Yolanda Foster Shares Why She Showed Her Children Her Will


Yolanda Foster is taking to her blog this week to discuss her emotional moment with her children when discussing her will on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Foster says she did not intend for the moment to be so dramatic and explains why she had her affairs in order before her surgery.

“I’m in the snow with my children. We had a beautiful, quiet, no gifting, no stress Christmas; we cooked, ate too much, and played lots of games. Our family tradition of handwritten letters to each other is the one thing I keep close to my heart as there is no greater gift than feeling appreciated by your loved ones. Even though it’s freezing cold, it feels good to be close to nature and the infectious energy that comes with having everyone together under one roof–keeping up is worth the fight. I want to be as present as I can be right here, right now, as I know these are precious moments as I watch my kids grow. The holidays come and go so quickly–this break from my disciplined routine is a treat.

Three days left of the ever-changing 2015. There’s something about the number changing on the dial that makes one reflect on the past and, in my case, how much can change in a year’s time. Last Christmas I was fighting for my life, hospitalized until the day before Christmas, and headed for the worst six months of this four-year journey. The show tonight took me back to early summer when I felt so much fear of the unknown. I had just done the Adipose Stem Cell treatment, which was a much bigger procedure then I had imagined.

I am trying to watch the show with an open heart and no judgement of anyone in it as I choose to share my journey in order to bring awareness to Lyme disease and invisible chronic disease in general. I’m well aware that it opened up a storm of debate, but as long as we can speak with kindness and good intent, I believe that my quest for a cure will be rewarded one day.

Only those who have experienced an invisible illness can identify with my journey. Losing my brain function and the ability to participate in life made me lose my identity. I had no choice but to buckle down, surrender, and connect to the deepest part of my soul. Only in solitude could I hear the little bit of my spirit that was still alive and willing to fight.

Trying to participate and integrate my girlfriend Erica in the group was a challenge. Watching this segment made be realize how much progress I have made since then, and for that I am grateful.

After being properly diagnosed three years ago, I followed strict doctor’s orders 24/7 but made very slow progress as we slowly uncovered the mystery of my failing health.
Last June, David woke up one morning and said, “We are not doing any more treatments until you get a full body scan.”

That scan probably saved my life, as doctors found free-floating silicone under my left arm pit, under my right clavicle bone, and under my rib cage.

None of these findings changed my late stage Lyme disease diagnosis, but it was a good explanation of why three years of hard work had not paid off yet. It was a big breakthrough in my case at a time that I was just existing. At that point I honestly was not sure how and if I was going to pull through.

I am all about clarity and always want to strive to be a responsible parent and not leave uncertainty for my children. Seeing their faces tonight broke my heart. I did not intend to have such a dramatic moment, and discussing a will is obviously a very uncomfortable discussion to be had at anytime. I was afraid and had put off the awkward and uncomfortable conversation until the last night before my surgery. I needed to do my living will and put my business affairs in order for my children and my family that I support in Holland. I have witnessed people not plan accordingly and leave their partners and family in difficult situations which can be avoided by being organized.

My father died when I was seven years old. When my brother and I turned 21 we received a small financial gift. It was such an important and memorable gesture to know that he actually planned for us. I was already financially independent at that age and ended up giving the gift to my brother to invest in his business, but I will never forget how that made me feel.

I am so blessed to have had a successful explant surgery with Dr.Feng, and hopefully I’m on my way to a full recovery from a very complex and multi-faceted health collision.

It’s fascinating to see how strong we really are. Our bodies are this extraordinary machinery that deals with whatever we throw at it. Looking back, what was I ever thinking putting breast implants or the poison of Botox in my so perfectly healthy body? The truth is I wasn’t thinking but rather brainwashed by society’s perception of what a perfect woman should look like and into believing that any of these beautifying enhancements were safe.

I clearly remember asking my doctor if it was safe to breastfeed with silicone implants. Now, 20 years later, there are plenty of studies confirming the danger of silicone toxicity and its effect on the immune system.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, class-action lawsuits claimed that Dow Corning’s silicone breast implants caused systemic health issues which lead to numerous lawsuits and a multi-billion class action settlement.

I guess I had to learn the hard way, and I am just so grateful to be back to the “ORIGINAL 1964,” embracing myself with all my flaws and imperfections in the way God intended me to be.
I know we all want to be a better version of ourselves…but please be conscious that the things we do to our bodies are too new for us to truly understand the side effects. If it’s not natural, it’s probably not meant for us.

