Yolanda Foster Warns Co-Stars Not To Talk About Daughter’s DUI On-Camera


According to a new report, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has told her Bravo co-stars not to discuss her teenage daughter’s recent DUI arrest on-camera because of concern it could her chances of getting into NYU.

Bella Hadid, who is 17 years-old, was arrested for DUI in July, when she reportedly flew through a stop sign at 4 AM and allegedly blew a .14 on the breathalyzer.

“Yolanda has personally reached out to all of the cast members asking them to not bring up Bella’s DUI arrest on camera,” a source told RadarOnline. “There is concern that the arrest could hurt Bella’s chances of getting into NYU. Older sister, Gigi attends NYU, and the girls are incredibly close.”

“Of course, asking these ladies not to do something is inviting trouble!” the source said. “It’s no secret that Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda are no longer on friendly terms. Yolanda will shut down any attempted discussion of the arrest, but she can’t control what is said when she isn’t present!”

Bella “is a really good kid who did something stupid,” the source said. “She recognizes the seriousness of her actions, and will face the consequences. It just shouldn’t have to play out on television because her mom is on a reality show.”

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25 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Warns Co-Stars Not To Talk About Daughter’s DUI On-Camera”

  1. It comes with the territory. When Yolanda signed up, her family did by extension. Not only that but I’m not shedding tears for the overindulged kid. As I recall the story it was 4 in the morning, she was waay beyond intoxicated, and she had no valid license, but she was driving some car I’d lay odds her parents provided. Maybe it’s about time the girl learned there are consequences when you screw up, and maybe she should be glad that she didn’t kill anyone while drunk. And MAYBE mom needs to know that as a mother her job is not to save her kids from their mistakes, but to let them learn to be responsible for their actions.

    1. I agree 100%. I used to work with someone who was killed by a drunk driver, 30 some years ago. We both got off work at the same time and took different routes home. It could’ve easily been me, instead of him.

  2. I’ll bet Lisa V. and two others will speak of this during filming, Yolanda will have to deal with it, oh well, too bad.

    1. Lisa is close to Bella’s father Mohammed and I think she would not want to hurt him by speaking of this. I think Lisa has more class than that. I hope I am not wrong.

  3. I wonder if this RadarOnline “source” is the same guy that fed nthe the story about Teresa ‘Not Returning To the #RHONJ?

  4. This story is so wrong. A) NYU, like most universities, sends acceptance letters around April, May, and even the summer, and not a few weeks before the semester begins. B) It’s been reported that Gigi Hadid goes to The New School in NYC not NYU.

    1. if it is for NEXT year (2015) it sure will have an impact and frankly at this point……..it is no secret………so instead of covering it up Yolanda……own it and set an example

      1. Perfect advice, gm. Hiding news that’s already on the www for all to read is hardly keeping it under wraps. I agree gm, Yolanda is a day late and a dollar short.

  5. I feel her heart is in the right place…trying to protect her daughter, however she had chosen to make a dramatic announcement to the other cast mates that has already been leaked to the Internet. Seems like if NYU admissions googles her they will know about her arrest.

    Is the older daughter still in school? If I recall, last season Yolanda wanted her to be a full time model and also go to NYU full time-that sounds like it would be a real challenge!

  6. Well I am sure her friends would like to discuss it with her. She is so pro open discussions with friends whether they like it or not. What hypocrisy.

  7. Oh poor lymebrain….. my heart bleeds for you (NOT), miss high & mighty thinks she can order people around like her staff, she is rude, obnoxious idiot and if she was such a good mom – maybe she wouldn’t have been on that yacht oversee’s when her daughter did this… she would like to think she is special but really she’s just another over botoxed moron with too much time on her hands.
    No sympathy for this mean rude troll….. Remember how she attacked Lisa last season and butted in to “take Lisa & Ken down”, even going as far as accusing ken of “assaulting her”, this witch gets what she deserves (karma)…

    1. I think and hope she only has 3 kids. The oldest “model” is posing nude. The middle is already picked up for DUI. The youngest ( a boy I believe) was never talked about on the show RHOBH. Maybe he is too normal for Yo to talk about.

      Seriously, who knows who or what influences kids today. I’m just glad I had the mother I did. Glad her name was not Yolanda or Kim or the uncouth woman who was married to Eddie Cibrian.

  8. i wish that she and her daughter would use this opportunity to bring light on the subject of underage drinking and how to avoid this pithole. it actually makes me lose a lot of respect that she wants to sweep it under the rug because they have the money to do so :/

  9. I have to say Bella is starting her criminal charges early in life WOW 17 years old!!…Yolanda you have been horrible to Lisa and Ken so if I was you I would not be asking for any favors from them… OMG I have to say I am looking forward to this new season I love the Vanderpumps I watch the show so I can see Lisa and Ken and there fabulous lifestyle and what wonderful people they are, Lisa and her English quick wit can’t wait !!!!

  10. They can’t talk about it on camera, Why? I think NYU is going to know full well of it since it’s now on news sites and such. It doesn’t matter how many people know about it I am sure it will not affect her acceptance. I am sure if she is not accepted Yolanda will blame it on others and not on her precious daughter. She did something stupid. The best thing to teach your daughter is to be honest about her failures and to strive to become better for them. Warning people not to discuss your daughter’s failures is pretty nasty and too little too late.

  11. This is not there daughters first time drinking probably, its just that she got caught. If she didnt want NYC to know about this, they can read it just like we just did. Get real.

  12. It seems like we all have the same advice for this dingbat. Stupid idiot Yolanda if you don’t want any discussions about your families private issue get the F off of a reality show. What a dumb F! She acts just like crazy Teresa Giudichay…. isnt that how they say it now. Anyway you life stays private when you get off the tube and keep it all to yourself. If you put your face on the TV your fair game. It’s sad that Yo would just stay on the show it’s not like she needs the money. She made the biggest mistake she could, bring it up to the media “Oh don’t talk about my daughter” Guess what Yo’s new story line is.

    Sorry Bella that your mom is so selfish.

      1. your right Debrenn she needs to accept the consequences of her actions. Mom being on the show is surely going to teach her a lesson. As soon as Yo brought it up that is when the media will go crazy with it. Dumb broad.

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