Yolanda Foster Thinks There Are Power Struggles Between The Women Of RHOBH


Yolanda Foster is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOBH. Foster said she saw a lot of power struggles between the women and didn’t like what she saw at their dinner in the Hamptons.

“I celebrated my birthday this week. I wanted to just let it pass, but I realized that sometimes your birthday is a chance for friends and family to express their love and gratitude and so “I pulled up my bootstraps” as I like to say, and I did it…a small lunch with my best girlfriends. I’ve had more outings these past weeks than I’ve had in a year. I don’t last long, and my sensitivities feel limiting–it’s such an adjustment to go “back into the world”–but these short windows of time out motivate me and make me want to get to the finish line.

My birthday lunch was special for so many reasons. It made me so happy to look around the table and see my die-hard inner circle: the ones that stood by me through the good and the bad times, especially these past four years.
I have learned that friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who came and never left your side.

I used to think I had and needed so many friends to feel loved. I know now that if you have one or two, you are good. More than that, you are great. I am a lucky girl with my table of eight.

Tonight’s show was hard to watch for different reasons than weeks past: I watched my girlfriend Erika experience what I’ve witnessed so much of over the years–having to face adversity for being who you are and for expressing yourself in an authentic way. Why do we have to explain who we are or why we do what we do? Aren’t we entitled to living our lives? Just because mine does not look like yours, there has to be something wrong?

Hearing the word “raunchy” rubbed me the wrong way. There is nothing raunchy about someone living out their passion and walking the walk they talk. Let’s not forget that someone’s “raunchy” is infusing joy into thousands of people, and through her artistry she can INSPIRE!

I saw a lot of power struggles on tonight’s show. Fear is our worst enemy, ladies, and when you find yourself having a reaction to someone else’s life because it doesn’t look like yours, dig deep and find out if perhaps that reaction is, in fact, coming from a place of desire.

Erika, keep doing you, baby. I love you!

I’m still unpacking, waiting for furniture and window treatments, still settling in, though nothing during transition ever feels like it’s settling. For every box that opens, another memory rises, but it’s with all of the past that I manifest energy for a bright future. I’m determined to brew into something really good. I realize my time is now and that this is not a dress rehearsal. That said, bootstraps up and time to dive into the next chapter, which is just the beginning of Lyme Life 2.0: doing it, whatever it takes!

Much love and gratitude to all of you, whose well wishes and birthday banter has made me smile so much these days. I see it all, I read your lines…”

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34 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Thinks There Are Power Struggles Between The Women Of RHOBH”

  1. OMG enough, manifest your boot strapping memory’s somewhere else. Any time I read something of Yolanda’s I feel like I’m being lectured because I did something naughty.

    1. You gave me a giggle, Aunt Bee, Yolanda makes 100% sure NO ONE ever forgets that she has an illness. Join the real world Yo & know what true pain feels like.

    2. I want no more mention of lemons, Lyme’s, or even Yo at this point. She is very irritating, and not because of her health issues only. She is the ultimate snob. If she lost all of her money, she would not even have a personality, since it seems to be built on her material world. She will show off a refrigerator, a jet, her horses, etc., if not her expensive treatments all over the world for her health issues. I love seeing beautiful homes and things, but not when it is shown to me by someone with an air of the voice that implies this is the only way, and living with anything less would not be tolerable. (It is like Tre saying she shkeeved used homes…almost.) It makes everyone who lives with less than her appear to be worthless in her eyes IMO.

      1. It is her condescending tone for sure. She has always been sanctimonious IMO. I did enjoy her dinner parties sometimes, when she wasn’t telling people they must “earn those hearts.” That made me see how she thought what GIGI and Roxanne were saying. She is so enlightened that others are lucky to be called a friend. Wow.

        1. 3D’s that dinner party was where I started to distrust and dislike her.. She didn’t care if she hurt anyone’s feelings with her little hearts. I am sure she had THAT disease but I think she used it to try and keep David and it didn’t work.

          1. Aunt Bee, ITA, plus her saying she was ill the ‘minute’ she married David tells me a lot about her! Yes we all know she was ill but there come a point where it’s best to stfu! Sorry Aunt Bee!!! Smacked fingers I know xoxoxo

          2. The entire trip with Joyce showed a very childish mean girl. At that dinner when BG was shit faced and Joyce was telling the girls about her new role on the show! Wow. Everyone catered to Brandy and just allowed her cruel streak to beat the shit out of Kyle. All sitting there, including the awful Carlton, acting like they were better than everyone. As of what others suffer is just so below their uplifting lives. God, that made me sick.

            1. At the pool, telling Joyce since it was “her” party, she must get in and swim. Joyce said to Yo, “you go swimming then.” She says, “At MY party I will direct the entertainment” or something. What she didn’t even comprehend was that she was trying to TELL Joyce how to direct hers. As if enjoying herself by sunbathing was somehow the wrong pool etiquette. Again, sickening. All of them, Yo, Lisa, Carlton and naturally Brandy as the drunk.

  2. She is jumping back on her high horse again I see. Just can’t help herself from staring down her nose at others. Since she has been through SO MUCH she has now been enlightened more than anybody else on this entire planet…. and this has entitled her to now be a Gandhi wanna-be. She is SO boring. How about how she INSISTS Erika INSPIRES people. How? To do what? Marry rich old men and make sexual videos? I guess it’s every little girls dream!!!

  3. I love it when she says Erica is bringing JOY to others…? Joy isn’t exactly the word I would use in this context lol

      1. ahhhhh you’re making me blush here lol

        Hello Aunt Bee:) I love your name! Andy of Mayberry comes to mind! I LOVED that show growing up lol

  4. I probably shouldn’t comment since I haven’t watched the episode yet, but Yolanda’s post are so pretensions & self serving. I liked her & feel empathy for her health issues ( wherever the stem from). The one sentiment that stood out for me was when she said that she rallied so she could be available for her friends to come over & express their love & gratitude.
    What would the invitations say? ‘ I shall rise from my death bed from 5-9pm on my birthday so you can express how much you love me & how grateful you are to know me’?

  5. When has Yolanda ever been called out for expressing who she is since she joined the show, Brandi was the oly person that got called out for that when the other women pretended they don’t like swearing?

    She is right about a power struggle, you have LVP thinking she’s entitled to it, Kyle thinking she has it, Lisa Rinna trying to stir as much shit as she can to get it, Eilleen is just trying to be relevant and you have Erika walking in not giving a crap and they are all working so hard to get the power they are just handing it to it.

  6. And lymes would know all about (Queen bee) struggles as she has tried to take Lisa Vanderpump down from her throne. Sorry munchausen, that will never happen—you are so NOT in her league. No one wants your opinion or sick selfies, go away already….

  7. Yolanda, I understand you. I understand that you are sharing your life, the good, bad and unpredictable. It is refreshing to watch someone experience lifes challenges with grace and dignity.

  8. I really don’t understand why everyone is so hard on Yolanda. I couldn’t stand her her first season when she was chummy with Lisa V and Brandi but it’s crazy to me how people can mock her Illness. I think she had been greatly humbled by what has happened to her. But that’s just my opinion

  9. I don’t, for one minute, believe she had lyme disease. She needed a story line and decided it was lyme. I do believe she was ill and the silicone in her body could have made her ill. Now that it has been removed let’s see how she recuperates. She’s already wearing make up after saying she had given that up due to her disease. What’s also interesting is she said two of her children have lyme. Their father said they don’t. Rinna mentioned Munchausens and Munchausens by Proxy. I think she may have hit the nail directly on the head.

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