Yolanda Foster Spends Christmas Eve With Her Children, Not Speaking With David Foster


It came as a shock to some when news broke that Yolanda and David Foster were ending their marriage. While some would think that the holidays would bring the former couple close together as they spent nine years together, it looks like that did not happen. Radar Online has reported that they spent the holidays apart and are not on speaking terms.

The source told the site that Yolanda has made, “tremendous improvements with her Lyme disease since announcing the split with David. She is with the kids in Aspen and is enjoying downtime with family and close friends. Aspen has always been a very special place for the Yolanda.”

Via social media, we got to see a ton of photos of Yolanda with her three model children Gigi, Bella and Anwar in Aspen. First ex-husband Mohammed Hadid was also in town with his fiancee Shiva Safai.

Though Yolanda has loved ones surround her, she is not speaking with David the source dished. “But there has been no communication with David. Things are still tense between them. David has remained in Los Angeles through Christmas and celebrated with his daughters.”

❤️Love conquers all……… #Family

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20 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Spends Christmas Eve With Her Children, Not Speaking With David Foster”

  1. Well duh. Why would she spend Christmas with David or bother with David at all when they’re getting divorced? People don’t usually divorce people who they like, after all.

  2. OK she got Lyme from a horsefly right after she got married and now that she’s divorced, she’s recovered well. Really does make one think. Why would she spend Christmas with David – they’re divorced, it’s not like they have children together……………..

  3. What exactly do people think she got out of beinf cured at the same time of her divorce?

    People keep making comments like it was a plan she hatched but I’ve never seen anyone say what it is, what the point if it would be, or what she’d get out of it.

    They had a pre-nup, and were only married a few years so it’s not like she faked an illness to get him to divorce her and give her a chunk of change.

    Also it’s not like she’s wearing ski gear, she doesn’t have to be fully healed to sit around a fireplace in Aspen. She’s already said she was back to at least 70% which is also were she claimed to be in season 4, so since she was able to do normal stuff in season 4, it makes sense she can do normal stuff now.

    1. No one, including myself, really knows the intricacies of a marriage. However, many of us make suppositions just because its a natural reaction to question when things just don’t make sense. What I see is a woman who is beautiful & has traded on that the majority of her life. She marries a very wealthy and very ambitious man (musician, philanthropist, producer, etc.) whom she makes her priority -her king. She dresses in lingerie, cooks his favorite meals, arranges dinner parties for his priviledged guests etc. She makes a great home for him. But he still is a driven & ambitious man. He still leaves her to travel for work. She has children who are mostly grown so travels with him when she can.
      She becomes illl, maybe he sticks close to home a bit more & gets more of his time. As humans we repeat behaviors that produce rewards. Not everyone reacts or process their circumstances exactly the same. But I can see where someone can have an illness or condition & subconciously prolong or exxagerate it if they feel there’s a payoff. Not necessarily monetarily.
      There is some point where the reward just isn’t enough anymore. Maybe a remission or recovery. He ramps his travels back up, the babies leave the home. But what if there is 3-4million new people that haven’t seen how you suffer? The chronic illness returns. People send 3 mil prayers, you get a platform to bring attention (to the disease of course), maybe you don’t need an absentee king anymore? But divorce isvery difficult, & people are curious/questioning of your illness and you need all your faculties. Your mindset being the most powerful weapon to well-being, you instagram affirmations, take your closetful of pills, slap some make-up on (or maybe not) & will yourself to a 96.9825% mental capacity recovery. Yay!!

      1. Well David didn’t seem to be around any more or less while she was sick, seemed to be the same as before.

        If you think she’s doing it for the attention, why is she doing it now? Why not in season 3,4 or 5? Why would she only go to 30 mins of the reunion taping when staying for the whole thing would have gotten her more attention?

      2. I found the link Jessie put up the other day to be extremely telling. I don’t do the timeline thing well, but the author of that 2 part series did. It shows examples of the timeline she herself speaks of vs the actual photographical factual timeline. Veelly intellesting.

  4. I’m sick of her and her constant need for attention. If you’re sick, then stay off of a reality show and get better. She can still be a “mouth” for Lyme Disease and NOT be part of a reality show.

  5. yet ANOTHER Christmas miracle! Just like Teresa Giudice getting out early in time to spend Christmas with her family! What miracles indeed. More like manipulation, pulling strings, and grabbing all the attention one can get.

  6. Happy for Yo & her kids. But, this is getting rather boring. Why would David & Yolanda spend Christmas together when they are no longer in a marriage & not even talking. I thought he commented about the end of their “Loving Marriage? Boring & more boring.

  7. I have been watching a Iot of forensic files and when Yolanda said the heavy metals in her blood were very high, red flags went off. NOW she’s improving and she’s seperated/divorced and away from David.The coincedences are too eerie. Maybe he was poisoning her. Bella and Anwar, too. Maybe he didn’t bother with Gigi cause she left the house soon enough to please him. He’s certainly narcissistic, aloof, and perhaps psycopathic enough to do that from what I can tell.

  8. Something is FISHY with that Yolanda! I use to buy into her shit, but uh uh there’s something phoney, and deceptive! Two things I observed…

    1. When they were in Holland and she doesn’t recognize that guy she use to date/uck! Lisa noticed it 😉 Than, plays dumb! Like she has amnesia! Oh see there’s another ailment!

    2. Lisa R. and that soap actress go over to her condo. The camera pans to Yolanda and it looked like she’s getting into her sick oh whoezzme character (method acting maybe??)
    Believers please rewind!

    3. I do believe something is wrong with her (mentally), but I think she adds more to the sauce! In a nutshell she’s a bit too phoney with all her self righteous bullshyt! It’s rather scary what one will do for extra extra attention!

    4. She’s a Nar Nar!

  9. What’s a Nar Nar?
    Personally, I don’t see any reason to doubt her. Lots of people have chronic illnesses and when the usual treatments don’t cure it, they probably branch out on the treatments they try too, as much as they can afford to. Also, she’s required to share what’s going on in her life because she is on a reality TV show. I also don’t see any motive for her to make it up. I guess it could be psychological but that seems to me much more far-fetched and unlikely than that the woman is just sick like she says she is.

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