Tonight we went for a sleigh ride under the full moon. The freedom of gliding on ice and letting go of control is not always easy for me, but I’m practicing letting go, and that gives me strength! I didn’t get a picture of this amazing moment but the image and experience is vivid inside my mind and heart in a space of gratitude for the best moment of 2015 with my children by my side.

Whatever happened over these past couple of years, I am thankful for where it brought me; I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. Obviously I had hoped to share with you a more glamorous journey, but these are the cards life dealt me, and even though you see me struggle, you will never see me quit.

Again, thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. I appreciate your open mind without judgment more than you will ever know.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. I think it is very sensible to share your will with the family. My parents did. I have 2 sisters and it took all the squabbling our of the equation as we knew exactly what we were getting and why.. After their passing it allowed my sisters and me to have a loving relationship as there were no disagreements during a sad time. I am not brokering an opinion of Yolanda`s health. I don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other, I wish her health and happiness

  2. I appreciate this is her reality but it’s not something I would have shown my children on camera. Both of mine have a copy of our will and know what’s in it but it was a very brief conversation as neither of them like to think about it.

  3. I have also handled all that and informed my kids about it. I guess when you are on reality TV, you are expected to show your personal life. I can’t imagine showing all my business to the general public, even for the money they get. Not that anyone would ask me to, haha.

  4. Lets face it–YoYo was trying to drum up sypathy. PERIOD.

    By the way, I DO hope she gets better, but I am not a fan of her pesonality, trying to shame others about their lifestyle, in a judgement like manner, yet feely uses the word s”ignorance” and “judgemental” about anyone who simply questions hw she is dealing wih her illness.

    1. C’mon, Yolanda had been struggling silently for years and only in the last year or so has she faced her fundamental shyness and dared to share. Regarding her periodic comments about how others avoid illness (and the ill) and deal poorly with confusion ‘re. complex maladies, she has merely been expressing her disappointment in and sadness for those who allow their confusion to distance themselves in toxic gossip. She is discerning and values those who care and reap the inner rewards that come with compassion and feels for those who do not or cannot. Yolanda is nothing if not kind. If she gets a little impatient or even a titch angry at times, can you blame her? As someone in a similar boat, I know how perilously low she has been and how frightened and alone. I wish I could harness her heroism. Many have and will leave her. Thank God for her strength and for her inherent goodness. She has a heart the size of Holland and it has no space for ill-will. Let’s take a page from her book, her journey and pass it on. Times are hard and hurtful enough for us all – sick and abandoned or betrayed, or not. Count blessings.

  5. Oh how I Miss blogs by Carole or Dorinda they were so witty and fun to read, Yo-Yo’s after one paragraph I’m done. Snooze fest

    1. Oh I am so glad I am not alone in that. I am pleased, however, that Yolanda found a reason to be in a deeper place emotionally. It is too bad it took an illness of this magnitude to bring her there. I noticed, however, her slipping it in that she invested in her Brother’s business! Can’t make a blog without patting herself on the back just a tiny bit. I keep gong back to that link named Yolandia. It really does show the timeline so I myself can keep it real when thinking of her long road of illness. Last night on one hand she spoke about how the other women talked about her illness and seemed distraught at it, while on the other hand she never let more than a minute go by without mentioning it. I loved it when Kyle made the joke about telling how well someone was doing from the way they looked. It broke the solemn mood.

  6. She just once again wanted more attention. She did NOT have to do that in front of the cameras. That was totally unnecessary just as is her posting all of her sick selfies.

  7. Boy, most of us are on the same page with this aging, desperate “LOOK AT ME – PAY ATTENTION TO ME but DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT ME” ex-everything. Ex-model, ex-wife, etc. She’s just an EX everything. Yes, Yo, we all have wills in place. We do show them to family members. It’s not like you discovered the cure for cancer. It’s not that exciting. You showed your kids your will because you are flying private to Ohio to get your fake boobs taken out. She has NO storyline other than her treating her disease or whatever the heck she is really trying to provoke/prove. I am so glad I re watched her first season on the show because she was SO arrogant and SO braggy and SO loving the spotlight and SO judgmental and now it’s all coming back to haunt her. Ken touched her arm once and she screamed at him. I’m not sure who she thinks she is but she has a very high opinion, unvalidated opinion of herself. I hope she gets creamed at the reunion and I mean so much that she slinks away never to return. That won’t happen cuz she needs to find another rich husband. God knows she’s never done a day’s work in her entire life. And I can’t read her blog. It’s beyond boring and self-promoting.

