Yolanda Foster Slams Former RHOBH Co-Stars

Former RHOBH star Yolanda Foster has more details about her life coming out in her new memoir, Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease. This time it has to do with her former co-stars and Yolanda doesn’t hold back.

“When I begin filming around March, I have no clue about the vortex of drama I’m about to step into,” Yolanda wrote in the memoir.

“The dynamics in this group of women are challenging because they have a lot of history that doesn’t include me,” Yolanda explained. “I’ve met Lisa [Vanderpump] two or three times at Mohamed [Hadid]’s house, but I’m not actually friends with any of the women. Interestingly, none of them really care about interacting with me off camera.”

Yolanda specifically remembers a time during the third season, when she had a bad experience with Taylor Armstrong.

“On the last night of filming for the Housewives, we’re at a party to celebrate the opening of Kyle Richards‘ clothing store,” Yolanda wrote. “All my cast mates are there. Apparently, Taylor Armstrong was talking behind my back, which I am learning is normal in this group but it doesn’t sit well with me…. so I confront Taylor.”

“Out of desperation, I blurt out, ‘You are such an a**hole,’” Yolanda recalled. “I’m not sure of her reaction, but I stun myself… after the party, I get in the limo and burst into tears.”

Yolanda recalls another instance in season four.

“One time, the cast and I are doing a magazine shoot at Kyle Richards’ house,” Yolanda wrote. “I haven’t driven a driven a car since my accident, so thank God Alberto can take me. I’m having a really bad day with that earth-pulling exhaustion, where I cant even put one foot in front of the other. Rather than go into Kyle’s house, where all the girls are doing hair and makeup, I choose to lie down in the backseat of the car to conserve my energy until they’re ready for me on set.”

“It’s strange to me, because if someone was sitting in my driveway and not feeling well, I would go out and say, ‘How are you? Why don’t you come into the house, take the guest room, and relax until we start?’” Yolanda added. “But Brandi Glanville is the only cast mate who comes outside to see me. Nobody else goes near my car, not even to offer a glass of water.”

It was during this time when Yolanda realized Lisa “seemed to only be [her] friend more when the cameras are rolling and not when they aren’t.” Yolanda remembered Lisa saying her busy schedule was the reason she didn’t see Yolanda off camera, but made time for Yolanda’s ex-husband David Foster’s Hollywood Star ceremony.

“This is when I realized she is a different kind of friend, a Hollywood friend,” Yolanda wrote.

“Without cameras rolling, I clearly feel the lack of compassion of this group of women,” Yolanda wrote of the about the cast. “They are my coworkers on a reality TV show, which, although it may seem more glamorous and interesting, is no different from a job at a bank. There, you see your coworkers during business hours and maybe have a coffee with them once in a while, but you don’t share your private life with any of them. This is how it is with the women on the show.”

“I don’t view them as close friends because I’m not intimate with them in any aspect of my life,” Yolanda slammed. “I don’t really trust them with my heart because sometimes they become so volatile that I am afraid that anything I share with them can potentially end up on national TV, so I have my guard up.”

It was finally during Yolanda’s last season when she heard the rumors of her co-stars where questioning her Lyme disease.

“These women lack much knowledge and consciousness,” Yolanda said after describing how Lisa Rinna didn’t understand Yolanda’s Instagram posts.

“I hear that the women use the word ‘Munchausen’ in relation to my illness during filming,” Yolanda added. “That is such a hurtful word, it infuriates me. Why would anyone make such a distorted and untrue statement related to my health journey? Especially in front of my friends and millions of viewers? It’s simply unconscionable that my supposed ‘friends’ doubt and discredit my word on such a delicate and sensitive matter.”

Certainly sounds like an interesting read.

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13 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Slams Former RHOBH Co-Stars”

  1. It does not sound like an interesting read to me at all. It sounds exactly like her sick character, all about me & Oh woe is me, how rottenly treated I was. No one was my friend, only sweet garbage Brandi. Woe, woe, woe.
    Must say for a woman with constant brain fog, her thoughts are mighty clear.
    She was so fake from start to finish & I, for one, am so glad she’s no longer a part of a cast that saw through that fakeness.

    1. 100% correct! You are spot on! Yolanda is a fake boring entitled drag. That’s why her husband had to get the hell of out there! She milked that Lyme thing for all it was worth. I mean if you are that ill, then why are you on the show? Why are you inserting yourself into these situations? Stay your whining ass home!

