Yolanda Hadid Fired From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?


Bravo is currently casting for season seven of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and according to a new report, the contracts are out and some of the women have already accepted their new deals. As we previously reported, Kathryn Edwards will not be returning to the show, as she was reportedly fired.

Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi have been asked back and have all accepted their contracts, according to Tamara Tattles. The site reports that Eileen Davidson has been asked back as a ‘Friend of the Housewives,’ much to her dismay, and producers want Kim Richards back in that same role.

However, the even bigger news is that Yolanda Hadid will NOT be returning to the show. Tamara reports that Hadid was fired from the show and that she is furious about now being asked back for the new season.

There are four new women testing for the show, however their identities have not been revealed. We did report that Sydney Holland, ex-wife of Billionaire Summer Redstone, has been trying to join the cast.

How do you feel about this casting news?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I hope this is true but will have to wait and see

Usually when they say so and so has been fired, it’s true. Otherwise it’s “Has so and so been fired?” story to follow. I am unhappy Rinna is back, very much so. And at least BG’s name didn’t come up, without Yo she has no one, unless they are making Erika her new bestie, God forbid!!

3Ds, I wanted to be wrong so badly lol!! But Rinna proved to be as devious as she is atrocious. And yes , Yolanda’s departure tells me Brandi may NOT be coming back , at least we hope. But I still see the door wide open for Kim ! Sigh

You called it, Girl. It all fit together exactly like you thought, oh well, like you, SIGH!

Kyle and Erika have developed a friendship so I wouldn’t be surprised if for the next season, Erika joins the Kyle/LVP team. The whole Erika /LVP thing was so silly and I see them moving beyond it

I always thought Erika and Lisa would get on, the same sense of bawdy humour!


It came across that Erika was frosty with LVP due to a sense of loyalty with Yo. There was no clear reason for her attitude to her. Hopefully they will build a friendship this season

It would make so many fans of BH Happy

I feel pretty stupid now that I see this article does have the big (?). I missed that before, wishful thinking i guess.

I can’t stand Rinna…..going to miss Yolanda

I hope it’s not.

I’m glad LR is coming back. She is painfully honest and a lot of fun.

PLEASE, PLEASE may this be true. Yolanda is toxic and needs to go away, far away. Sorry to hear about Kathryn….thought she had some real spunk. Too bad LR is returning, she is so low-class with a filthy mouth. Erika is not much better. Eileen needs to be a ‘friend from afar’. OK, let’s see what Bravo really does.

I agree with you Gale. I really hope Yolanda is not on the show anymore. I have had enough of her lies and nastiness.

That all makes sense to me. I am still team YO but as I said before, it’s best for her to leave the show and get her life back together . We still have a looooong wait to know for sure though . 4 new women??? Seems like a lot , doesn’t it? But I guess not all of them will make the cut

@ Rain. Like Yo too. Happy Friday love

Friday love to you too Sourhern Plaid ❤️❤️

I hope it is true. I just don’t know about the source… We shall see.

Agreed. Tamara Tattles isn’t a completely reputable source to me.

Wonder what LR will do without ED pulling her strings? And who is friends with ED and Kim? Seems they got rid of the only person sticking up for LVP.

Hope its true that the beautiful Erika will return.

You want more “pat the pu$$” from the c@t?

At this point I think I’m more excited over outcast starting than the housewives

Sad about Eileen!Yolanda stay in the vault from now on!

Kathryn needs to go. happy to hear that tis may be true. she is a wimp. I will miss Yolanda.

Eileen Davidson should be a full cast member. She is the only one who is even keeled and has a sense of reason when all hell breaks loose. She did get a bit “persnickety” about LV non apology and she probably at some point should of let it go, but, face it, LV does not apologize nor acknowledge that she is wrong.

ITA agree with you ! I have a soft spot for Eileen but I agree she latched on to that for far too long

ITA with you

@deana– you must have missed the episodes where LVP apologized three times….it probably wasn’t the exact words of apology ED wanted to har…so we got to hear about this ALLseason lLong.

If you are condescendingly laughing as you apologize, that apology does not count.

I’d rather have LR out than Anybody!!!!!!!! Just the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalk board. Glad EWElleen is just a half timer but then again she always was. The self absorbed Erica uck brings the class of LVP and Kylie down. imo

Thank goodness Yo is history. She is as boring as watching grass grow. AS far as bringing kim back….. DOn’t do it we don’t want her. SHe is a accident waiting to happen. YOu put her on the show and then put her in situations where everyone is drinking and partying your going to push her. Not that I care but why tempt fate. Kim needs to continue to see her therapist and stay off the HW’s

ITA about Kim! For HER SAKE , don’t bring Kim back

I agree about Km and you were right about Rnna unfortunately! Xxxooo❤️❤️❤️

Typos: Kim and Rinna!!!!

