Yolanda Foster Shares How She’s Doing After Divorce From David


Yolanda Foster stunned at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere party Thursday night and she opened up about her health and even spoke about her surprising divorce announcement from David Foster.

“I am doing a lot better than I was last November,” she told the Daily Dish of her health. “You know, I have been in bed for exactly a year. I spent most of my days in bed. I am happy to be dressed tonight. I am wearing a little makeup. I got my hair done today, just to make those girls happy. I am grateful to have a job.”

She said she is definitely relying on her children to get through this difficult time. “I hope to be moving forward to a bright future,” she said. “Just trying to get through it one day at a time.”

“It’s just life. I’m sure you’ve all witnessed a break-up. It’s life. Work, my health, his job, the children — life is overwhelming for everybody,” Foster told Entertainment Tonight, adding that it’s “a lot of work” holding it all together, she says she is just trying to put “one fut in front of the other.”

“Obviously, this is a difficult time and I’m heartbroken,” Yolanda said, but noting that she’s currently doing “OK.”

Foster’s cast mates also reacted to the divorce announcement on the red carpet. “Sad. Very sad. Horrible. Divorce is a very sad thing. I have seen so many people go through it,” Lisa Rinna told Bravo. “I have texted with her. I sent her my love and prayers — with Harry [Hamlin]. We have been in contact.”

“Deeply saddened by that,” Lisa Vanderpump said. “We didn’t see it coming. So sad, so deeply sad. I sent her messages.”

“It’s incredibly, incredibly sad to me — I can’t imagine,” Kyle Richards said. “She’s going through a lot now already and to think that too, it’s upsetting to me.”

Camille Grammer also expressed the same sentiments. “Very sad. It’s very hard to go through a divorce, especially in the public, especially when on a reality show,” Camille explained. “She’s a stronger woman than I am.”

“I adore Yolanda and David. I wish them both well. I have nothing but love and respect for them,” Eileen Davidson said. “But only they know what is going on. Obviously, it’s the best for the both of them.”

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  1. Divorce is difficult in the best possible circumstances. No matter what anyone in the public thinks of her, or him, it is going to be a hard thing for her. I have never been a big fan of hers, but I have always respected her and wish peace and health for her. Her kids are good kids and will always be there for her. They love David too, so that should keep everything looking better, publicly anyway. Her divorce from Mohammed didn’t seem to get nasty from the little I saw about it, and when the entire ugly thing came up about Johanna, Yolanda had very little to say, which is what I respect about her.

    1. Yes 3D, she raised amazing and respectful kids. I know it sounds cliche, but good kids often are a result of great parenting! I can’t say I was a super fan of hers, but she’s going through a lot and I just hate to see any one being piled on, especially if they’re sick ! Chin up, Yo! 🙂

    2. Well said 3D! Yolanda has amazing and respectful kids, which for me as a parent, tells me a lot about her, she’s going through a lot and I hate it when HW pile on one person, so I hope that part is short lived! Chin up, Yo! 🙂

      This comment may post 17 times, having a hard time with this device lol

  2. Naturally, spoiled mega-rich boy-men will bail and she will not be allowed to say anything against them if she wants her giant divorce settlement. I don’t care how rich some guy is, if he bails the minute you’re not a fun, cute, shiny, young-looking play toy to feed his oversized ego, he’s crap. “No one knows what’s really going on.” Right. Does it look like any big secret to one single person out there who has an ounce of common sense? She got sick so he dumped her. That’s what’s really going on.

    1. Judge Judy, you are so right. His pretty arm candy wasn’t pretty or fun anymore so he dumped her. A real class act she married. And I use to defend him when others attacked……….well paint me wrong. 🙁

  3. LOL “We didn’t see it coming. So sad, so deeply sad. I sent her messages.” LVP

  4. Brandi was right about Lisa always sending a message after a big event off camera so when she’s asked about it she can say she’s sent a message, it’s her go to move, lol.

    Love that Yolanda got a dig in at the other women, Good to see she’s feeling better, hopefully that will show over the course of the show not just after it, cuz she was so weak in the first episode, seeing her go up against nastiness wouldn’t be fun tv.

    The premiere party looked interesting, wish there was footage of it, seeing all those BH housewives in a giant group posing for pictures would be super interesting seeing how Brandi, Kyle and Lisa don’t get along, and Lisa was horrible to Yolanda this week!

  5. In the interview this is based on, it’s clear in the video Yolanda is still unwell and quite changed from past seasons, but I appreciate any woman that will put on a brave face in the middle of life’s s*** storms and just DIVE RIGHT IN. If it were me or any of my girlfriends in this situation, I’d have our butts parked right at the beauty parlour before heading out to a premiere, too.

    But Oy. The only problem with being in a relationship with a musician, or even worse, a composer, is that when it all becomes broken…. as a woman you still have THE MUSIC as the damned reminder for every freaking second of the life you had together, good or bad. There are soooo many songs that represent soooo many turning points in the life you shared. Been there. Done that. It’s horrific. GRRRRRR… Keep your chin up, keep embracing your inner spunk, and keep it moving, Yolanda. That goes for every other woman out there going through a massive break-up, too. Your later WILL be greater.

  6. So happy to see Yolanda looking so much better and as she says here feeling better too. Thank God. I hope she gets her health back 100% and enjoys the rest of her youth. Yolanda has raised some lovely children and I am so thankful she has them. As for David, he is the loser.

    1. I agree. And I will bet that David will deeply regret this, in the future. He may find himself in some type of health crisis (he’s certainly no spring chicken, himself) and would do well to have such a loving, nurturing wife, at his side.