      1. I was not fond of Yo from the beginning but that moment with Ken really turned me against her.
        She freaked out because she knew the camera was on them and she wanted the spotlight as usual.

        1. Bee, I watched it again a couple weeks ago really carefully to make sure I saw it right the first time. They were standing right next to each other and as they both went to break away from the group, they both innocently raised their hands at the same time. She touched him as much as he touched her.

    1. Yes, him putting his hands on her was disgusting.

      We are seeing the much larger picture of Ken when we combine all these incidents together.

      He made fun of Kim sobriety multiple times in season 4 (don’t care what your thoughts are on Kim, that was disgusting, he’s kicking someone when they are down)
      He put his hands on Yolanda, which is disgusting for a man.
      He said Yolanda needed a man to compliment her to make her feel good, while saying she looked terrible behind her back.
      He made fun of Kyles weight.
      He destroyed security tapes in a trail involving one of his managers harassing a waitress. (before anyone tries and disputes this, the manager was cleared on charges, but Ken and Lisa were still found at fault for their part in it, Lisa tried to spin that and pretend they were all cleared of charges)

      There is something quite disgusting about Ken when you line all his behavior side by side, there is a lot more too aimed at Adrienne

          1. Ho. Ho. Ho. Where is your Christmas spirit. Now you have tarnished Ken’s image, though some of it imay be true for sure, but certainly not all of it, IMO. I never saw Ken as wrong that time Yolanda accused him of touching her…but I may be from a generation where what he did is just not wrong. He did not harm her in my opinion. He barely touched her skin and she jumped. She overreacted and was nasty to him. It was not an attack. Yolanda was just inappropriate that day IMO. She called him out wrongly. I did hear about some of what you wrote, and I did think he was criticizing Kyle’s weight, but not all of it I agree with. Ken is not perfect. Then again Yolanda is far from perfect. Who is perfect? Just saying.
            Yolanda reminds me of a person who might trip and fall on your property on purpose and then sue you, claiming personal injury and psychological trauma, because there was a minute crack in your pavement or something, just because she knows the case will be settled out of court and she will always look validated, winning a settlement…I just get that vibe..but it is not anything but a vibe…I just would never trust her. Ken tells it like it is and is not perfect, but I would more likely trust him…just a vibe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            1. I hated Yolanda when she first joined the show, I don’t know if I like her now, she’s more sick than she is a person so it’s hard to tell if she’s any different.

              I get a creepy vibe from Ken, I think there is too much there to just be able to explain away. I think having Lisa who is very likable by his side kinda covered for him, but when you actually look at his involvement with the show he’s done some nasty things.

              For me personally, I see no reason for Ken to put his hands anywhere near Yolanda, it’s a very controlling and dismissive gesture, and instantly puts him in the wrong.

              1. I think it was instinctual on his part and not an attack, but of course, touching at all is considered wrong if it is between an employer and employee, etc. I know. I see your point, but that day to me did not look as if Ken meant any harm, so to me, it appeared that Yolanda overreacted. Maybe Yolanda did overreact…and maybe because as a young, beautiful model, others approached her and well, maybe it brought back bad memories too of inappropriate advances to her by older men. Either way, I do see your point too. Any touching at all, though it seemed like they were friends priort to all of this, could be deemed inappropriate. I am not talking about Ken and his employees, and I know there is more out there. We do not know Ken personally.

                1. Sorry I should have said I do think Yolanda overreacted, like completely overreacted, and I don’t think Ken intended any harm in the slightest.
                  I just think the touching is inappropriate in any circumstance, but Yolanda did make it like she was hit which overshadowed the fact that what he did was wrong.

                2. In a crowded event like that it would be nearly impossible to NOT touch people. Yolanda is not used to being touched by anyone, much less a man. Her then husband made time for her like twice during the entire seasons she has been on. And on both occasions, he left in the middle of the party, so rude. I am truly sorry Yolanda suffers from that disabling illness, and I am truly glad she is becoming well, but I have always thought she felt herself way way above every single person minus her kids. Her attitude at certain locations, like O’Hai, where they SHOULDN’T be dressed up or wear make up wow. Talk about judgmental. Mentioning at that reunion about that time she had been sitting in her car, sick, when Kyle was inside at the party, making it sound like even tho no one told Kyle she had even arrived that she somehow was being a bad hostess because she didn’t have a psychic knowledge that Yo was ill. Telling Taylor to tell her why she was being aloof, then saying she didn’t have the right to have any feelings whatsoever about “Her King” as it concerned her friend, Linda Thompson, who, BTW, had been married to David the longest of any of his wives. Just too many superior minded things to count. Anyway, in case you didn’t see, Happy New Year, Sandy. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  1. There is an expression for people like Yolanda and their snobby, better than everyone attitude…but I won’t write it here. She wants the royal treatment from everyone, it seems and everyone should be psychic around her, too, stopping everything for her, just knowing her mood, state of health and desires. She is Debbie Downer a lot of the time. I am not saying she was not at all sick, but she did want the spotlight, and is condescending to others on more than a few occasions. Taking away the spotlight from the guest of honor or host for trivialities on her part is inappropriate and selfish. Well, I just think this is the worst BH season so far.
                    Happy New Year!