Agreed. If Kim comes back at all it is just negligence

If this be true, why Lisa Rinna? she should be fired. So glad Yolanda is though, glad to be rid of her. Hope Eileen & Kim are infrequent guests.

Barbara Fealk Edelman

I also agree Lisa Rinna should be off the show it is so annoying to watdch her lye and scream and think she is wonderful and truly she is just trash

Ditto in huge letters.

I hope she’s off the show. I really liked her before when she first started, but something is just off about her now. More so than Lyme disease. On the other hand, now that she’s getting divorced, it would be nice to see her get her life back together.

I like Eileen! Sorry for her downgrade, but I agree with the Yo & Kathryn decisions. Not looking forward to Kim unless we see a different Kim than what we’ve seen so far.

Personally I would have preferred Eileen out totally but I’m glad Yo is out! If this is true of course! I’m not sure what Yo ever brought to the show! Maybe Eileen won’t accept her downgrade?

Eileen doesn’t need Housewives as she is on two soaps. I really thought she brought something to the show, like class. She is very pretty, not mean-spirited and I like her husband.

If you count RHOBH then she was on three soaps in her mind.

Well with all the scripting, I agree RHOBH should be considered Eileen’s third soap.

Guess LVP IS the grand manipulator—-braaaaaaahahaha



I hope this is true – time for Yoyo to take her “journey” elsewhere, but who will be doing advertisements for her children now on RHOBH? If true, it will be interesting to see how her “friend” Erika handles things now. I’m glad about ED, reality tv is not a soap opera, but would have loved if LR was gone too.

YoYo achieved her goal except to get her own show cause she is soooo Jealous of LVP she has her own show

So sorry Yolanda will not be returning. She brought class, honesty, and true friendship to the show. She was the most genuine. She has had some challenges and shared her good, bad and ugly openly, isn’t this what the show is about, Reality!? LR should be gone with her trashy mouth, maybe she would fit better with RHOC. Watching “ladies” behaving badly is getting old. BH was all about the glam initially, not anymore. And Kim??? REALLY?? There HAS to be someone more interesting than her in BH!
Will miss you Yolanda! Peace, Health and Happiness.

sorry hon were we watching the same show ? Yolanda is Fake as they come she has been on a couple other reality shows she joined so her kids could get famous for being models and all they pose for is naked pics well that is how they started
and she wants her own show so we can follow her on her journey
When David no longer would fund her running around the world (RUMOR IS) she divorced him for not supporting her she had free use of a jet and money

PS cause ken touched her Yolanda has had it out for Lisa Vanderpump, YoYo way over reacted about that IMO Brandi is Yolanda ‘s Friend ,Yolanda brought Kim and Brandi back cause they were there for her and the other girls call BS on that and said they were too well Kyle said she was …. Also if you watch the past shows on Hulu you will catch Yolanda lying so sorry I shocked Lisa Rinna isn’t with them but she is real LVP I am sure has it out for Yolanda cause Yolanda over reacted about Ken ,and YoYo… Read more »
I never cared for Yolanda. From her very first appearance on the show she began telling others how to dress when in certain localities, how to speak at dinner, when they would be allowed to drink and stay up, ( in the rental house mind you ), what to do when they awakened in the morning, and, in general, how to live. No one was allowed to have an opinion about King David, even of they know him BEFORE she did, and how dare they stand up for the ex-wife because the ex-wife was hurt in the divorce, her excuse… Read more »

Your every word is true. Glad she’s exited-good riddance to bad rubbish.

I agree with you 100%. Yolanda also thinks everyone of the castmates are suppose to go to her house and take care of her and bring her coffee. I never liked Yolanda and never will.

Soooooo glad Yolanda is gone. Wish Eileen suffered the same fate. Don’t know what Lisa R will do without her puppet master but I hope Lisa R checks herself. She is a nut job.

Pretty please have YoLymeLiar gone ship her off with BrooksCrooks and they can journey in each others Bullsh-+ and disappear forever. Amen

LMAO at your comment I almost spit out my water

So long Ho. Fare thee well to your closet of sketchy meds and that ex-hooker aide. Good luck snagging your next deep pockets. Have a good time hanging out with Brandi and Kim. Nobody will miss you and your smug attitude. Nobody will EVER miss you yelling out “HELLO MY LOVE” and nobody is ever going to yearn for the days that you show up at nice gatherings looking extra bad for pity.

Why did you call her aide an ex-hooker?

