Yolanda Hadid Calls Out Stephanie Seymour for Her Negative Comments About Daughter GiGi


Supermodel Stephanie Seymour brought out the mama bear in Yolanda Hadid earlier this week.
Seymour went after Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner earlier this week, calling them phony supermodels and just the “bitches of the moment.”

Yolanda tells TMZ, “It’s sad to see some of these beautiful semi-retired supermodels, who are mothers themselves now, feel the need to publicly put down someone else’s daughter.”

But that’s not all, when it comes to her baby… Yolanda will defend GiGi until the end. Yolanda says when it comes to being a “super model,” Gigi’s the full package… height, great looks, hard work and a good role model for other young models.

Hadid says Seymour should work on leaving a positive legacy and be supportive of the new generation.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Rain

    I saw this story on another site and was astounded by the stupidity of some of the comments lol and punishing Gigi because they dislike her mother. Come on!!!!! What else? We dislike Yolanda’s neighbors ? All her friends? Where does this idiocy end?

    • starr

      I agree with you Rain. I dislike Yolanda’s hypocrisy & lies, but that that no bearing whatever on her children.

    • I guess that’s the double edge sword of stardom. She might have been supported more in the beginning because of her Mom’s celebrity, but now run down because of it. It looks like her modeling career speaks for itself though, and she seems to be doing pretty well.

      • Rain

        I agree that she had a leg up because of who she is but you don’t continue to he hired if you’re not good. Designers don’t hire you for their campaigns as a favor. This girl scored a Tom Ford campaign right out the gate and YES she and Kendal are the supermodels of this time. Doesn’t mean they are the best ever or that they’re the best of all time, we are just talkin about now . Stephanie has some sour grapes going on and is a classic example of women trying to discredit and destroy women who come after them . Eat a sandwich Stephanie!!

        • kt

          Hi, Rain! Hope all is well!
          Another thing I’d like to add…let’s not forget their dad is worth a ‘mere’ 250 mil, that could buy a lot of runway time?

          • Can you buy runway time kt ? I am honestly asking because I don’t know enough about this industry from the inside. Or the Victoria secret and make up/skin care commercials? There is no doubt that anyone would want their product marketed by the most popular, but I’m not sure about runway? Does anyone know?

            • Rain

              Love you kt but no you can’t buy runway time :). You can get your foot in the door but if you’re not good, that’s it. These campaigns are billion dollar industries and they don’t hire bad models . There are just way too many people involved in picking the face of a campaign, it’s not that simple to but your way in .

              • kt

                Ladies, I was being sarcastic…meaning exactly what you said, Rain, foot in the door but they then have to hold their own! At the same time I was pointing out Yo isn’t the only one who can pay their living expenses. It was lost in black n white print…but it’s all good!!

                • Rain

                  I’m sorry , it flew right over my head LOL ! My bad kt , I see what you mean NOW ❤️❤️❤️

                • Ah Ha…gotcha kt. lol.

          • Rain

            Hey kt !! How are u ? ❤️❤️❤️

            • kt

              I’m great, Rain!! Working a bunch and lovin life! How are YOU?

              • Rain

                I am hanging in there and enjoying my boys being home from college ❤️❤️

                • kt

                  I know that makes you one happy momma!!! Are y’all having a heat wave?

  • Michelle m

    I also think Gigi and Bella had a helping hand but all the other models who’s parents were/are famous did as well. Kendell Jenner?
    This one, Stephanie is wrong and rude but nothing t

    • Michelle m

      (Hit button before I finished my thought)

      Con’t.. nothing to do with being a parent. Yolanda has to allow her children to fend for themselves , especially in the nasty world of modelling.

      (Now done with my thought)

      • Rain

        You’re right but I think both Gigi and Kendal did actually respond to Stephanie . I just don’t understand why a grown woman would refer to young women as bitches. It’s so trashy


    First of all, Yo is most likely a bit jealous of Stephanie who was a much bigger and well-known model than Yo. Second, Gigi went to NY and lived in that HUGE apartment on Mommy’s $ for school and then suddenly became a model. Then the DUI daughter followed her. The modeling world is cut-throat and I am certain their parents have a say in their career. Also, I wouldn’t brag that much if my daughters were posing half naked dressed like skanks, hanging out with the STD/druggie crowd in NY and Hollywood and seen snorting coke. So no Yo, nobody is jealous of your girls. Pitied as usual which is what Yo likes anyway. Boy, that Yo LOVES being a victim of EVERYTHING.

    • Queenie

      I agree!!

  • Yes, Yolanda may have opened the door for Gigi, but it is Gigi ‘ s looks that got her the Tom Ford campaign, & its her work ethic that helps her lands other campaigns.
    One has to fit the campaign/ look that the designer is looking for.
    That is. Model 101.

  • Skeptic

    Yolanda, your “babies” are adult working women. They can stand up for themselves so stop trying to stay relevant by fighting their battles for them. FWIW I don’t think either Gigi or the non Gigi are beauties. Gigi, in the photo above, looks like she is storing nuts for the winter. Bella is meh. Kendal Jenner, on the other hand, is beautiful and I can see why the camera loves her. She looks like Ali McGraw from 1970.