Yolanda Hadid Declares She’s In Love

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Hadid is happy to declare that she has met a new man and reveals, “I am so in love right now.”

Yolanda, who is currently hosting, Making a Model, opened up about the relationship in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, sharing, “It’s such an exciting time in my life, being finally healthy and ready to move on to the next chapter. I am so in love right now… I’m very blessed to have found a beautiful love. I’m excited and it’s all good. I’m off the market.”

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20 Replies to “Yolanda Hadid Declares She’s In Love”

  1. I think her ex getting engaged probably had a lot to do with her “moving on”! I wish Yolanda true happiness! DF’s marriage will last as long as this newer shinier model “worships at the altar of David Foster”! The guy is a pathetic ego maniac who has zero empathy! All he could think of before Yolanda’s breast surgery was “copping another feel”.. it made me realize that I didn’t blame her for calling it quits with him! Jerk!

      1. The engagement rumors have been dispelled, but I do find it interesting that he’s been with Katherine McPhee in this May-December romance, she almost seems against type for him…but then again, with that voice…a great singer with (seemingly) no romantic prospects in the the line of sight of a piano player…they’ll go hot n’ heavy for a time with their eyes full of rainbows & stars while they collaborate together…them, it’ll peter out.

  2. She’s been looking really good for her press rounds: so much truer to a traditional model than the peroxide, quintuple D bosom look that’s all the rage out there in Hollywood. When she talks you can see very wrinkle and line and she’s aging beautifully. without all the extra “trimmings”, as it were…

  3. But is this really about them “loving the spotlight”, though? Yolanda’s professional background is in fashion and interior design and she has television experience: why should or would a woman not continue to work in one of or even both of those arenas to make a living? She’s only in her 50s, her health is in remission, and she’s not interested in staying solely at home, so I don’t see what’s wrong in pursuing work opportunities to maintain your own professional identity outside of family, former husbands, or even ex- colleagues from former jobs like RHoBH. As for David, he’s been in show business for over 45 years – with a career as extensive as his who wouldn’t expect to see his name come up in lights from time to time..I think the real issue here is that the nature of entertainment media has changed so much since the advent of the net and blogs, that that now rather than hear about people when they’re “on the clock”, gossip media goes out of their way to just grasp onto any little thing about people’s lives (whether true, false, or projected) just to have something to feed into a 24/7 digital news cycle. David, for whatever his reputation, has always generally kept to himself and minded his own business unless approached and asked a question. He’s not my favorite insofar as Bravo husbands go, but I don’t exactly see him clamoring for the attention of a kind of gossip media that he’s not beholden to or has no bearing on his success and influence in the entertainment industry.

    1. Good luck trying to bring reason to all the hate. I get sick of it. Do people realize how ugly they sound? Thanks for trying. 🙂

  4. Good to see you, too- hope you had a good weekend! I just settled down for a warm tea to browse online before dinner – opened up my Yahoo entertainment feed to see that Jill Zarin’s husband Bobby has passed away! Wanted to check and see if there was anything posted here. Out the men that comprise Bravo Husbands, he seemed to be a good chap and one of the few fan favorites.

  5. I thought what you said was awful. Who are you to mock her diagnosis or alternative therapies? I have fought for my life and know how it feels. To end your comment with you wish everyone love is funny.

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