Yolanda Foster STILL Doesn’t Like Being Around Drunk Women, Admits She Made A Rude Mistake


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to react to this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls. Yolanda shares that she was surprised to hear Brandi talking to Kyle about her and Lisa’s “lectures” about Brandi’s drinking. Yolanda stands by her words that she doesn’t like being around drunk women, but she reveals that that won’t change her empathy towards her friend.

Yolanda writes, “Usually David and I love to have dinner parties at our home but, due to my health, this was the only dinner party we’ve had in the past year — so I look a little rusty and overwhelmed if I might say so myself. Especially when I realized the big blunder of my handwritten seating cards. I tried to make light of a truly unconscious act but nevertheless it was a terribly rude mistake.

This was definitely not the way I wanted to start my clean slate with Kyle and Kim. Even though I dislike it when Kyle always talks about teams, my dream team comment was uncalled for as well. Even though I am joking about being enemies, the truth is that I absolutely adore Mauricio and when I hugged Kyle in the bathroom last week I truly meant it. It was time for us to move on and support one another in our real-life struggles rather than holding a grudge over two different perceptions of a conversation that happened a year-and-a-half ago.

Even though I wish Carlton had cancelled earlier in the day, I do appreciate that she was conscientious of the fact that I had spent the past nine months in bed with a compromised immune system. I wish she would have sent her adorable husband who we were all looking forward to spending time with. Anyway, I honestly just wanted to enjoy a beautiful night with old friends, new friends and family. We love to share the gift of music, as it always seems to be the unspoken language where people can just share and connect. Along with a couple of glitches and Brandi’s unnecessary interruption of Joyce’s sweet speech in Spanish, I think we accomplished just that as we ended up dancing the night away with Fraser, Clifton, Victor, and Remigio, the gorgeous tenors, which unfortunately you did not get to see.

I laughed and really enjoyed watching Lisa in action at the construction site. That is the funny side to her we all love. I was surprised to hear Brandi complain to Kyle about Lisa and I lecturing her about drinking because she knows I really dislike being around drunk women. My support and empathy for her as a friend won’t change because of it but I also won’t change my view on that topic either and I will continue to bug her about it.

I was also happy to see Brandi acknowledge the fact that her black remark was extremely inappropriate and apologized to those offended and hurt by it.

If I felt in my heart that the intent behind her words were a racial slur, I would have jumped in but it did not feel like that to me especially knowing that her inner circle of real life friends are multi-cultural.”

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  • Roxstar

    Oh Yolanda…caught again in a lie…you can not stand being around drunk girls?…Yet you are holding Brandi up…You are hands on with your beautiful dinner parties…picking the perfect flowers; your in the kitchen in your bathrobe making sure your food is perfect…sooooo, you wrote out the cards and placed them perfectly at the table…you personally put hearts on your “teams” cards…and made your other guest feel not as welcomed….now America can see how tacky you are and phoney…you got caught, you did not know how tacky that looked….even your lovley husband had to try to clean up your mess….you could not even tell Brandi to stop ruining the request that your husband made of Joyce.. Once again you have to clean up you behavior once you see it….try thinking before you act….

    • NanNan

      Did we not just see Yolanda last week say about Lisa “Brandi is a grown woman and if she wants to drink on a little trip why not leave her alone, after all Lisa is not Brandi’s mother” …. Yolanda needs to watch each show the week before so we will not catch her in lies.
      And why would Yolanda not say something about the way Brandi lit into Joyce for specking Spanish? I heard David Foster ask her to say it in Spanish, , then you have Lisa and Brandi, Yolanda’s “MEAN TEAM” opps my bad “DREAM TEAM”… another lie Yo tis tis tis

  • Luv In Chains

    Yo is only saying that now after the people that read her blog called her out for chastising Lisa for taking the bottle away from Brandi that night. Everyone said “we thought you said there was nothing uglier than a drunk woman”. But Yo likes Brandi to be drunk but now she doesnt want Lisa to appear to be the only one who cares about Brandi. Yolanda is big disappointment. I thought she was different but she is not.

  • Jody

    Yolanda is a lady of style and grace. I’m glad she’s on the show. She brings it up a notch or two.