                  2. Sandy, I totally agree, you have put this all so well, I just popped back on after my last cooking for Christmas! Oh boy I’m exhausted, but reading your comment i don’t need to say more! Xo

            2. Sorry but you don’t put your hands on anyone in anyway without their consent. So he was wrong, as someone who employs many people he should know this as it is in practically every HR manual for every company. I’m sure in places like BH and businesses where you employ beautiful young girls I’m sure he is very well versed in the legalities of touching people. I know our lawyers made that very clear when writing our HR employee handbook.

              1. Same to you, 3D’s! I hope you have a very happy, healthful and peaceful New Year and your pretty kitties too! :). Love, Sandy

        1. Aunt Bee, In Scotland at Hogmanay the tradition of first footing is a dark haired stranger comes to your door with a piece of coal. This means a warm house for the year for both the stranger, who you give a tot of whiskey to, and yourselves. So on saying that although nor dark haired Ken can come knocking on my door any day with or without a piece of coal!! Happy new year xoxo

            1. Ken, light-haired and coal-free…still fine with me, Hogmany or not. ๐Ÿ˜‰
              Don’t worry Sally, I will send him your way. He has to pass over here in the way to Scotland, anyway. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

              1. Ok, I give up. He is going to be way to worn out to come to Reno. I so much enjoy the relationship between Ken and Lisa. He is one of the husbands who realizes this is called real houseWIVES. He works really hard and they go to so many functions. Staying busy like that keeps us young and healthy. Once a sedentary lifestyle sets in, whether brought on by illness or just a carefree attitude it is so much harder to gain that strength back rather than keep it up always. Ken loves Lisa and she loves him. It is so obvious.

      1. Sidewinder attacking the Vanderpumps/Todds again? Yawn.

        Kim was a drunk, and deserved to be called out on in, especially after raving like a lunatic at the table and calling Ken a stubborn, grumpy old man.

        And grabbing Yolanda? Please. Those are the words of people who consider any form of contact to be assault, regardless of whether or not it was accidental.

          1. Anyone who thinks he even purposely “touched” her, whether it would have been right or wrong or inappropriate should watch it again. He didn’t “touch” her at all. Their hands accidentally touched when they both just moved. No different than brushing against someone in a crowded party.

            1. Wrong.

              Another of your lies, I try and avoid commenting on your posts since they are so inaccurate.

              But just in case anyone thinks there is anything correct in your comment there is not.

              Yolanda mentions her husband, Ken takes a step towards her and says “Your husband?” about to continue the joke about the fact her husband wasn’t there.
              Yolands hands are both on the table, Ken prods Yolanda with his finger, and she swings her arm out and smacks him away.

              You are 100% incorrect, they didn’t both move, her hands were not moving on the table in front of her and he purposely puts his hands on her.

              Stop telling people to watch the show again, when the facts of the show don’t back up your delusions, you need to rewatch the show show again clearly.

            2. 3D, I totally agree with you RS and Aunt Bee, it didn’t happen. But you are going to have to let this go. SW will always think the way he does and we will always think the way we do about this point. It’s just not worth arguing the point anymore! For your sake and that’s the only reason xoxo

                1. The thing is that Yolanda was being a complete bitch during the entire trip, acting like Ken didn’t have the right to speak when she walked over to where THEY were sitting on the beach chairs. I guess she likes men who are NEVER in the presence of women, who are ALWAYS gone working, and who don’t take up for their wives. Ken took his WIFE out of a hurtful situation after the other BH bitch, Kim, had called hm insulting names. Then when SHE butted herself into the conversation and started again telling Ken where he belonged, he got fed up, as I would have and as most women would expect their husbands to do. Yolanda has no idea what it is to have a husband who actually enjoys his WIFE’S company.

