Yolanda Hadid Addresses Rumors Her Daughter Gigi Hadid is Pregnant

Former RHOBH Yolanda Hadid is addressing rumors that her daughter Gigi Hadid is pregnant.

First, she took to Twitter, writing,  “I will be a proud grandma in eight months…. Life is a blessing.”


This obviously lead to some fans getting a little excited before Yolanda set the record straight about Gigi being pregnant.

She had us fooled for a second!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Yolanda didn’t take to Twitter and say anything, that’s not her account. Why would anyone be fooled? Yolanda’s Twitter has been the same one since she started the platform with the first one clearly being an imposter . It reminds me of all the people who actually believe the Lee Radiziwill Twitter account actually belongs to Carol Radiziwill’s mother-in-law- Lee Radziwill, lol

Daily Mail is constantly following GiGi and I have seen many pics of her with several men then the next day they pic her again and she is make-up free same clothes doing walk of shame.. you would have to look she seems to like the rick rock,pop starts

So she’s a jet-setting, rich young adult who is dating in her early twenties. That doesn’t translate into pregnancy. She’s at the peak of her career, and I don’t know many models in her position (and I have personally known many) who would jeopardize that level of industry power and financial independence just to become the arm candy baby mama of a rock star. Rock stars for a model of Gigi’s caliber come a dime a dozen, as do many men of power and influence for a girl in her position. But she’s got her own thing going on that’s… Read more »

I never said there was anything wrong just rumors will fly when you guy jump and with her mother YoYo it surprises me