Yolanda Hadid Shares Reason Behind Her Divorce With David Foster


There has been gossip and speculation circling around the divorce of Yolanda Hadid and David Foster. Whether it came as a surprise or not, it has been a hot topic in the media with rumors of cheating, finance and her chronic illness. While the former couple has not spoken out much about their marriage since a few light public statements, Yolanda appeared on Dr. Oz to talk about her Lyme disease and shared the reason behind her divorce with David.

As some may have predicted, the Dutch-beauty believes her suffering with lyme disease broke the marriage. “The patient suffers, but the caretakers suffer too. Because life doesn’t only change for us, it changes for the person next to you.”

Hadid continued, At the end of the day, David never changed, I changed. Unfortunately, these are the cards that life dealt me. It wasn’t by choice. But I’m not the woman I used to be and I probably will never be again. My focus, my energy goes to trying to get well, trying to make a difference, trying to find a cure for my children … and David’s life is really traveling, going to concerts, loud music. And I mean, I couldn’t, I can barely listen to the radio.”

Yolanda and David were together for 9 years and shared 4 being married. The couple announced their split right before the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered the newest season. They did not share children together.

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  1. Can’t this former model do something with that hair? Yes Yolanda speak only nice things about David – you don’t want to mess up your financial settlement.

    1. I always get irritated when that back patch sticks out: our chancellor Angela Merkel is also guilty of that, but that’s the challenge with those short cuts. They look great when they’re fresh, but when back grows out it’s so hard to keep them sculpted. I went short about 5 years ago but I think that’s going to be the last time for me. Ever. Yolanda is so Northern European in her style choices I can completely relate to it (from living here)…however I do see how the look falls flat in a still photograph. Overall I think she looked very good on the show in movement, though. Forgot, btw, which of these two clips mentions David:



      I don’t think it’s a bad thing that a divorcing couple takes the high road, for whatever reason: I get turned off by broken couples that disparage each other in public- it’s in poor taste and they don’t owe the general public specific details. Beyond that, being respectful of an ex is always better for everyone involved be it children, extended family members, business interests, ect.. I may be a bit of a neo-traditionalist, but in think there is far too much public oversharing today when relationships end. I say handle the ending with dignity and move on to the next phase of your life. The marriage may be over, but the rest of your life has to go on. Do it with at least a modicum of integrity.

      1. I cannot believe she had her nurse prop up her arm on a Hermes pillow for her IV push vitamins or whatever it was she was receiving. I have no idea why he gave her at least 50cc of some dark liquid pushed directly into her vein. She must have veins like an addict. That takes a toll. What is all of that?
        I know you wanted to show the part about her marriage, and I watched all of it. I still do not understand how she put all of that into her body. That board she made of her medications was staggering. I wonder how many caregivers she listened to at the same time…just very risky on her part IMO. She did look pretty, however, in her monochromatic outfit and the bags under her eyes were gone, so she must be healing. She seemed to have all of her faculties too. She spoke quite well.

        1. Hi Real Sandy, she is now fully aware that her act is over, so she’s tightened her belt & decided to get her self together. She was all together a good while now, but she’s so selfish & self-centered & was enjoying her pity party until she finally realized that everyone knew she was faking.

          1. Including Dr. Memet Oz and an entire medical team that studied her case to present it as real on national televison, LOL??? You guys are hilarious.

            1. Dr. Oz is considered by many his physician peers as being dangerous. They called for his license to be revoked and wanted him removed from Columbia because of it. He is considered a quack by many. He is a TV entertainer who will plug most anything. You can listen to him but he is all about a TV show to make money for himself, the more outrageous, the better. He is a TV entertainer above all.
              These doctors are trying to turn the tide against ‘quack’ Dr. Oz http://fw.to/82SvuxR

        2. She is healing well. She and David separated and she made her point with her sick selfies and the IF infusions. She is hoping the judge will take that alone in making a decision regarding nullifying the pre-nup. Since that is out there she has no reason to longer look ‘sick’. Fraud!

