Yolanda Foster Suffers From Recent Lyme Disease Flare Up


RHOBH star Yolanda Foster suffered a relapse in her battle with Lyme disease earlier this month, and even though she has been discharged from the hospital, a new report says that Foster’s friends and family are concerned about her.

Yolanda was “hospitalized several days ago after suffering a very serious relapse of Lyme disease,” and insider revealed. “Even though Yolanda was discharged from the hospital, friends and family are very concerned.”

“This is a very, very serious disease, and Yolanda has been such a trooper dealing with it,” the source told RadarOnline. “All Yolanda wanted was to be home for Christmas, which has happened. The problem with Yolanda’s diagnosis of Lyme disease was that it was so advanced by the time she was finally diagnosed.”

“She had dealt with the illness for at least two years, before the proper diagnosis was given,” the source explained. “In that time, the disease wreaked havoc on Yolanda’s body. She still has no idea how it was contracted. You will never hear her complain about it, and Yolanda is determined to beat it.”

Yolanda’s daughters GiGi and Bella have returned home to Los Angeles from New York City to spend time with their mother and David, “has been so supportive during the most recent setback,” the source revealed. “Yolanda worries so much about him, you would never know she was the one battling the illness from just talking to her on the phone.”

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  1. Poor Yolanda. I feel for her. She is a good person seems like. Her only problem is having someone like Brandi as a friend. She’s beautiful and such a good mom. I hope she gets this under control.

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