Yolanda Foster: What I Saw Was IGNORANCE


In this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills former cast member Taylor Armstrong made an appearance at Ken Todd’s birthday bash at Lisa Vanderpump’s home and reunited with all of the ladies except Yolanda Foster. During the celebration, Taylor raised question of Yolanda’s diagnosis and said that some things did not add up to her. Though she was not in attendance, Yolanda responded to what Taylor said in her Bravo Blog this week calling it ignorance.

“Hello my friends in Bravo land,

A new week, a new chapter in my life.

Sitting amongst Tupperware boxes and plenty of “things” to unpack in my new home, I realize how much “stuff” we consume over time. Stuff that at one point felt like things I wanted or needed seem insignificant in this moment. My needs are so different today…

Considering where I am at in my life, tonight’s show was interesting… My Girlfriend was just sharing her new role with me in raising awareness in third world countries for education. My first thought was that these countries need food and medical care…and they do…but my whole experience with Lyme has also shown me that a lack of education is the root of so many issues today.

What I saw on the show tonight was just that: IGNORANCE. Maybe it should anger me, but instead it makes me want to fight harder and speak louder for those whose voices can’t be heard. Those of you who have experienced chronic illness, you know what I’m talking about. What defines suffering? You will never hear someone who’s walked in my shoes speak the way Taylor spoke on tonight’s episode. I truly hope she never has to experience the journey she questions me for sharing.

Neuroborreliosis has severely compromised my brain function, and even though at times I feel down because of my inability to participate in life, depression is not my battle!

Happy selfie, sick selfie…that’s exactly right. Every day is different, and I will not use my social media to convey anything but my truth. Bad days do exist in Beverly Hills, even though no one seems to dare share.

There are many times during this journey I’ve wondered why I wasn’t given more to work with. Why Lyme? Why not a diagnosis with textbook answers and a cure? I will not apologize or make excuses for having an illness that is difficult for others to comprehend. What others say about me is not my problem. Before being a Housewife and suffering from a chronic illness, I was a Super Mom. Today I do the best that I can. I cheer from the sidelines, I watch from afar, but anyone who is a mother knows the frustration and inadequacy one feels when physically your health keeps you from participating in your children’s lives with the strength you once had. I’ve missed my daughters’ first runway shows, birthday parties, award shows, Anwar’s football and soccer games. I have watched my own two children suffer in silence from this debilitating disease, so I have learned not to pass judgement but rather accept what I don’t understand with compassion.

On that note and speaking about passion, a shoutout to my girlfriend Erica for making me laugh tonight. She’s exactly who she says she is, makes no apologies, and I respect that.

Time to get back to my boxes…I know it’s going to be a slow process, but I can’t wait to make this new space feel like a happy home.

In the meantime I continue to stay focused on my children. Having made great strides in the past six months, I remain hopeful and determined for a healthy future with love, light, and gratitude in my heart, because I am beyond blessed after all…”

What do you guys think of Yolanda’s response? Sound off in the comments below!

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29 Replies to “Yolanda Foster: What I Saw Was IGNORANCE”

  1. I applaud her response. I can relate to her health battles and it is extremely hurtful when people give their opinions whilst knowing little to nothing about the situation. I hope she is able to regain her health and continues to bring awareness to these types of illnesses.

    1. I wish she would just get her medical records that says Lyme and shove them down each persons mouth that feels the need to open there mouths regarding her business- I think this is a Brooks copy and I also think in this case Yolanda is really SICK and Karma hits and bites hard- so all the judgers be careful– it might be your turn………

    2. I agree Sophia. I was very much in her shoes a few years back. To be so sick and have friends knife you in the back and mock you is unbearable. This woman is getting crap worldwide too. God bless her. I pray she gets strong again as I have. I used medicine, nutrition and prayer. It took years but I am strong again. I didnt have the strength to dress and to put makeup on often. I am a gillie girl so that was major. Never ever give up.

  2. Yolanda’s post made sense to me, except perhaps for putting so much focus on her “children.” Two are young adults and the other is a teenager so while it’s nice to be there if you’re needed and remain interested in your kids’ lives, making them the center of your life at that age becomes a burden to them. Grown kids want to be free to establish their own lives, they don’t want mommy hovering. As the kids grow up, the mothers need to find another interest to turn to. Maybe Yolanda’s charity work and Lyme awareness will be good for her next phase of life, once she fully recovers.