                  1. I agree I’d given up trying to talk to 3ds long ago but just thought I’d correct this one since she keeps saying the same inaccuracies over and over. But even presented with evidence she ignores fact for fiction, so clearly it’s totally pointless.

                1. SW Can we not just agree to disagree without all of this. Because I say something is right in my eyes doesn’t make it right in yours and the same in reverse. We all see things from different angles.

                  1. Yeah I have already agreed to disagree on this topic when it comes to opinion, look at all my comments with RealSandy about it, we don’t agree on it.

                    But 3ds is saying they both moved and because she moved he accidentally touched her, that isn’t correct, so I showed her evidence that shows she is incorrect, I won’t agree to disagree on that point as it’s not opinion, it’s fact, it’s not about motive or intention, she didn’t move, his arm is reached over to her. It’s as simple as that, and denying doesn’t make any sense without denying explicitly what we saw.

                    But I won’t discuss it anymore with 3ds, if someone is gonna deny fact there’s no holding a conversation with them.

                  2. Oh Wow, it’s not fact it’s your opinion, I have looked and looked and I still don’t agree so it’s just a difference of perception I guess. I’m tired of the subject now it’s going on and on, We and I am talking about you and I see it differently, that’s all. I’m not saying you’re wrong or I’m right. I’m happy to leave it like that can you?

                    1. Let us all agree to disagree in 2016. I like Ken. I saw what I wanted to see. He touched her. To me it was not aggressive in the least, but it was what it was, albeit so minor in my eyes. I do try to see it from all angles. Even sw said Yolanda overreacted to Ken. So, he and I may agree about part of it, yet not all. I consider you and sw my cyberfriends. The video is a short one, but there is a light touch that I can see from Ken. She seemed like the more aggressive one to me…IMO. We may see it differently, of course.
                      Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ˜€

                  3. Sandy you are right and I totally agree as I said up thread I think these debates sometimes can get really silly and we should all respect each other’s views. We can’t all think the same and on that note I will have no bickering or arguments or anything with anyone in 2016, I absolutely hate it!!! If people disagree good, if they have a valid point I will look at it but the anonymous I’m not interested in I won’t read so they can say what they want. Let’s face it we all know who’s back!! So happy new year to all and my apologies if I have upset anyone in 2015. Life is too short for bad feelings. Right that’s me done now with my New Years resolutions!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

                  4. It isn’t factual when perception is part of what we see. There have been studies where a group of people all see the exact same 30 second video, and there will be several perceptions. It even applies to what we actually SEE. One of the studies had brain scans being done while the video played, showing anger and/or stimulated brain waves changing and at different times during the part that was seen differently. Basically there are factual stats, but in a situation where there are so many variables, men and women being involved in the video short being the main one, we see something different.

        1. RHOBLover, I love it when you post. I miss rh_dude though too. My favorite is BH too, and I am happy with this year so far. I am looking forward to their Hampton’s trip. I know Bethenny and Kyle have been friends for many years. That should be interesting seeing the two sides of the country together.

  8. If she didn’t intend to have a dramatic moment, why film it & OMG! Is she always like that with her kids? My mom was in hospice for 4days & it was less dramatic than this!
    & so much PR! Self promoting of how independent & generous she was to give her ‘gift’ to her brother. Mother Theresa was a slacker in comparison. Jeez such grandiosity!

  9. When my mother was told she had terminal cancer she begged us not to tell our grandparents who were already in their 80’s. Her logic was they could go before she did so why put them through the agony of knowing their daughter was dying. I am sorry but what yo put her mother through last night was disgusting to me. As far as I remember Yo stated in an earlier season that her mother had cancer. Again, I am sorry but I feel absolutely little sympathy for what this woman is doing to her mom and children.

    1. I totally agree with you Bee. Yolanda is so self-centered, it is sickening. She thinks only of herself. Most of us should have wills as we age. The children should know the wills exist and where they are, etc. They should not have a very sad faced parent talk about her demise, and definitely not in front of her own aging mother. Why should her mom have to hear that.
      I lost my mom suddenly. There were no goodbyes and it was totally unexpected. I always protected my mom and would never want her to worry needlessly, and if she was ever sick, and she was on several occasions, I was there every day to help her in any way possible, driving her, buying what she needed, and just tending to her as much as I could to make sure she was doing as well as expected. I just was not there the day she left us. I still lived at home, the youngest child. I wish I never went to work that day. I really never thought about myself when it came to my mom…but Yolanda must have always been too spoiled or something. She seems to come first, and all of her words seem to point to…feel sorry for me…I cannot remember being normal…. Yolanda, you really need to get help. Stop dragging everyone around you into your web. You are inappropriate…at least it appears that way to more than a few of us.

