Yolanda Foster Weighs In On The Brandi/Joyce Feud


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the argument between Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud. Yolanda compares the two women to oil and water and says that while what comes out of Brandi’s mouth is rude, Joyce tends to put labels on people. Yolanda writes, “Lisa created a beautiful night at SUR and we all came to the dinner with the intent to reach out to Joyce and to spend time to get to know her better. But it ended up being exactly the opposite of what I had hoped to see happen.

When Joyce arrived, she ignored Brandi and said she only came because Mohammed was there. It seemed odd to me beacuse I thought we all came to the table with the same intent. . .Obviously I was mistaken.

Brandi and Joyce are like oil and water. Somehow in the five times they have met, they have brought out the worst in each other. What comes out of Brandi’s mouth is absolutely rude and inappropriate. Joyce on the other hand puts labels on Brandi that are extreme and might reflect her actions, but are not the person I believe she is.

Michael seems like a really nice man and under normal circumstances it’s only natural for him to defend his wife, but unfortunately the concept here is called “Housewives” not “Househusbands.”

I am part of this group and I don’t even understand half of what they are truly fighting about because I was not a part of every conversation between Brandi and Joyce. But I can imagine that as a man it must be difficult to be on the sidelines of all this craziness. There are many sides to this story so please keeping tuning in to see it all unfold.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Why was Brandi placed across from Joyce in the seating arrangement at Sur? Why invite Brandi at all if the reason for the meet was to get to know Joyce better? I would ignore someone who from minute one has harassed and “bullied” me. This whole thing was arranged to bring more drama to this show which is quickly loosing its audience due to the lewdness of the content. I can she why Joyce felt it was a setup and I am glad her husband stood up for her. I see David Foster is very seldom at most of these gatherings – I have a feeling he does not approve of all this bull___t. And did anyone notice how many times Yolanda called David “baby” on air last night.

    • Soni Ray

      Thanks Aunt Bee. Beautifully put, particularly the part about the ‘show quickly losing its audience’.

  • Judy

    Of course Joyce ignored Brandi! Brandi insults her when she does acknowledge her. Brandi won’t even call her by her name. Yolanda, you aren’t all Miss Manners. It was rude to put hearts on some of the place cards and not others. You showed a common side of yourself when you did that. You were also rude to Joyce, trying to insist she swim, when she didn’t want to. You clearly side with Brandi, when Brandi is acting naughty in a crowd towards Joyce.

    • Cynthia

      Yes, I find you rude as well this season. You started off beautifully and now you have really lost credibility

      • Cynthia

        Printed before I was finished.

        Yolanda has done some really rude things this season, the least of which are the hearts on the place cards. I don’t think this was by accident. Also, what is with you taking down Brandi’s weave at the “dinner table” at Joyce’s weekend getaway in the Desert? That is something I have never seen anyone do. Who does that? It’s plain NASTY.

  • yaya

    I have no problem with the women using endearing names for their mate’s, but, Yolanda calling David “baby” is way too much bs, David is Not that into Yolanda, sorry, but it just for appearances, only, something about them just doesn’t click right.

    • c

      Yolanda has a desperate sound to her voice when she talks to David in her baby voice… noticed that from the beginning….. and David…. he comes off as egotistical … talent does not make you a nice person

      • Cynthia

        Great observation. I think she loves him a little more than he loves her!@ she does come off a little desperate.