Would Yolanda Hadid Ever Return to RHOBH?

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid was on the show for four seasons and gave viewers insight to her family, her battle with Lyme disease and her marriage to David Foster.

Yolanda was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week, and opened up about with whom she still keeps in touch, what she thinks of last season’s drama, and if she’d ever return to the show.

The first question Andy asked Yolanda was if Yolanda was still friends with Erika Girardi? Yolanda responded saying, “Yes, I talked with her yesterday morning,”

The next question he asked was what Yo thinks of Rinna constantly questioning Kim Richards’ sobriety. Yolanda said, “It was heartbreaking for me. You can’t doubt or question those kinds of situations. Especially on national TV.”

Does Yolanda think Lisa Vanderpump uses being British and her humor as an excuse to make digs at the other ladies. Yolanda responded saying, “Absouletly.”

Does Yolanda agree with Rinna that Kyle Richards enables her sister Kim? Yolanda said, “I don’t think that is true.”

Is Yolanda still friends with Brandi Glanville? “We talk once in awhile,” she admitted.

Finally, one of the polls during the show was for viewers to vote on if they think Yolanda should come back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Andy asked if Yolanda would ever come back and Yolanda said, “No I wouldn’t.”

Do you miss Yolanda on RHOBH?

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25 Replies to “Would Yolanda Hadid Ever Return to RHOBH?”

  1. I always wondered if you were a fan of Yolanda’s from the beginning? I always thought she was pretentious, telling the girls, or the camera, what they should do and wear in certain locales like when they were in Ojai. She made clear her opinion from the start that because one was in the desert, for example, and in a more rural landscape it is only appropriate to dress in jeans, wear no make-up, get up at 6 and exercise, stuff like that. I also didn’t like how she insisted that Taylor ( whether one liked Taylor or not ) didn’t know or have the right to say anything at all about David. One of Taylor’s best friends, Linda Thompson, was married to David for 20 years. Then David acted like he didn’t know her name, when she had been at their house too many times to count. I am recalling the conversation when Taylor was trying to apologize for her initial aloofness with Yolanda because of her long friendship with Linda. Yolanda didn’t allow Taylor to make her point in the least, and IMO, by becoming offended at Taylor’s apparent familiarity with David ended any chance that they would ever be friends or even have a civility toward one another.
    I never wanted Yolanda to be ill, as I have been quite ill in my life, and for a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me either. I was truly concerned and empathetic about her pain and suffering. I did think she made notorious her illness by seeing 106 doctors in 3 years. Give or take that is 3 doctors a month, never mind giving each treatment a chance to work. I don’t care who the doctors were, no doctor worth his degree would recommend that. I also didn’t feel that her “charity” work with Lyme Disease was genuine. Making it publicly known with her constant instagram photos and comments that she was flying around the world for treatments in her private jet bothered me a lot. I am pretty sure she didn’t offer the thousands of Lyme sufferers a ride to their appointments. Thinking that by going to Lyme Conventions in her private plane, directly into her limo, being escorted into the arena and speaking brought help to the thousands of Lyme victims she always likened herself to. She sure seemed to think a lot of her own power. Getting every weirdo treatment available in 3rd world countries where no research seemed to be done about what it was they were either shooting in her spine, ( my suspicion about her lack of knowledge being that there was a definite time constraint considering there were 3 doctors a month ) injecting who knows what into her bloodstream, what the material might have been soaked with that she was wrapping her entire body in, being the skin is the body’s largest organ. Considering also the constant flow of antibiotics the shunt in her heart filled her body with. Not knowing how any of it was processed, how it interacted with the antibiotics, if the manufacture was even sanitary etc. I believe she made herself sicker with the hundreds of vitamins and treatments she automatically took simply because somewhere on the label it said it was natural & treated one of the symptoms. The body, liver, kidneys, stomach etc., still has to assimilate all of those chemicals. That can most certainly make a person much more ill, she is lucky she didn’t kill herself. Being “natural” means zip as far as the product being healthy goes. Anthrax and arsenic are natural to water supplies. Lead is a natural mineral. Bacteria is natural, I could go on & on, so, again her declaration that everything she ingested was natural and therefore helping treat her disease was also an uneducated, dangerous route to take.
    And as far as being friends with Erika, speaking to her before her appearance on WWHL is not, for me, proof that they were true friends. Knowing someone for 10 years and never meeting their children means maybe they were social friends. If that was the case, as it looks like, what would have been wrong with just being honest about it? They still could have had a positive opinion of each other. Gigi wasn’t a famous model ten tears before Erika’s first season. So the excuse that they had never met couldn’t be that she was off jet setting and working.
    But I still love you and respect your difference of opinion. I admired and still admire your staunch defense of her no matter how many posters spoke against her. I always hoped for health and peace for Yolanda, no matter what her path was. Being very ill ruins our lives at times. Sometimes we can overcome with our spirit, but even our sprit has it’s limits. Speaking of that, I hope your own spirit overcomes any pain or discomfort, emotional or physical you might be feeling, my hippy soul sister. Peace, love and health are not simply adages from the 60’s, they are what I wish for you & everyone I love.
    To answer the initial question, no, I don’t think she should come back to the show.