            1. I understood. I believe Yolanda may very well have Munchausen/Fictitious Disorder, though some here are sympathetic. It may be a way out of an unwanted marriage somehow for some reason, and if it nullifies a prenup, then it very well could be for that. Yolanda may have thought of David as a good catch because of his money. It seems wealth is a priority to her. A higher education certainly is not a priority. She is pushing her children to work, and Gigi already has made a fortune. I cannot imagine Gigi ever had to work with Mohamed as her father either, really.

        3. Well, also, remember she took a shower and the stage make-up she was using to make herself look worse washed off. Oh, I am being mean now.
          I sincerely hopes she recovers. I honestly wish someone she respects would tell he that her “caregiver” doesn’t have her best interest at heart, first off. No real medical professional would allow or prescribe the kind of willy-nilly treatments she was ingesting! I am frightened for her. For years she has just put all manner of things into her system. If the solution was to be had by cleansing the body she certainly went about it wrong. I can’t believe her family and friends have not become more involved and intervened more on her behalf in her desperate quest for wellness. If she was close to me I would risk her anger to interfere and make some noise to get her attention. I mean, I was thinking of this. If she started 4 years ago looking for answers, right? 106 doctors. 48 months of searching. That’s 2 DIFFERENT doctors a MONTH. How can her family have not done something? Ok, I am done. I am going to sincerely try to just wish the best for this confused woman, an pray that she finds whatever it is she is searching for.

      2. Such a good comment, Bon V. I believe David is a musical genius and I honestly do not believe he does things out of cruelty or meanness. Just like someone who employs hundreds or thousands of people, his talent and business encompasses many musicians in many genre’s of music and he does more than preform. He composes and many depend on him keeping his obligations. The one thing I applaud her for is her public relations in regard to her divorce.

      1. Jake why do you insult posters then put lol? Is that not a bit childish?, do you think it makes it funny? If Bee doesn’t like her hair big fricken deal! I don’t like Yo what have you to say to that? Hmmm! Grow up!

        1. Jake, or dare I say Brandi, go away. Hit another bottle of wine and be photographed with your tampon string hanging out. Such class (snicker, not).

      2. Little boy/girl? Didn’t you take your vitamins this morning? Did you get enough sleep? Do you have “issues”? Don’t attack other people on the blog or you will be reported and you won’t be allowed to post anymore.

    2. You know, Bee, I see Yo as acting a lot of the time. When she used to call David “My Love”, I thought it was for our benefit, to make her appear like the ever doting housewife. Was she that attentive, or was it only when the cameras were on? We will never know the truth, but I think she wanted lots of attention and it was more than Foster could ever give her. Now she talks sweet until the settlement probably or because of some prenup contract clause stating that it had to stay a private matter.
      I read from something Gigi said, that Mohamed always cooks Thanksgiving dinner, and I imagine it was that way when he was married to Yo too, so he was the chief cook for big holidays. I wonder if Yolanda ever actually cooked, other than that one chicken maybe, for David. Yolanda is used to having help to make meals and such too, I imagine, so having a party at home was too much for her even then, because she is used to others taking care of those things for her IMO. She was ultra rich with Mo and used to much more of what extreme wealth and privilege can bring than maybe David was willing to give to her in his marriage to her. Maybe Mo was happy not to have to pay alimony to her anymore too, though he could afford it. Yolanda probably missed it though.

    3. Honestly, you are concerned about Yolanda’s hair? He cares about that. She seems to be a classy woman who is ill. I can’t understand a divorce based on her husband’s love of travel and music. That is wonderful, but your wife means more. Of course, there may have been much more to it, but since that was all that was said, am really sad to hear this. We change, we get sick, we get old, we become someone else. This is truly life over the long course and it is very sad to see a marriage break up for these reasons. Hope and give well wishes

      1. People break up. Maybe since the both of them aren’t in a heated battle about it, you shouldn’t be either. David is fine and so is Yolanda. They are divorced and moving on without you.

  2. I am going to be careful here, I don’t want to say something I shouldn’t! I don’t think much of David Foster but I don’t blame him. I did at first but as time has gone on I have changed my opinion.

