Yolanda Foster Spending Christmas With Ex Mohammed Hadid

Just because Yolanda Foster and David Foster are divorcing certainly doesn’t mean Yolanda is going to be spending Christmas alone this year. RadarOnline is reporting that Yolanda is going to be spending Christmas with her ex-husband Mohammed Hadid as well as their three children together, GiGi, Bella, and Anwar.

“Christmas will be bittersweet for Yolanda this year because of the impending divorce from David,” an insider said. “Plus, she is no longer living in her Malibu dream house.”

“But Mohamed has a huge party on Christmas Eve, and Yolanda will be going, Christmas this year will be a much more low-key affair. However, Yolanda has been feeling stronger, and there is talk about them even going away for a few weeks with the kids.” Mohamed is, however, happily engaged to model Shiva Safai, so it will be family time only.

“Living in the small condo that David owns has been very depressing for Yolanda, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. The money Yolanda had invested in the Malibu mansion with David is sitting in an escrow account, and until their lawyers agree to terms of splitting it up, she can’t touch it.”

One less thing Yolanda has to worry about. What do you think? Comment below.

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22 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Spending Christmas With Ex Mohammed Hadid”

  1. Bet (Mo’s) new wife/girlfriend is so happy about this. It’s sooo draining to have munchausen lymes around–too much drama, too much (poor widdle me), yolemon has no self respect and embarrass’ all women with her stupidity…..
    She can’t handle going thru menopause like the rest of us (regular people), so drama munchasen invents a new illness daily, first it was lymes, then the calf licking thing, then the leaking implants, now it’s (neurological), WTH?

    1. DOB, when Yolanda was at Lisa’s dinner and started talking about sweating and that she’s over heating , I yelled at the TV your having a hot flash yo-yo just like I am..it’s not caused from Lyme it’s menopause. Lol 😀

  2. It must really gross Mohammed’s kids out to watch him drool over a girl thirty years or more younger than him. Why don’t these delusional old goats get it that young women typically don’t want to make out with men their dad or grandpa’s age any more than they themselves would enjoy making out with a ninety-five year old woman. And then you wonder why they so often completely overlook women their own ages. Does he really think a thirty year old and a sixty-five year old have anything in common anyway. She’ll want to start a family right around the time he’s in diapers. It’s ridiculous.

  3. He should get back with Yolanda and quit making a fool out of himself over young gold diggers. Yolanda is already a dozen years younger than him. It’s really disgusting how these rich old ugly men trade in women for new models and are so pompous they really think they belong with girls young enough to be their daughters or granddaughters. When they get treated like Anna Nicole Smith treated her old lech, they deserve it.

  4. Firstly Radar???????? I can’t see Shiva being too happy about this! I don’t think I would be. Shiva is gorgeous!!! Stunning in fact!!

    1. She’s been seen in the Willshire Corridor area re: real estate. That could be ideal for someone in her situation; ultra luxurious, but still small enough to manage with her condition.

  5. I think these 2 have a far better divorce than most people’s marriages! I think both Yo and Mohamned managed to stay friendly and close because of their children and their respect for each other. That makes me believe Yolnda when she says that she will always be friends with David

    I admire women like because I am NOT like that at all 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Xoxo Sally ;). I’ve just never mastered the whole ‘staying close’ with your ex thing! Polite and civil, yes, but not close and warm and fuzzy lol

        1. I attribute it to Yolanda being Scandinavian. Here in Northern Europe it’s different with relationship attitudes, for me being an American expat initially the concept was a total shock to me as well, but over time I’ve grown used to the cold, robotic practicality of maintaining healthy post-divorce relationships with an ex that I witness here often. If i had to estimate, about 70-75% of any divorces I’ve seen transpire here go smoothly after the initial bump and heartbreaks. The parents then agree to co-parent closely to create normalcy for the children and their new spouses are invited to take part in family activities fully. No one gets any funny ideas or is up to funny business and everyone simply works together to keep the peace….and I notice that they’re all a lot happier for it with less stress than feuding or harboring craziness. I’ve seen exes live next door to each other, I’ve seen them go back to work together because they work together better than being in relationship together. It takes an extraordinary amount of maturity and cold clarity of of long term- purpose , which, I don’t think we’ve mastered that in the US, lol.

  6. At least Yolanda has somewhere to go (& a lavish somewhere too) on Christmas eve, many people have nowhere to go & some, nothing to eat. As for David’s condo, it looked pretty nice to me, so what’s the beef?

    1. A desperate gold digger is ruthless when her gold is being held in escrow or a prenuptial account. I would not trust Yolanda, especially If SHE STARTS CALLING MO ” m’love. “

  7. I think its wonderful. They are friends and have children together. I hope they have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas together as a family.

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