GIGI, I think that bothered me more than almost anything. She has had make-up and hair “people” since she was a teen ager. That BS about toxicity is just that, BS. It was her breast implants, and I fell sorry she had to go to the ends of the Earth to have an MRI, but at least now they are gone. Now all’s that’s left is for her to find a bra that fits and try to look like a normal person again. She has a million dollar wardrobe, I’m thinking SOMETHING in there would look decent.

Don’t forget the menopause!

I love you post.

Please please keep Kim off the show. I really don’t want to see anymore of her down fall. It’s just too sad

Daisy, Hi! I agree about Kim but I think with Kim money will always come first with her! I can’t even blame Bravo anymore as I have given up with them, keeping Vicki in to OC was the final straw for me for obvious reasons! Xoxoxox❤️

Morning Suze sorry it’s raining too hard for me to go get my morning coffee (my brain juice ) but I guess for some money comes before anything including family , health , or their own well being . I’m assuming bravo is giving the fan’s what they think we want . I personally miss the boring days of the beginning when it was more “real ” and less constructed

If money could fix the most important things, many facts of my life, and many here I believe, would never have happened and/or would not be happening now. It is such a ridiculous thing to use one’s heart and soul to achieve, if that is the totality of what a person is trying for.

Suze , sorry I forgot to ask how are you today

Yes I miss the old shows as well! I really don’t enjoy them now. I have had a couple of bad days but feeling a little better today thank you! How are you? Have you managed to find something to help? Xoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello Suze and Daisy! I hope you ladies have a great day ❤️❤️❤️

Good morning Rain! I hope you have a good day, mine is almost over now! Xoxoxox

That’s true ❤️❤️ Hope you managed to enjoy your new umbrella 🙂

No!!! The granite base was broken so wait once again for replacement! Frustrating as weather good so will have to cover up!

Suze , I’m sorry that you had bad days I’m glad today is a little better . Morning Rain as soon as I get over my hang over I will be great . I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday

Sorry you have a hangover, no I’m not if I’m honest as I’m jealous! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lol Suze that is so funny. Please don’t be jelly as im totally regretting my fun night now

Oh Daisy Daisy 🙂 what are we going to do with you lol !! I hope you remember the fun you had! Wink ❤️

Haha Rain just bits and pieces but my old man woke up in a really good mood with a smile on his face so it’s all good . The bad part is I’ve been waiting a year to watch outcast and I hardly remember a thing about it

Hahahaha! What did you do to him? No don’t answer that! Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

I know scandals right . Actually I probably was just nice to him

In my house , ‘being nice’ means occupying your mouth with something other than talking! LOLOLOLOL! ❤️❤️❤️

Haha hahaha!!! That’s so funny….. I can’t even think of a response. Leave it to Rain to make me speechless

No words needs Daisy! 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️. After many years of marriage, conversation isn’t always necessary, and sometimes it’s even over rated lol

Lol so true Rain. So true

Rain, I just read this out to my daughter! Lol xoxoxo

Oh Suze!! :). I’m sure your daughter is wondering what sort of company you’re keeping lol

The best kind ! !

Daisy you’re the sweetest ❤️❤️❤️

You too hot mama

Rain, she is used to me, we have always had a good relationship!


Oh, that was so effing funny, I laughed out loud so much my kitties thought I was nuts, Merry actually ran away into the garage when I tried to pet her!!!

Oops should have said scandalous

I think I will think of scandalous! You have to give me something nice to think about! Xxxooi❤️❤️❤️❤️

Suze you are so funny. I hope your having a great evening

Xoxoxoxoxxo just watching TV, Homes by the Medditeranean, wishing I was there! Xoxoxo

Typo Mediterranean

Sounds lovely. Wouldn’t it be nice

Today it was Spain tomorrow Italy! Sigh!!! Xo

Sigh…… I can always dream

I may join you in Italy Suze ❤️❤️❤️ 🙂

With pleasure we can all go! Xoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

If Kim is back I’m out and pretty sure I’m not alone.
I just can’t stomach her and her sobriety issues ever again.

wish lvp was leaving. i like eileen and lr is just ok. glad yo is gone.

Oh my word – I am so tired of predictable LVP and Kyle, bored with Katherine, sick of Rinna’s language and low level mentality (are you reading this Rinna?)….over the shock of Erika, will miss genuine Yo, can always see Eileen on CBS’ ‘Old and Tired’ and am not interested in Kim returning. Bring on new faces, personalities and situations for people like me to muse over….I think in the meantime I’ll just muse over hurricane season’s plan for us.