  3. Oh god!!! Now she can’t listen to music!!?? Her lack of brain function can’t handle that…Puhleeeeze..I really can’t handle this woman anymore its turning into a whole lot of crazy.

    1. Actually it’s not to me. I too am married to a musician and the lifestyle has a level of noise and stimuli that would irritate most folks unless you’re used to it or can tolerate it,or musically inclined yourself… not to mention the social aspect of it all which demands a lot of interacting with large groups of people, managing personalities, late nights, traveling, ect. on top of the never ending noise. I find that as I’m growing older I don’t have the same stamina for it all as i did when I was younger (it’s not uncommon for touring musicians to end their nights long after midnight) and I’m a healthy individual. That said, my husband suffers from a chronic illness, and when he has an episode, there are times all we can manage for him in our home is total bedrest and complete quiet. Zero activity… and least of all the very idea that he can even sit at his piano or that we have sound stimuli of any kind. It’s not as odd as it sounds in the soundbite above; it’s a very real concern.

      1. I hate to side with Yolanda BUT I don’t like listening to music; random music on the radio. I like what I choose to play such as Pachebel in D among other comforting music.

        1. SKEPTIC! ARE YOU MY RELATIVE? I cannot listen to music in the car anymore except for like 3 songs. I love Pachelbel’s Canon D. Beautiful! Or talk radio.

          1. OMG Gigicat we HAVE to be related. I don’t have listen to music in the car but do listen to talk radio. Drives me crazy when I drive with hubby in his car because he always has music on.

      2. I can relate. Very well put, Bon Vivant, TY. Loud music (used to love) and flashing lights and lots of people talking in a noisy room, I just can’t anymore without paying hard. It’s a bummer for me and a bummer I’m sure for others. My name used to be CrazyJanie. For real 🙁

        1. And if anyone catches it, yes I was nicknamed that back in the 70’s after Bruce Springstein’s Spirits in the Night tune. Sandy,mare you a Springstein’s fan? 😉

          1. Miss M, you should change your name here to CrazyJane, I love it!!! I can’t listen to loud music now and went to all the rock concerts I could even heavy metal! I think for a couple of years they were almost weekly as my ex husband was a heavy metal fan. Is there anyone who doesn’t like The Boss?
            Led Zeppelin were one of the best especially physical Graffiti!!

            1. Lol oh Sally i think I’ll keep my given name from 3D and you for the time being, as I don’t want to confuse others! And Led Zep lover here too 😉 though I go for more sedate easy listening music in my maturing years….Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Franks, and jazzy bluesy stuff, Keb Mo, Acoustic Alchemy, Stephane Grappelli …. xoxox❣

              1. I have to admit I don’t listen to as much as I used to, I tend to stick to names I have mentioned before!

          2. I liked Bruce a bit in the very beginning. Sandy, Fourth of July is a good one! But no, I really cannot stand him any more unless it is Born to Run…some early stuff. I don’t care for the person either. He lives not far from here, and I knew people who met him, etc. My favorite music was southern rock, The Allman Brothers Band I saw in concert many times. I always loved great guitar. I always loved Clapton, but not the person, his music. I used to listen to Hendrix, Santana, and other great guitarists. I loved Cream (Clapton), Jethro Tull, The Who, ELP , Peter Frampton and also listened to others like James Taylor, Carole King, Seals and Crofts and even Culture Club and Cyndi Lauper later. Oh, and I had Michael Jackson too for one album. There are more, but my memory is gone. 😮

            1. OMG! How did I forget Led Zeppelin. I own live albums/cds in four packs from England. I never saw them live, but I always listened to them. I still love Stairway to Heaven and more!
              My memory is fading. I don’t listen so much now, except for classic rock on the radio when I drive. When i married, the hubby made me turn down my music, and I had a gold Marantz stereo…a Mercedes of its time when he met me. I married a music hater…for real. He barely heard the music of his own era. He went to one concert because it was free where he lived. Opposites attract? He loves talk radio. I can barely tolerate it. I also like to dance…not him.