  10. Don’t see the bog deal with the will, she’s on a reality show, that is her reality.

    Again I see huge bias with people saying this shouldn’t be filmed, yet no one said that when Lisa was discussing Maxs adoptive parents on tv, or Kyle outing her sister as an alcoholic on tv. Both were moments that should have been private, but these people are on a reality show.

    Can’t say I’m hugely interested in this story, we just did this on RHOC, but I appreciate Yolanda actually addressing stuff in her blogs rather than hiding stuff.

    1. My issue is that her kids seemed to be completely blindsided by it. Reality TV is Yoda’s life, not theirs. Maybe a bit of pre-warning might have made the scene more endearing and less uncomfortable to watch…

      1. That’s what made it a good scene, that was a genuine reaction from her kids. I’d imagine it was a reaction that has happened lots of times, I’d much rather watch that then a fake constructed lunch scene talking abut sunglasses or whatever nonsense.

        1. The fake scenes talking about sunglasses or whatever seem so staged, it is like a poor filler of the time slot. I guess it is boring when they have to film stuff like that and use it on the show…not the will stuff, the sunglasses type stuff. I see your point. I still would rather skip the will talk and move on myself…if I could only fast forward.

      2. Besides the entire Atlanta franchise, I find the last two years of BH more uncomfortable than any other housewives season. Atlanta I simply can not understand what they are saying without closed caption which I can not see while I am in bed without my glasses. Even in their interviews I sometimes can’t understand what they are saying either, and that makes it uncomfortable for me personally to try to watch. Too much trouble.
        I still have hope that BH comes along better when they go to not only Dubai but to the Hampton’s.

  11. Yolanda is on a reality TV show. She is living her life on camera. She doesnt control what the editors show….I know nothing is more fun than mocking sick people (really what could be more fun?) but a responsible single parent would obviously tell her adult children where to find her documents in the chance that she didnt wake up from surgery. It happens every day. She said she didnt expect i but just in case here is what to do…Hey wouldnt that have been funny? We could have really had a laugh had she died.

    1. Lovely lovely Lisa, you are a better person than I am. I do want her to be better of course I do but I am sorry I can’t like her when I never have. Xoxoxoxoxo

    2. Agreed. People seem to be connecting her will to the Lyme disease, yet she clearly showed it to her children and mother because she was going in to a pretty serious surgery a few days later.
      Her mom is clearly important and able to handle that information, it was right to include her in that discussion.

      1. It’s obvious to me Yolanda didn’t feel see was going to make it out of surgery and wanted her children to know where her the will was located. She most likely was not having much trust in her husband. I felt empthay for her, the chiller and mom. I witness situations similar daily and it’s not for cameras yet very reactions are all the same.
        I see a woman who is ill, her marriage is failing, of course there is going to be some depression, for once I see Bravo showing something real.
        On a lighter note it’s ironic viewers have issues with Yo wealth and ‘showing it off’ yet, others can take yachts, private planes, $10,000 blouses and no one bats an eye.
        Happy New Year, sidewinder!!

  12. I’m surprised that there is so much distain for Yolanda. I find it strange that people consider Yolanda self centered and a publicity seeker. Yolanda has opened herself up to scrutiny and she’d be dammed if she were poor “pull yourself by your bootstraps” or because she is wealthy “Yolanda is flaunting her wealth.” The state in which she lives IS and expecting an apology because she lives well is ludicrous. Yolanda married successful men because they were in her social circle. I will also concede that she was probably strategic in her choices, and I would be too. Why the hell would anyone choose to live poorly when you can live wealthy, even if the relationship ends in divorce?

    1. The disdain is not because she is wealthy or married very wealthy men, at least not for me. I know more than a few very wealthy people. Yes, she is on a reality show, and we do expect her to keep it real…good or bad. It is that she overplays her role as an ill woman who is dying, and she was to me, inappropriate in front of her children and aging, ailing mom. You could talk about your will on camera, but not look like you will die in the next week and imply that chances are you will not survive surgery in front of your children. All surgery has risks. That is true. Also having a will is smart. You should try to be positive and not negative, and not worry everyone too much. Yolanda has problems, and it appears to me that she seems to be depressed and inappropriate, always wanting to be the center of attention. She showed little concern for anyone’s feelings other than her own self pity last night. Her reality appears a bit delusional at times. Her love for her children and mother seems like a very selfish love in how it all affects her life, not theirs.