Sheesh, is there a “season” for them? Yes, I had heard that but never been in a place where there were hurricanes. It was never anywhere I went after, either, to help. Is June the beginning of the season? Yikes, I know it’s off topic, but I hadn’t seen you in a while, River, if this is the River from before? If it is, really nice to see your name, if not, hi.

I was invited to a casting….but I am not interested, I am too classy for such a piece of low-brow entertainment

Yes, happy to see Yolanda go – enough of her. If Kim can own up to her own sh** then maybe, but that is highly unlikely.

I would love to see Jane Leeves on this show. She was on Frasier and Hot in Cleveland. She probably does not need or want it but she lives in LA and is a funny Brit. I guess soap stars and ex actresses may be all we will get. I hope we don’t get more alcoholics.

I totally remember her, Sandy, very funny lady indeed. Of the 4 women they’re allegedly adding, I hope there is a Latina or Asian chick or some diversity . I mean , it’s friggin LA , how hard is it to find a Latina? 🙂

I know they are not that diverse on BH, but I am sure there are Latinas and Asians as well as others in the LA area. I am not sure if they will go to East LA? 😉

I hope they add a Caucasian, an Asian Jew and a Latino to RHOA since they have no diversity at all but they do have plenty of ignorant & racist views. Just saying, Rain.

Me too, Krista. I would like to see some beauty a little more colorful. People who say we shouldn’t see color are wrong, we should see LOTS ANS LOTS of color. Colorful world, not colorless and all alike. That would be like having only the white Garden at Sissinghurst, and not the hot border. Or all white roses or any flower, yuk. I have a cottage garden with every color I can make look good together, but that’s flowers, people all look good together.

I’m curious why you limited your request for “diversity” to RHOA… seems to me you should look at all the franchises if diversity is what you’re really taking issue with. I suspect that your real issue is that the cast is all black.

duffs, that was a little below the belt. 3Ds is not racist in any way , shape or form. I don’t think she meant it the way you interpreted it. We don’t have any poster here that would ever make w racist remark.

I mean alcoholics who still drink too much and are not sober.

Wouldn’t that add a little spice? I have always loved her, and she is funny too. She has that timing down for being funny that is difficult for a comedian, much less a talented actress. Was there a rumor, or were you just thinking?

No rumor. It was just me wishing for someone that was witty and would be fun to watch. I think she would be great with these ladies…based on what I have seen on TV, anyway. 😉
It would be funny to get the other actress, Wendi Malick,from Hot in Cleveland who made fun of Rinna, indirectly too. She played an ex soap star on the show who did adult diaper commercials. 😮

Shoot, I was hoping you had heard a little peep of secrets about next year, 🙂

🙁 Sorry to disappoint. I wish it was true.

Eileen should have come back full time, if she wanted to, and never a second thought should have been given to Kim Richards. Just the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And what’s up with all the LVP should go? Lisa and Kyle are my best friends…on the show.

Kyle and Lisa are my 2 favorite housewives of all too. But I don’t care for Eileen, she makes too much of small things, and simply attends all the events. I want to see their houses, their way of entertaining, not just their overrated opinion about everyone else’s life. She does exactly what she accused Lisa of doing, paying too much attention to how someone else makes a friendship, which is entirely none of her business, and I didn’t like the way she was a puppet master for Rinna. But, I would rather have her full time than Rinna at… Read more »

Only you dumb ass holes would want to see Yolanda go . She was a poised beautiful honest most lovable housewives . I will not watch I will start a petition against this show

I’m team YO all around but there is NO excuse to call people here dumb asshole !!! RUDE!!! make your points and state your so opinion and then we can agree or disagree as civilized adults

So from one dumb asshole to another, I will be delighted if it is true, nothing to do with whether she is sick or not, I haven’t liked her from the start. Have a lovely day!

Good morning Suze ❤️❤️❤️

Good morning to you Rain Sweetie xxxooo

Hi, Suzy! Hope this is a good day for you.

I like Yolanda but I’m an ass hole so there goes your theory Einstein

Heheheh love it!

Why so angry

Now LVP is saying Yo hadn’t been fired! This really got my hopes up! I really hoe it’s true. I can’t watch another sick season, I want some fun!

I didn’t see that!! I will go search for it now.

We will just have to wait and see Tamara Tattles loves to act like she has all these inside source and later the info is wrong.

I am sad Eileen is not returning. She is an honest person and tells it like it is. Lisa Rinna is very two-faced and should be gone. Yolanda’s health issues were becoming a central topic so she needs to move on. Get rid of Lisa Vander Pump as well. She is not very classy and I don’t like her.

why was she fired no one saying why? and I like her some of the other need to go like Kim and sisters