  3. Hope YoLanda gets better and her suffering ends. However, perhaps she is an it ignorant herself, over-medicating and ingesting “vitamins”, over -doing the colonics, etc…

  4. She is always looking down on people instead of WALKING IN THEIR SHOES. Of course people are going to comment when you are acting a bit out of character. When you are sick, nobody wants to hear about it all the time. Nobody wants to see you laying in a bed, looking pale with dirty hair and an IV stuck in your arm. Nobody wants to see you at the damn dentist getting your teeth yanked out. She needs to get off her high horse and realize that she has made a 180 degree turn in her life and people are going to talk about it. And if she doesn’t like people talking about it, then get off of television. Personally, I believe she loves all this attention.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I have a lot of compassion for her, and I am sure you do also. I have read your posts for a long time now, and it has nothing to do with feeling compassion or sympathy for her. She has been very judgmental of every single person she comes into contact with during the time on the show. Now she is having a life lesson, and sees things with a deeper understanding and a different understanding. Good for her. It is sad that it took a catastrophic illness to do so, but nonetheless she is at that place. Many have followed her journey, and maybe they just haven’t caught up! I also do not want to see anyone all numbed up having dental work done. I didn’t watch when it was Alexix on OC or Jax when it was VPR. I can watch many other shows for the gore. I want to see the beautiful people, sorry. All’s I have to do to see ugly is read a newspaper. I admit freely I want a little fantasy here.

        1. Thanks 3D, I figured as much. When you have a husband with cancer who is a rock and never complains, I find it attention-seeking to post all the pics of her treatments. It’s distasteful.

      1. I agree with both GiGicat & yourself 3D’s, We ALL feel with Yolanda, she is sick with Lymme’s disease, anyone can see that & we ALL feel with & for her & are very sympathetic. But she places too much focus on her sick self, takes too, too, too much medications which will eventually kill her. AND, She is not the only sick human on this earth, there are many others far worse off than she is & they quietly endure their pain & suffering without going to the highest mountain top shouting “Oh Pity Me, you ignorant souls”. She was negative in her past comments, hopefully this awful experience has softened her heart to be more compassionate. ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself ‘. Until she stops her vast self medicating, my sympathy level has dropped tremendously, but I will always be sympathetic to the Lymme’s. End of my story.

        1. This is her life right now. Having lyme myself, I thank her for bringing attention to this disease. It is NOT like other diseases. Trust me. Cancer has radiation or chemo. There is research for cancer. There are tests for cancer. There is medicine for cancer. There are doctors for cancer. There is insurance for cancer. There are treatment centers for cancer. Everyone knows someone who has cancer. People do die from cancer. All of this we know true for cancer BUT lyme disease is completely opposite. There is no research, tests, medicine, no doctors, no insurance coverage, no treatment centers and yes people do die from lyme disease. We only want awareness and know how we must fight for everything. Be careful of getting a bug bite that feeds off of you because you will not get this disease until you get it. When you get bite you get whatever the bug carries you get too. Lucky you. The moodiness is called lyme rage. Will let you look that one up.

          1. Completely agree, Anonymous. I have issues with my body being unable to eliminate toxins (chemicals, hormones, mold toxins, metals, etc.) and it has many of the same symptoms as Lyme, Fibromyalgia, and MS. It is something that is only now being understood. Based on what I have seen, some of the doctors Yolanda is seeing are using cutting edge Genomic medicine, which is based on the patient’s DNA. If you feel bad enough you will try anything to feel better. I was misdiagnosed many times and by the time I found a doctor who could help me I was almost dead. I had fungus floating in my blood stream (Invasive Aspergillus) which has a 50% mortality rate…I was just lucky enough to finally find a doctor who understood it in time. Many others are just put a hamster wheel of medicines that only put a band-aid on the root cause of their issues.

  5. Is there a definitive test for Lyme? I didn’t think so. I don’t think she’s faking, but I do think she’s being duped with expensive and wacky and unproven “medical alternatives” and her own thoughts. Clearly, she exaggerates. The thousand times she’s said her brain isn’t functioning, she’s putting together thoughts that are clear. The preoccupation with taking care of her “babies” is not age-appropriate, and it shows me she’s not accepting her changing stage of life. Sometimes it’s important to accept other people’s observations of you over your own thoughts because unhealthy thinking can mess you up.

  6. Taylor is to be ignored. She is the last person to talk. She speaks from a place of ignorance. Yolanda is struggling and she appears to be making some headway. I’m happy for her.

  7. Look everyone- it’s the female crooks of BH’s… Does lemonbrain think anyone is sick of her stupidity and whining about how sick she is? That’s what I call true ignorance. lymes / munchausen needs to shut up and go away already, everyone is sick of her stupid selfies and her faux storyline. This woman has no shame….

  8. I think we have to remember here that being a reality TV celebrity is a job and to keep their job, the Housewives are required to share their lives with the fans. Let’s face it, most of us don’t live lives that would thrill audiences. They have to work with what they have and post about it. If I had to constantly share my life with the general public, I’m pretty sure they’d all fall asleep right away.

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