checking her aged implants should have been one of the first things to be checked.

    1. How in the H will this woman, who only has two hours a day, make it to a 16 hour plane ride to Dubai. I know, the guard dog will commondeer her husband’s plane and turn a space into a bedroom so poor Yolanda can sleep and will the wonderful “nurse” Daisy go along to administer the meds. Oh PULEEEZE.

    2. I can’t believe I have become so cynical and mean but after these last two sick story lines I cant help it. I think Brooks, Kim and Yolanda need to go somewhere to recuperate. Someplace that has a good psychiatrist.

        1. I think you are right Suze. That scene we saw in the preview shows Yo and B sitting on a bed. I think they are discussing the woman who went to Dubai rather than actually going. And isn’t it fascinating that the blogs and speeches Yo writes are so coherent for someone who has problems with brain. So many inconsistencies.

          1. Huge inconsistencies Bee! At least we can enjoy Dubai now! My husband has promised me a trip back next year! I have it in writing! Xoxo

            1. WOW! Good for you, Suze! Dubai sounds marvelous! I know you will be having a second or third or whatever honeymoon there too! (Can men wear kilts there? You said they had their own version of Highland games with caber tossing and such..or was it camel tossing? 🙂 )

              1. You do make me laugh! Highland Games is caber tossing, camels spit too much! Nasty smelly animals. You will see on BH the hotels are amazing!

              2. Yes they wear kilts, well some do! You do have a good memory I had forgotten I told you about the Highland Games!! Xo

                1. My memory is not the greatest, but for some reason, where men in kilts are involved…I remember! Keep smiling Suze! You have a lovely smile! 😀

  10. What a pile of cow dung dribel. Suddenly her mind is as sharp as a tack—-conveniently—-until it suits her to don the white robe which is her excuse for being tired & sick & she chooses her tired moments to exit when she’s put in a corner. She should be named YO-YO because that’s how she is with her actions & her words. She Loves Kim & Brandi because as I’ve said in a past blog, They bow down, kiss her feet & tell her what she wants to hear, not what true friends would do. They use each other. She seemed actually resentful of LVP for organizing the Yulin dog festival march, a totally important endeavour, unlike what she has done to bring attention to Lymmes disease which is nothing except awareness of her self-centered self. Add Jealousy to her list of virtues.
    After seeing last night’s episode, her real sickness is her broken marriage, no more, no less. Not a darn other than that is wrong with her. As for Eileen, she’s a major let down with her behavior. She’s an Erika J wannabe & will do anything to secure her place there. AND,as we all know, she’ll never let rest LVP’s questioning her. I still have to say that L. Rinna is my Sherlock Holmes & hits the nail correctly everytime. Dubai here we come!!!

    1. I agree Rinna is a real Sherlock Holmes but I wish she wouldn’t let herself be manipulated by Whineleen. I never saw LVP manipulate her but it is very clear Whiny Eiley certainly is by playing off their friendship.

  11. On last night’s episode you could hear Yo say “that was a cluster f—-.” It shows her true colors. That’s why she got up and left. I don’t like Yo or Erika, but I agree with LVP. If Erika wasn’t upset that Yo did not attend her dinner, then why would anyone (LisaR) get upset. Also, I’m sick of Eileen, how many times is she going to try & nail LVP. Eileen does exactly what she accuses LVP. It clearly isn’t working. I still love the banter between LVP & Kyle. They crack me up. I like Kathryn & I’m glad she got her hearing fixed. Loved watching her, LVP, & Ken with the puppy.

  12. I really think Yolanda needs to get over herself. To have the nerve to chastise LVP for showing more emotion over the Yulin dog march than for Yolanda’s perpetual sickness…wow. Isn’t it anyone’s right to feel what they feel and express those feelings? Who does Yolanda think she is? Stop begging for attention and getting mad when you don’t get it! Crickey, I hope she is not invited back next season!

  13. She is just sooooo boring and boorish. I wonder how Mohammad’s current wife feels about Yolanda reverting back to Hadid? Go back to your maiden name you yutz and if your kids don’t like it, well they can switch too.

