Yolanda Foster & Taylor Armstrong Returning To Season 4 RHOBH


Yolanda Foster and Taylor Armstrong will both be returning for Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! “Yolanda and Taylor began filming for the fourth season of RHOBH last week. It was a bit of a shock to see Taylor in front of the camera again because the crew thought she was a goner for sure. The viewers just don’t like her. But, it has been so hard to find replacements for Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, that producers had no choice but to bring her back. Yolanda is quickly becoming a fan favorite because she is becoming the mama bear of the group, and calls the ladies out on their catty ways when necessary,” a source told RadarOnline.

Kyle Richards rallied for Taylor to return to the show, because she really needed a friend on her side. “Kyle really wants Taylor to be asked back for the fourth season,” an insider tells Radar. “She believes the producers owe it to her after the hell she went through in the run up to and after Russell‘s suicide.”

As we previously reported, Kyle will be a targeted in Season 4. Lisa, Brandi, and Yolanda don’t get along with Kyle and an insider told us exclusively, “They have it out for Kyle.”

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10 Replies to “Yolanda Foster & Taylor Armstrong Returning To Season 4 RHOBH”

  1. I don’t think those three girls “will be coming for” Kyle. I think she does things that elicit suspicion, anger, and distrust in them. It’s more of a natural reaction than a game plan.

  2. Really??? Are you kidding me!! All those women in California, and they can’t find anyone else to replace this crew?? I can’t believe that Kyle had the nerve to tell Bravo that “they owe it to Taylor” to bring her back for another season. Her cowardly husband commiting suicide, and leaving Taylor and Kennedy in turmoil, does not mean that any of it was Bravos fault. Russell was very manipulative and stole money from his business that he could not replace. Again, not Bravos fault. Kyle gets on my last nerve!

  3. So happy to hear Yolanda will be returning for another season of RHOBH! Love her, as well as, Brandi and Lisa…my three favs. Taylor…not so much…just another drama queen desperated for camera time, who needs to focus on her personal life and establishing priorities (ie her daughter).

  4. taylor needs the money so im okay witht hat LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL but honestly i dont know why people hate taylor so much i found that to the end of the season she really was calling it out and telling it like it is. i really hope kims not back i dont get why she son the show LOL

  5. This past season Taylor was palatable. I will not watch if Kim returns. She makes viewing very uncomfortable.

  6. I am disgusted that Yoho is coming back. She claims to be so sick and uses her illness for all the stupid things she says. I guess she made a fast recovery.

  7. Why would they bring Yolanda back? Her, taylor, and Brandi have NO storyline at all, other than gossiping! At least Kyle and Lisa run their own business!

  8. I adore Yolanda; she’s all lemony perfection and has a lot of interesting things going on with trying to live a healthy lifestyle, she can host glamorous events, her family is interesting, and she’s great at co-parenting. And after spending 90 days doing IV treatments then another month at a holistic wellness center, I can only hope that her Lyme disease is under control. Taylor needs to go, she’s a drunk mess. The only reason that viewers tolerated her was due to the fact that she was barely featured in the last half of the season. Bravo doesn’t owe Taylor anything; she got her pity season last season, has zero storyline and needs to focus on her mental health and her daughter. I’m hoping that they’re filming her exit scenes right now!

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