    2. 106 doctors! In 3 years – 106 doctors. That’s a doctor almost every week, all over the world. Which, to my mind means she didn’t take the time to research the doctors, much less be certain that they were real doctors, or whether the “treatments” were safe, how or where the many different combinations of chemicals, sheep’s placenta etc., were manufactured or prepared before it was injected into her body, if it was contaminated or not, all the things that take time to be sure of if one is truly in command of their faculties. How could she possibly figure out if any one of the treatments worked without giving it more than a week to do it’s job of helping her get well? I don’t think Munchausen’ is so out of the realm of possibilities.
      One of the parts that really pisses me off is pointing out the time she was in the car in Kyle’s driveway. Apparently Brandy knew, why didn’t she tell Kyle Yolanda was there? How the h**l was Kyle supposed to know Yolanda was even out there? Kyle most certainly would have gone out and brought Yo inside to rest on a bed in her house. I am pretty sure with dozens of guests, hair & make up people, caterers, camera crew etc., that one person missing would go unnoticed by most of us. Especially considering Yolanda was already missing filming times. To blame Kyle for her own illness is just too much.
      Yolanda, now that she is no longer on the show, is still using the show for fame and attention. In the other situation she mentions, Taylor wasn’t “talking behind her back” Yolanda was being totally unreasonable toward Taylor. Telling Taylor that she didn’t have the right to speak David’s name!!! God forbid someone would speak the king’s name. One of Taylor’s best friends was David’s long time wife, so she certainly had the right to her opinion. That was what she was taking about, not Yolanda. I am sure David could speak for himself. He didn’t need Yolanda to step in and speak for him about his ex-wives. Naturally Taylor would be on her friends side, not Yolanda’s side. It happened to be a long, painful divorce, after a long marriage. Yolanda was the one who spoke out of turn, not Taylor in that situation. I do sincerely wish health and peace for Yolanda, but I can’t stand her as a cast member. I never liked her pretentious ways, for example like deciding what others should wear in Ojai, and what they should do while there. As if there are rules, written by her of course, as to what constitutes proper behavior and wardrobe in certain parts of the world.
      She had rules for everything. And if you didn’t follow her rules you were not well mannered. She really does think a LOT of herself.

  2. I believe that in most of the RHW shows that they rarely see each other off camera. Except for the rare actual friendships/relationships that some of them have. Many of these women did not even know each other before filming starts.

  3. Oh I think her memoir would definitely be worth reading since it would help to better understand Lymes & other inscrutable invisible diseases…one of which I have. I’m particularly interested in understanding the hardships she dealt with while basically going through it alone in front of cameras and feeling ridiculed and mocked & losing a marriage while trying to get well. I really try to learn up about something I don’t understand so much. I wish her health and happiness.

    1. Then i would kindly suggest you seek info and support from anyone but her. There are resources and legit, accurate information out there about these diseases. Don’t fall for her bs treatments and foolishness.

        1. I’m so sorry about your friend. But that’s the whole point. People who genuinely suffer from Lymmes unfortunately Yolanda took it to the highest level & turned it into such a pity party, She put herself out there & definitely was not as ill as she made out to be. She was probably only as bad as Bella & Anwar & could perform as they’ve been doing. She gave a manchusen representation of this disease to the world & only when she was called out on it, she miraculously recovered.
          Yes, she did bring awareness to a certain degree to Lymmes Disease, but it was not an accurate representation. It was focused wholly on her self.
          Read her book, it will give you a second by second account of her complaints, neediness & her non-stop pity party. Dont forget her 103 doctors & for the most part, it turned out to be her 20 year old breast implants.
          At this point, I could’ve written the book myself based on her made up pretense character.

  4. Of course her opinion all one sided of course. does open the vault on those bitches ? LVP can not stand YOYO ,YoYo made the fatal mistake of being nasty to Ken when he touched her arm and YoYo insinuated Ken would hurt her remember don’t touch me Ken !!!! Sorry do not care If LVP said about Mohammed n. Kids YoYo was way out of line he in no way man handled YoYo I do not believe Ken would abuse a woman. The public made fun of YoYo. My good friend died from neuro Lyme YoYo 100% is full of it

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