                1. Yes, Stairway to Heaven may be the best song of all time! It was voted that in the past, anyway. 😀

                    1. I forgot The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd too.
                      Led Zeppelin- I have BBC Sessions CD set and Remasters 3 CD set. They are awesome.

                    2. John Lodge from the moody blues lived near our flat in Cobham where our son lived while at uni. My friends husband worked for him in Painshill Park, it’s stunning! I bought Hubbie a full set of CD’s and then they were withdrawn. They had a music shop in Cobham called Threshold records. Named after their label. We saw them a few times, Mt husband is the biggest fan but I like them too!

  4. I mean, this was his 4th marriage I believe. It isn’t exactly shocking he would not have the tolerance to deal with a sick spouse.

    1. Stacey, we unfortunately learnt more about Lymme didease than we ever knew before, but our sympathy is with those who truly suffer, not with someone constantly sending out mixed messages, fabricating & taking sickness to her own sick level. We are all fed-up, & I mean the world

      1. Starr, well said, I have sympathy for any one sick but Yo has used all hers up a long long time ago!

  5. This is her second failed marriage to wealthy men. there’s a lot more “in the vault” other than her inability to tolerate loud noises…. I just can’t with her this morning… I”m so sick of her.

    1. Ok I was careful this morning, but not now, I too am really really sick of her. I have had it up to my recently waxed eyebrows of Yolanda!

    2. Hi, GIGICAT. I don’t know if this happens to you, but I often get an error window when I comment and it won’t post. I leave the tab open while I go about my day, but if the internet goes down and when I leave I have to shut it down. I had an answer all day when I found that the other day and can’t find now where you said you were coming to Tahoe. I think it is safe here to say I would love to meet. My biggest new BS thing I have to learn to accept is I can no longer drive alone. Twice, and never again, I don’t even get sleepy, I wake up after being asleep for a moment apparently. That had been happening to me at home in front of the tv or out at a movie, (sorry for anyone else who doesn’t like this human stuff) but never when I was driving. So, as much as I didn’t want to accept it, I obviously can not be so irresponsible as to simply do something that endangers others. Maybe we could meet somewhere in Reno? If you come down here. Let me know and we can take it from there. Tahoe is much lovelier but Reno has some decent restaurants.

      1. The shopping is better in Reno! And better restaurants. I’ll let you know a few weeks before we drive up. With ALL the cats, in the SUV. It’s a test of my patience… 8 hours with hubby driving and he hates to stop…

  6. I don’t have much stamina left for this woman. Her & her manchausen’s etc; etc; etc; I’m up to my neck with. Too many people have a lot more sad afflictions in their lives than her fabricated illnesses. I

    1. You know, Rain, it was her appearance at Rinna’s BD that sent me over the edge from sympathy to anger. She knew damn well what kind of surprise her unwashed, un made up and non coiffed appearance would garner. She lived in the world of models, entertainers and the designer way of life since she was 15. This BS about being stunned by the reaction of her cast mates is just that, BS. I will never believe that was all she could do to get there. She had to expel exactly no energy to have make-up on and her hair washed. That is where the deceitful planning became clear to me. She has make-up and hair people who know her, who I would go as far as to say, love her, and who would have been happy to come by and help her get ready. She is a woman who is accustomed to having others around & being personally involved in dressing etc. She has someone with her at all times actually. So, the whole wanting privacy in her illness doesn’t wash either. She most definitely not only planned to show up, but she planned her rebuttal to the reaction she KNEW there would be.
      By this time she had plenty of time in her world travels to find toxin free products, and no matter how many times she says it was all she could do to make it there, I do not now, and never will, believe that. I have a big, deep heart. I must actually guard myself from knowledge of things I can not change, news stories and such. I get nightmares and become immersed in the tragedy of it all. And I know the difference between true illness and attention seeking sickness. I believe in my heart of hearts in forgiveness. In kindness. In fighting against small mindedness. In acceptance. In love. In God.
      I believe and know she became ill. Documenting her journey and becoming a spokesperson are fine ambitions. Doing charitable work and giving a voice to those who suffer in silence, also wonderful, selfless acts. None of which she did.
      Instead she travelled all over the world to find a cure, which of course she has the absolute right to do, and the money also. But please don’t try to perpetrate this fraud on the public. I understand doing everything in one’s power to find health. When it is stolen from us, more than our physicality is in question. Out ability to be in control of our life looms before us. Now, wanting something, working for something, the old adages about determination and perseverance that have been our mottos & how we live & how we present ourselves to the world at large, are now all in question. Our character is given the biggest test it will likely ever be subjected to. This onslaught of illness inserts itself into our very soul & begins to determine what we can now do. Disbelief becomes belief. Fatigue becomes normal. Pain becomes our companion. Disease becomes ours. I understand.
      Yolanda Hadid doesn’t have my sympathy, only my pity. She has become a shell of what she could be and who she would be if her heart had been pure.