      1. First of all nice to see you xoxo! My point is maybe at that moment in time her reality WAS her self pity and depression and that’s what she was showing! All these HW are dramatic in their own way but disease has a way of messing with you ! Personally , I don’t have a problem with her telling her mother or her kids. I don’t know her mother, maybe she’s a strong spirited woman and can handle it . Maybe that’s how Dutch families do, I don’t know . We all raise our kids differently and intract with our parents differently. I don’t personally believe in keeping things from your kids or parents or siblings , but that’s just ME , and on this instance I feel I would have done the same , even though she’s definately very depressed and going through a lot and yes w bit dramatic, but that’s her truth at that moment . Even if I make it to 80 ( big if lol) , I would hate to not share my kids pain and suffering and offer whatever love and compassion I can give them , I would hate to be ‘left out’ and treated like porcelain Xoxo RS ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. Maybe you cleaned your history and cache on your browser like I did…hence anonymous.
            Rain, I am very honest with my children. I do have a will and they know they are to each get exactly the same.They never asked to see it, we have an innate trust for each other, and I do not dwell on it. They know where the wills are located for both their parents and who the executor is. I am honest with my children, but I do not dwell on my mortality with them. Of course, we are not here forever, and they know my mom passed at about my age too, but we have to try not to make them depressed for no real reason either. That is what I am saying, especially in regard to Yolanda’s aging mother. Maybe Yolanda’s reality is what we see, yes, but I do not feel that she is as caring as she seems to want to infer she is based on what I am seeing, and that is my opinion. I am not saying she is not ill at all, either. I see your point, but I still believe what I wrote prior.
            Rain, I appreciate your comments always, and we can always agree to disagree too.
            Still love you too, Rain! xo

            1. Thank you and yes , debate is a good thing and this forum is great because most people disagree politely and make their point ! I think I agree more with you than anyone , but in a way it would be boring if we were identical :)) I’m noticing that for me, depending on what RH franchise it is, I agree more with certain readers than others . Hope you are having a great holiday season xoxo

              1. I agree with you, Rain. We do agree on a lot, too.
                It is been a great holiday season for me. Thanks for asking. I hope for a very happy, healthful, peaceful and prosperous new year for you and yours too! XOXO

        1. Rain, that is a really good point. On one hand we don’t want to be left out, on the other WE don’t want to bring worry and misery to our kids especially, leaving them out then! Wow. Such is life.

      2. ITA. I felt sorry for her kids & her mother. She acted as though she was dying. The look of worry on her kids & mom’s faces was very hurtful.

      3. Sandy, I missed this with all the chaos at home but well said. I agree and I have no reason to be jealous of her wealth, We do ok ourselves. What I can’t bring myself to do is like her because she is ill when I never have done so. I feel so sorry for anyone who is sick but like you I think she over plays it a lot. A few weeks ago I had said I didn’t know anything about Lyme disease because we didn’t have it in Scotland. A commenter pointed out that we do, although far up in the country and I couldn’t be more south. Because it was pointed out to me in a reasonable way I looked into it and was shocked. I think she had Lyme but I also think she has other problems that need addressing. I don’t like the will issue on camera, I know how my two were, they said thank you but we don’t want to think about it. They both have copies and know where the original is held. I think it was Rain mentioned that maybe was how Dutch people handled it, my Dutch friend who lives in The Hague was horrified that she did it on camera. She is around Yolanda’s age and remembers her from her very successful modeling days. She also didn’t like her attitude to the man in the windmill. That made me laugh but I won’t repeat what she said here!! Sorry it’s so long, a very happy new year to you and your family especially Corrie!! I hope he is behaving Xoxoxoxo

        1. Thanks Sally! Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours too! Corey is doing quite well, especially loving his new toys. xoxoxo

            1. I know what you mean. When my sons left for their homes, Corey looked around for them, but he was fine and playful in no time. Meg will be just fine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

              1. Thanks Sandy, She will of course and a round of golf this morning will help but it normally takes her a few days so that will help!!

      4. You have really always had a way with words, RS. Kind, happy people remain kind and happy with money. Selfish, superior people become more selfish and superior with money.

  13. Hmmm? Why did she show her kids her will on a reality show, hmmm, let me think—-maybe for the sympathy, look at me ploy? Gosh this woman is beyond disgusting and annoying….Her fake illness, no makeup look (to appear sicker) is just plain juvenile and munchausen….
    Bravo, miss andy, please make it stop…..

