Yolanda Foster’s Fight With Ken Todd


The finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t spare any drama. Perhaps one of the most surprising moments was when Yolanda Foster got into a fight with Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd… again. While telling Yolanda he’d like to have a conversation with her husband, Yolanda swats Ken’s hand away and tells him, ‘Don’t touch me!” Ken calls Yolanda “stupid” again which upsets Foster even more.

Joyce Giraud’s husband Michael took to Twitter to defend Ken and Mauricio also added that Ken meant no harm to Yolanda. “I know @KenToddBH would never hurt a woman. He didn’t even touch Yolanda. This was a shameful attempt to discredit him.” Mauricio added, “Sometimes emotions run high. I know Ken to be a true gentleman.”


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11 Replies to “Yolanda Foster’s Fight With Ken Todd”

  1. I agree that it was an attempt to discredit Ken. Queen Yolanda was being her normal melodramatic self with the “don’t touch me!” crapola. She also keeps saying that, in PR, Ken pointed at her and called her stupid. Also a misrepresentation of the facts.

    If she comes back next season, I want to see her get a dose of her own medicine.

  2. Wait. Technically, Ken did touch Yolanda. Ken called Yolanda stupid twice and said “not that intelligent”.

    Ken isn’t doing himself any favors. I think Ken is a kind man but he needs to step away from this one and admit that he was out of line.

    If what Kim said to him was so unforgivable, in Ken’s eyes, then he needs to look at what he is saying to Yolanda in the same light.

  3. Ken has every right to defend Lisa. He can see how badly she is hurting and I would hope every husband would defend his wife. Yodumba is just jealous that Mr Foster never accompanies her to most of these events. I hear their marriage is in trouble so that will be interesting to watch.

  4. lymes brain is so obnoxious with her self-righteous control attitude. yoda needs to admit that she was just mad because she was trying to FORCE a confrontation with Lisa (for no reason btw), and Ken was having none of it—
    The entire show reminded me of junior high school when there was going to be a fight—everyone would gather around to watch- and the ringleader (yolanda) getting everyone riled up for no reason—she is tuly vile, bitter, jealous and vindictive.
    Someone needs to tell yoda that the world does not revolve around her and Lisa can choose to “disuss” what she wants and when she wants.
    yoda was out of line and caught in another lie—trying to discredit Ken. yoda is very shady (no wonder david is no-where in sight), and mohamed dumped her after 6 years…..

  5. yoda married david in 2011 and shortly thereafter became a HW on BH, she had (18 months in bed dying from lymes) to work up her wicked plan to bring Lisa down——yoda couldn’t stand that her ex / mohamed and Lisa were on a popular show filming together——–the evidence is clear—she has nothing to be angry about and butts in to Lisa’s business, lies about Lisa behind her back and tries to discredit Lisa & Ken every chance she gets because yoda has an inferiority complex when it comes to Lisa. And she should have— as Lisa is the real deal, popular, beautiful, successful, loving family, adoring husband, 2 popular shows, great business woman (all the things that yoda wishes to attain).
    I’m tired of this awful woman / yoda using her “lyme” disease as a “get out of trouble card”, she uses it everytime she is caught lying, gossiping and being catty and cruel…..
    Doesn’t work anymore—lymes true colors have been revealed—yoda / brandi–your “take down Lisa plan” was an epic fail, the fans don’t like you and both of you are not interesting enough to watch, let alone, carry a show……………

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