  14. I can NOT read the upper blog novel. But God Almighty, even sitting in the Jewell Suite she insists on starting off with “Since I have been IN BED for 9 months locked in my apartment” before she can even say let’s go on the roof, GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP.

    1. THANK YOU!!!! She irritates me so much. If I had sit next to that monster in a restaurant and watch her talk with her mouth full of food, stuck in the side of her cheeks, I would have to stab her with my fork.

  15. Okay, Kathryn deserves a pass for raising her voice, yes. That may be the only part I agree with in the above, since I know what it is like with reduced hearing and deafness in one ear. I have been told I was shouting when I thought I was talking at a normal volume many times. I am happy Kathryn (yes, I am avoiding Yo) went to the neurotologist. My neurotologist was also quite old, and it seems very few docs go into the specialty, probably because it is not as high paying as others and not worth it to them, sadly. They specialize in neeves of the ear. I had a rare problem called a perylymphatic fistula and sudden sensorineural deafness, that made me lose balance and I also lost all hearing in one ear. My doc performed a pretty rare operation and restored my balance too. I was happy to see Kathryn smile and talk about appreciating our senses, since I totally agree. To me, that was her best moment so far.

  16. How can you tell if a Scotsman is a MacDonald? Lift his kilt. He is a MacDonald if he has a Big Mac and two quarter pounders. (A variation of that other joke) (Just found that one Suze…you may have heard it) 😮 Okay…I must cleanse my mind of men in kilts now. 🙁

  17. Thanks for the kind welcome everyone! I am very glad that BH is almost over and NY begins they seem to be my favorite. I think BH has just not been able to have a good cast for a couple of years.

  18. Finally found this from an interview with David Foster (when Yolanda first joined the show):

    In an interview with the Canadian Press, Oscar-seeker David revealed this wife has always had ulterior motives for joining RHOBH and that she really doesn’t pay the show much mind.

    “She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show,” David revealed. “She’s very good at it and she’s very good at giving advice.” David In an interview with the Canadian Press, Oscar-seeker David revealed this wife has always had ulterior motives for joining RHOBH and that she really doesn’t pay the show much mind.

    “She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show,” David revealed. “She’s very good at it and she’s very good at giving advice.” David revealed. “She’s very good at it and she’s very good at giving advice.” David says Yolanda previously hosted such a show in her native Netherlands.

    Very interesting. So, clearly, Yo-lie-a-lot didn’t join for lyme awareness. Her faux storyline was only to get the pre-nup broken.


      1. How to keep muscles from atrophying after ten, count dem, ten long months in bed. Or was it 18, maybe 6, no wait 3. Her marriage started to fall apart and she conveniently ‘got sick’. She read her pre-nup, saw the writing on the wall and faked another illness.

      2. Lifestyle and fitness show starring Yolanda. Learn how to make a lemon cleanse, then rest a while after you are thoroughly cleansed. Open your glass door refrigerator and take out three grapes for breakfast. Now get on that treadmill…as Yo said…Yo will be back later..taking a nap.
        Lifestyle = marry very wealthy and hire others to do everything for you and then complain a lot, all the time…even when you feel well, complain about how sick you just were. Then go back to bed…alone.

  19. sigh. camille was not bringing ‘awareness’ to women’s cancer. women’s cancer is perhaps the most talked about disease out there, for heaven’s sake. camille was raising money for women’s cancer. yolanda is so self-serving she is now becoming delusional. and talk about manipulative. who else would have the nerve to manipulate and mold a women’s cancer charity event to her own purposes? wow. yolanda is a piece of work. can’t wait to see the reunion show! i understand yolanda tries to walk off the show after the other women continue to question yolanda and her handling of her illness…but the producers reminded yolanda she has a contractual obligation to fulfill so yolanda was gracious enough to go back and finish filming. she is exhausting!

  20. Anyone can not wash their hair and not wear makeup and look like crap. I believe she has munchausen and enjoys all the attention she is getting. She is sick – in the head

  21. Sensitivity is a sweet trait when it’s being sensitive to others. Yolanda is so overly sensitive about every little thing that it just points out she has little to think about except herself. Remember her having conversations ad nauseum because LVP didn’t come paint squares at her house, instead worked? Yo is wrong: she has learned nothing.

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