  14. did anyone pick up on the fact that splits/back fat was questioning yolymes on how her (kids have lymes also)? and lemonhead replied, well, we lived on a horse farm all our lives? WTH? Does she realize how many horse farms are out there, and how many other’s DO NOT HAVE LYMES, what an idiot…….

  15. lemonbrain has to go all the way to (ohio) for this world shattering surgery? When there are like a gazillion surgeon’s in BH’s? Not buying it.

    first she has lymes (like her friend who has it),
    then she has “the calf licked my face when I was a child disease”
    then, it’s the leaking breast implants,
    then, it’s the fillings in her mouth,
    Now, we are back to “it’s the lymes” plus add, (my children have it too)-woe is my, life is sooo hard for lemonhead? Oh, gosh, this is soooo nauseating….

  16. Regarding the slow mo from sidewinder: I see Ken pointing his finger at Yolanda and I see her hand/arm come up and I do NOT see any physical touching at all. I see a man defending his wife period.

    1. She overreacted. That is what I saw. He may have lightly touched her hand in that video, but it was never any attack. She lifted her arm up in a defensive move perhaps. She was in the fighting and swinging mode, maybe, and not Ken. They did touch each other. She made more out of it than it actually was. She dramatizes over the top with everything. In reality, she was probably ticked off that “my love” was not there, as he was rarely with her, and though she said David should not stop his work for her, that is exactly what she wanted him to do, and now she left him because of his absences in her life. Ken upset her with his words about the absence of her husband and she blew up at him…instead of her “love” perhaps….just my take on it. She may have been a bit envious that LVP had a protective man by her side, always there to defend her.

      1. I know they touched – it just wasn’t evident in SW’s video. That video proved absolutely nothing to me. And I very much like your take on the whole incident. Thank you Sandy and a Hapoy New Year.

      2. Sandy, Happy New Year!! I agree with everything you have said, it’s nothing to do with me liking Ken either!!! Yolanda isn’t my favourite I’m saying no more just because!

    2. Exactly Bee. Whether they had actually made CONTACT he never “touched” her purposely. She acted like he grabbed her arm. At the reunion she said “I felt it” Gosh that was telling. She can afford an island and she can have all the servants to fan her with lemon branches and never, never touch her self. I do of course hope she remains well, but like Sally I can’t now say I am a fan because of her illness. People that didn’t like me before my illness still don’t. People who did love me still do. I am going to Carson today with my S-Daughter. So excited. Going to Michael’s and Target. Yes, no shame, TARGET. Happy New Year, Bee.

      1. I hope you had fun shopping. Oh, it is pronounced Target…like Roget in Roget’s Thesaurus…or at least it sounds even better that way! I have most definitely shopped at Target. Michaels closed by us, but there is another great craft store there now, anyway. I also have shopped at Kohl’s for many years. I always loved Marshall’s and TJMaxx…more so years go when they seemed to have more. Home Goods is great too. There is no harm in that. I know some very wealthy people who shop at Target…and also designer shops. Everyone loves a bargain.
        Oh, and sorry to bore anyone with this. It is my New Year’s resolution to not let the naysayers get to me and to agree to disagree if the situation arises. It is a holiday today. I am happy to say Happy New Year to all! Have a wonderful New Year 3D’s! ๐Ÿ˜‰ You are still likeable to me, ill or well. We all have our good days and not so good days, and hopefully far more better days to come! Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff.

        1. Same exact sentiment & ditto to you and yours, Sandy. You have Marshall’s!!? Way over there in the East? I wasn’t aware that they were national, I get some of the most beautiful things there. I couldn’t care less if it is last years bathrobe design, hahaha. The most well made stuff for a bargain. I got some new artist pencils at Michael’s. Four NEW colors. Thanks for writing! Hoping the boys and Corey are great and we all share a peaceful year full of wonder and health. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I definitely shopped at Marshall’s, especially since my boys were very young. I got some great clothes for them too. I bought lots of things there. They have been around for a very long time. My boys shop there on their own now too. I sure wish they had Home Goods back when I was younger. Thank you! Keep smiling. This will be an awesome year! ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Uggg, all this Ken touched lemonbrain is idiotic—they were talking and yolymes reacted like an idiot (as usual), Ken called her out for being (stupid), which I loved…
    Wish munchausen would go away already, the storyline is stupid and old.

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