Yolanda Foster Talks Relationship With Mohammed Hadid & Calls Out Taylor Armstrong

Mohammed Hadid & Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda talks about her relationship with her ex-husband Mohammed Hadid, and how she was able to get past his infidelity to have a relationship with him for her children. She also calls out Taylor Armstrong for her trash talking and advises Taylor that even know David’s ex-wife is her best friend, she should have taken the time to get to know Yolanda first! Read more below!

Yolanda writes, “It’s nice to see some sisterhood from Kim and Kyle, as best friends of Taylor’s, it seems appropriate for them to worry about her and have that so difficult talk. I love the way Kim took charge and is now taking on the reversed roll in trying to help others, maybe she is finding her new mission in life.

We all know it was a conversation long past due. As much as I have disliked Taylor’s drunken antics, I have to say she seemed very sincere when confronted and definitely owned her issue. I believe acknowledging our own mistakes is half the problem solved. Taylor’s tragedy is the unthinkable and more then anyone could possibly handle but I am hopeful she can pull her life together for the sake of her little Kennedy.

I was excited to have the gang over to Mohamed’s for a little house warming cocktail party and showing of his latest creation. Even though I mention his infidelity at this point after 12 years, I have forgiven him and choose not to remember the pain it caused me but only what it taught me.

Establishing a friendship after divorce takes great effort and a lot of swallowing of your pride and ego. But at the end of the day, the children’s happiness and well-being is all that ever mattered to me. I truly believe that they love both parents equally and they deserve to have both parents in their life peacefully.

My children are blessed with three parents; David is extraordinary and an absolute blessing in our life. He has always been so great with Mohamed and is an incredible stepfather to our children. It’s really special to see the mutual respect between two men that are connected through circumstances.

I am not that blessed in the ex-wives club, but I have great stepdaughters and I will always keep trying to bring everyone together and take great pride in being the driving force behind our big unconventional family.

Taylor was one of the women who did not really embrace me coming into this group and I kept hearing that she had issues with me so I finally decided to confront her.

Even though I don’t believe we can or need to all be best friends, I still feel we need to look each other in the eyes and be honest. Trash talk is poisonous and a bad habit! Maybe if Taylor had taken the time to have a coffee with me, she might have liked me before she wasted her precious time not liking me.

I just realized she is now trying to make it about my husband. Geez, she doesn’t even know my husband so she is judging him on whatever his ex-wife has told her…

Well Miss Taylor, remember there are always three sides to a story. His, hers, and the truth, so maybe get the other two-thirds of the story before you let your mouth run on someone you don’t even know!

Anyway, more to come on this subject. . .”

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3 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Talks Relationship With Mohammed Hadid & Calls Out Taylor Armstrong”

  1. Yolanda isn’t blessed in the ex-wives club because she herself is a home wrecker. Mohamed was married with children when she got him.

  2. Yolanda – on a whole different subject! I enjoy your prescense on the
    Show – it’s refreshing. Glad to welcome a “fellow” Dutchwoman on the
    Show. (I grew up in Rotterdam). You’ve come a long ways! Lot of
    hard work. Wanted you to know that your daughter Gigi is beautiful!
    Recently received a very thick magazine – lots of ads – many models.
    In the entire magazine she stood out as the most beautiful model – congrats!
    She’ll go far! Best wishes for good health and we enjoy seeing you on BRAVO!
    Love – Ada (Palm Coast, FL) Glad to have a chance to let you know!

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