  7. I believer her…we all know she changed drastically with her Lyme disease. I know I was sick to death of the new Yolanda so I cannot blame her spouse for feeling the same and wanting out of the marriage. We cannot help how we feel and if he felt like he was no longer wanting to be married to Yolanda, well, there ya go. I like David and he is still young and vibrant enough to go out and find someone else to enjoy his life with. Who can fault him wanting to be happy? I certainly cannot. And if Yolanda can get herself together, I am sure she will find love again, as well…at least, I truly hope she does…both get herself together and find love again!

  8. I doubt she was the one who wanted out. Unfortunately, her drama Queen, self-pitying behavior was a bit too much for him to endure, so it was ‘So long & farewell & on with my life’. By her saying she changed & wanted out is only for her to save face with the world. On a better note, she did look nice for a change. A hot shower & a good shampoo did wonders for her.

    1. I agree Starr. Good grief her drama queen over the top fake illness is driving most of the viewers crazy in the little bit we see on tv. Can you imagine David having to live with that.

  9. Her story is constantly changing, first it was Lyme Disease then chronic (which isn’t a real thing), which she claimed she got from a horsefly, which isn’t possible. Then it was a silicon implant that exploded, then it was leaking, then it wasn’t really leaking … it’s just endless. I may not like David Foster but I’m surprised he put up as long as he did with Yolanda’s made up illness and might I add, expensive treatments.

  10. She is going through menopause and looks to be 20 pounds heavier. I don’t think she is suffering any disease except aging badly and that isn’t a disease.

    1. THANK YOU!! Agree 100%. Look at her first season on the show and she was different person. Still jealous and ugly inside but she looked fake. Those god-awful hair extensions she had. And her lips are permanently plumped also. Now? She gained weight (and that menopause weight is hard to shake), she’s pissed, her kids are gone (most of them anyway, never saw that son much) and her days of finding rich guys ARE OVER because there are a million more like she USED TO BE to replace her. And when you have nothing inside to offer or fall back on, you become bitter, angry and jealous.

  11. THE REASON FOR THE DIVORCE; king david tired of her entitled (stupid) fake illness (along with the viewer’s).
    She is aging (not in a good way), menopausal twit who happens to be a famewhore, check out the other (reality show) her and king david were on (before) RHOBH…..
    BTW, she is uber jealous of Lisa Vanderpump and uses (erotica ericka) as her attack dog since tampon string left the show…

  12. I agree with all. She is a very sick inflicted sick woman & a dumb-bell too thinking she could fool the world. For her to voice that Erika J is the most intelligent in the group, shows how stupid she is. No one with any kind of intelligence would’ve pulled the sick stunt the way she did & feel she had done a great job of fooling everyone. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, she has suddenly been cured. Heaven help me, that woman irritates me badly.

  13. I like Yolanda experienced a unidentified illness for over two years. I knew something was physically wrong, but after multiple visits to many doctors, it wasn’t until I entered graduate school and underwent a mandatory physical where my illness was discovered. Luckily my husband stuck by me he even took care of my wound post surgery because I could not face looking at the cut. Maybe Yolanda had a epiphany and realized that she had to be her own best advocate and do everything to survive, including allowing her marriage to dissolve.

  14. If he really loved you, he would have stand by you baby. He is an egoist and you know it. Really a shame for him

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