      1. I fully agree with both Lisa & yourself Queenie, David is the loser & a day will come when he fully regrets not having a good woman at his side.

        1. Rain I do think you might be wrong about the bimbos. Not that they won’t be bimbos but as long as they will inherit, he’l have someone there. But love him and cherish him like Yo did, good luck with that David!

    2. Really? yolemon pimped and pushed gigi into modeling nude for mens magazines ahead of education (so lemons could relive her past glory days of being a model 50 years ago), her other daughter (underage) DUI while momma was on vacay in Europe, and anyone could raise these wonderful children if they had the millions of dollars from ex- multi millionaire mohemmed. Get real, lemon is an idiot who posts waaay too many sick selfies (that really, no one wants or needs to see), her illness is (menopause, aging badly, and mental illness).

      1. I don’t know anything about Gigi modeling nude. Did she really?

        But, the point of “an education” is usually to get a good job. So it wouldn’t make much sense to pass up the superstar kind of pay she’s getting just to… you know… go to college so that she can get a good job. If Gigi seemed to be objecting, that would be different. However, I hardly think her mother setting her up for a job that most people will never in their wildest dreams have a shot at is neglect.

        As far as I can see, the other girl is okay too. A teenager getting caught drinking too much one time is far from grounds to call the mother unfit.

        Now, little Anwar, Idk, because he’s rarely mentioned. But who knows, maybe he doesn’t want to be included in the show.

        1. For Duchess: From my professional experience, yours is a completely off-base assesment grounded in I’m not sure what with regard to how an authenic modeling career works. Nudity is not taboo in European editorial. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years, producing them, being on crews that actually create the content the general public sees in catalogs, fashion magazines, and ad campaigns and lastly, on the clientele side for publishing houses on 3 continents. I come from the era when Iman, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Cordula, Tatiana Patitz, Claudia Schiffer, Yasmeen Guauri, Kate Moss, and Nadia Auerman REIGNED SUPREME in the industry and their portfolios and editorials also included nudity. It’s considered neither offensive or abnormal for high fashion or beauty editorial for a model to be bare. We ‘re not talking about some poor girl being objectified and sexually exploited: to see how THAT game works I would suggest viewing the new Rashida Jones (actress and daughter of composer/producer Quincy Jones) documentary “Hot Girls Wanted” . The professional strata Gigi and Bella Hadid are on is literally a world away in the most exlusive tastemaker circles, where the model is muse, and being captured on lens by the most iconic photographers in the history of the fashion world. They are hardly in an environment where “pimping” is involved.

          1. Bon V, I totally agree, absolutely nothing wrong with the nude modelling top models are asked to do. Most of them are walking around backstage on a photo shoot showing a lot more than they do in these photos.

              1. Oh no Sally, you wouldn’t! just with catalog shoots alone (which average at 15-30 wardrobe changes per working day) I’ve seen more naked people than the law should allow. Ironically, I have moments where I truly wonder why I didn’t become an accountant or a nurse! When the ladies here start with “med-speak” I get so engrossed I practically start salivating, lol.

                1. Wow, Bon V. I KNEW you had an interesting life! That was fascinating. When I read that blather about men’s magazines I knew it wasn’t true. Gigi is making million’s of dollars a year now. She can, after her 10 years, go into literally any career she wants. She can also travel the world not as a working model, because they don’t have time to see much in the travel’s when walking the shows and doing shoots. I am sure you know better than anyone here how hard a model like Gigi works. It is not easy getting up at the crack of dawn or before modeling swim suits in freezing water, no matter how much the dollar amount is. I hope very much Gigi doesn’t go the heroine route, and as you pointed out her Mom knew all about everything. No matter whether I am a fan of hers or not (not) she did right by Gigi. All that girl would have had to say is that she didn’t want to model. She will have the ability to live the life so few do. I am pleased for her to have the opportunity to travel all over forever. That is an education like no college can give.

        2. Judge, the way I see it is pretty much like you said, Gigi and her sister had a one in a million shot at getting the opportunity to land the agents that they have and book the clients that they do. Given the shelf life of a fashion model, they have exactly 10 years to amass the largest fortune they can, so that they can diversify their investments and spend the remainder of their lives being financially independent. Like Tyra Banks (Harvard) and Christy Turlington (NYU) they can easily attend college later as long as they have the right scores.

          Also, in my professional estimation Yolanda has handled transitioning her daughters into the fashion industry 100% correctly. I must have worked with thousands of girls through the years and I’m telling you, the 70% that come out of this alright are the ones with involved parents, parents who are either willing to use what or who they know, or willing to LEARN to guide their child into a stable modeling caree, as a dependable professional clients like and respect. I have had many experiences where I’m working with an underage “new face” (first year/beginning model), and if time allows and I sense that her parents are green, I literally will set aside a time to chat with them (as one American to another) for quick tips on navigating the razzle dazzle of this game in Europe- stressing the importance of their INVOLVEMENT, in everything from monitoring their minor’s finances to her social circles, drug and party culture, and in some cases how to discern hanger-ons. It’s so important for them to know, my professional mentors are people who came of age and survived the Studio 54 era, and I came of age when the industry was going through that horrid Heroin Chic period. I always noted that the girls who were descending into the pit of hell were the ones who didn’t have stable familial relationships or input. Yolanda Foster’s girls are doing alright because mom has been involved in guiding them.

  7. Ah Durchess, methinks you doth light the pilot light for more opinions. Parents know from experience how unchartered the waters are on the way to their children’s adulthood.

    1. River, I haven’t seen any comments for a while, not sure if you are on email notifications but thought I would give it a try. I know you are fighting cancer and just wanted to see how you were doingxo

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