    1. Always love your u xoxox ❤️❤️❤️ But no , I didn’t use to watch the show when Taylor was on so I’m not familiar with all that history . I came in late into the show so I missed a lot of the early stuff .

      Like with Shannon , I’m not even attempting to defend Yolanda’s crazy . She is coco puffs for sure . My defense of her comes from the idea that she is NOT Brooks and the she wasn’t lying about her Lyme Disease. I truely believe that whatever was going on , that was HER REALITY. She believed she had Lyme and operated accordingly . I don’t think she was out to fool anybody but that’s JMO

      But OF COURSE she went bat shit crazy and lost her marbles with all those ‘treatments ‘ . NO one can deny that . She was desperate and lost and did desperate things .
      I really struggle calling people out on their illness and assuming that they’re faking it . My heart tells me to believe her but I’ve been wrong before

      Always always always love you ❤️❤️❤️ Xoxo

      1. I never thought she was faking it either. In response to you not seeing the first seasons, when I was too ill to leave the house, I purchased the seasons of the housewife shows I like if I hadn’t seen them. It was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. If you are an Amazon Prime member, hit the “more purchase options” link to get the best price if you are at all interested. I say this because the first 3 seasons of BH, NY and NJ were the best IMO. Anyway, I felt genuine empathy for her during the entire thing. When she said her brain wouldn’t work, I understood immediately. And desperate describes perfectly how she must have felt. I have been there, the difference is that we spent our life savings trying to save DeAnna, & even had we not, we never had the kind of money they did that would have allowed me to jet around the world. That made me feel worse for her that desperation was included in the many heartbreaking feelings she had.
        The one thing that I thought she did purely for sympathy was going to Rinna’s Birthday party with no make-up and in the same clothes she had on all day. That was something she never would have done, and her excuse that she wasn’t up to getting dolled up was BS IMO. She had been a model and socialite her entire life. She had employees to wash and fix her hair, and she could have truly been almost asleep while they made her up and even dressed her. Marilyn Monroe used to lay on her bed totally stoned on Seconal while her staff dressed her, did her hair, made up her face and somehow got her to the limo looking absolutely breathtaking. Yolanda brought her Daughters up to always look their best in public also, to the point that Yolanda got irritated with Gigi at Gigi’s own going away party because Gigi ate a regular size bite of her own cake. I think that kind of micro managing someone’s food intake is something that can & does screw them up forever. They begin ingesting other way less healthy ingredients to replace the food they should be eating. But I still believe that event was part of the illness and a symptom of the many, many medications she was on. Love to you doll.

  2. I always liked Yo’ and never understood the vitriol and hate for her displayed by posters on other sites; many of whom STILL deny that she was ever even sick.

  3. Some idiot caller on WWHL the other night inquired on what happened to the fridge … she told them it like obviously stayed weth ze houzz .. duh!~

  4. Nice to hear she’s feeling good. No – I don’t miss her. Actually there are a few I wouldn’t/don’t miss and there are quick a few I would hate to see leave. All in all Bravo does a pretty good job at casting these ladies.

    1. She did carry the LD thing too far, but that WAS consuming her life. It was a bad break, but the truth is she should have bowed out when she got so ill she could barely function.

  5. I just stumbled upon this one; seems like some cool people. The “Tea” sites are hellbent on pushing crap shows I don’t care about, this one is ALL HW’s!~

  6. While I have nothing against Yolanda and certainly wish her well and continued good health, I do NOT miss her from RHOBH and wouldn’t want her to return. First off, the way she answered the question on WWHL was so rude…specifically to her fans that would want to see her return to the show. Secondly, like others have stated, she just didn’t fit in with this group. Thirdly, I always found her to be a bit condescending to the rest of the group. And finally, if it hadn’t been for Rinna making the stupid accusation, Yolanda really would have never had any good drama on the show. I would have welcomed back Adrienne, Taylor, or Kim over Yolanda any day. However, I will give her this. If I had to choose between Yolanda, Joyce, and Carlton…I’d take Yolanda hands down. I’d pretty much taken ANYONE from ANY franchise over Carlton Gebbia. Ugh, I hated her.

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