Yolanda Foster Says She Did NOT Call Lisa Vanderpump Phony In Paris

Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her experience at her first Reunion show as a Beverly Hills Housewife. Yolanda sets the record straight about the accusations she talked poorly about Lisa in Paris. Kyle Richards alleged Yolanda said Lisa was “phony and full of sh*t” while the women were on their trip in Paris. Yolanda says her words were taken out of context and she has no reason to bash Lisa!

Yolanda writes, “Obviously as the rookie, I did not know what to expect of the Reunion — but let me tell you, it was a whole lot more stressful then I could have ever imagined. Trying to recall incidences that happened seven to eight months ago was the toughest part for me with my Lyme brain. I am grateful to Brandi and Lisa for helping me get through the day, as they stepped in at times when I was a little lost for words.

I was really surprised that Adrienne did not show at the Reunion. I thought it would have been the perfect platform for her to set some things straight, as I am sure she has her version of how things came about this season.

I honestly was looking forward to hear her story, but unfortunately we will never know as she chose to not show.

I pulled up my bootstraps and flew across the country and left my treatment center in Florida to be at the reunion because I felt it to be my duty as a Housewife. I am glad Andy set the rule straight, you don’t show up, you’ll get fired. Maybe they can add a blog rule as well. Some of us struggle and make time in our busy lives to turn in a blog every Monday morning but some just write whenever they feel like it.

I always thought my blog was meant for our fans to get to know us more intimately, while our relationship within the group would develop naturally. I thought it was an interesting way to share our views and to see a different perspective through our eyes but I’ve now learned thatKyle sees it as a new way of communicating and she obviously formed an opinion of me through my blog.

It was uncomfortable to sit on the couch and be confronted by two sisters that all of a sudden pretended to be united after they fought the entire season. It would be stupid for me to say I was surprised because I saw them change scenarios in front of my eyes along the way.

Of course we did discuss Lisa and everyone else in the group while in Paris. That’s what girls do, so I am not going to sit here and deny that. But unfortunately they chose to take my words out-of-context and embellished the meaning of them. I have no reason to attack Lisa, as she has been nothing but a consistent and good friend to me and my family.

It was hurtful because, even though I am far from perfect and my black and whiteness isn’t always cute, I am a straight shooter and I do take great pride in the integrity with which I choose to live my life.

I liked Kyle when we met and most definitely had a connection with Kim. It’s hard for me to be involved in superficial friendships with other women. I like to have a purpose and have meaningful conversations which doesn’t seem to be of any interest to them.

I am not going to waste more of my time on the Richards sisters. At this point their behavior speaks for itself. The fact that they have never shown any interest in cultivating a friendship or in my well-being is just another confirmation of their lack of interest in others. Kim and Kyle are about Kim and Kyle and that is where it ends! You actually know them much better than me because you have seen their actions for the past three seasons.

The core of people don’t change. . .what you see is what you get.

Taylor definitely rubbed me the wrong way from the start. The whole number she did on my husband did not sit right with me. I did have a soft spot for her and felt compassion because of the awful tragedy I knew she had endured. In the end, I absolutely appreciate her sincere apology and I am ready to move on and work on our friendship going forward.

I am a confident woman, but I did come into this group guarded to protect my heart. That guard can sometimes get mistaken for being cold or arrogant. I do have my insecurities, but I feel good in my skin and my heart is full of love.

I traveled this road with great caution, but I tried my best to connect with everyone. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to be a positive voice of reason and share part of my life with you the viewers.”

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15 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Says She Did NOT Call Lisa Vanderpump Phony In Paris”

  1. The dynamics are going to be interesting next year, especially if the rumors of Taylor being fired are true. With the exception of Melissa (hopefully, Faye will be gone), Kyle and Kim are each other’s only allies. It may make their relationship stronger.

    Kyle did this to herself by being a phony, and not true to Lisa (or anyone else for that matter).

  2. I know everyone loves Yolanda and maybe I’m a freak because I just don’t get her.

    She called Kyle two faced and then Kyle went ape s#$t on her. She then trashes Kyle for saying she called Lisa phony.

    She is someone who I think it would be hard to be her friend. She either kisses your ass (Lisa and Brandi) or expects you to kiss her ass. There is no middle ground with her but she says all the right things to make people feel sorry for her.

    She would be a good judge (and probably contestant) on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    1. Not sure why Yolanda thinks she can lie but if they roll back the tapes she did say Lisa was full of Shat at the airport on the way to Paris last season. Lisa & Brandi need to hang on to Yolanda for dear life for the Star status. No matter how much money Brandi has she will still be BH tramp trash.l the gossip about Lisa selling story’s that has to be true then

      1. Brandy’s behavior was sad on last night’s episode and for Yolanda and Carlton to support her, is a joke! For Lisa to laugh at Brandy’s ignorant remarks, says a lot about her character. If Brandi was so appalled by the bully comment made n front of her boys, then why did she act like the sloppy town drunk and mean girl on national television. Brandi is jealous of joyce and spouted rude and racist comments, that were clearly fueled by her dear friend, Grey Goose. Carlton is an evil angry defensive troll who needs to contain herself and stop licking her chops whenever Brandi comes within 10 feet of her. Get a grip Carlton! And just because she has no desire to suck face with Kyle, doesn’t mean she has to give her the evil eye and act outraged by everything Kyle says or does Kyle should have hit the road in case that vicious, haggard, horny toad decided to cast a spell on her. Yolanda needs to shut her puffed-up yodel hole, as she is the biggest hypocrite of all – The bleach in her hair must have seeped into her brain because why else would anyone behave like such a royal douche. And for goodness sakes! if joyce doesn’t want to go in the pool Yolanda, leave her the fluck alone. She claims everyone should accept people for who they are, or does that only apply to Brandi when crass, classless remarks come flying out of her Dorito shoot at every event. I’d love to see Kyle give Carlton a nice throat punch and take the broom she rides around on and ram it up her ass, then maybe she’ll think twice about giving Kyle any crap!

  3. It was good to see Yolanda take a stand duriing the reunion as she has done on the past few shows. I must admit I thought she had nothing to offer at first, but she has proven that although she is quiet, she takes in all the details and is not going to let people walk all over her friends. Good for you Yolanda, hope you come back next year!

  4. I think YOLANDA IS A BIG MOUTH AND RUDE CLASSLESS WOMEN. I THINK SHE IS A BIGGGG GAME PLAYER AND LIKES TO START TROUBLE. IM SURPRISED DAVID IS WITH SOMEONE LIKE HER. AND YOLANDA DOES USE CURSE WORDS SHE IS TRYING TO BLAME IT ON LYME Disease not working Yolanda you have a sewer mouth just like Brandi and Marisa your two friends. Yolanda is always blaming others she needs to take responsibility for her own actions and problems. Yolanda is a big phony and everyone that really knows her would agree. She is Disgusting and when David finds more time to be at home and around her he will figure it out as well. Yolanda is always grabing everyones face to look at her or to kiss her husband that should tell you something NO ONE wants to look at her. She is sickening and to stick up for Brandi who is a loser just shows you how desparte Yolanda is to be able to stay on the show. Anyone with morals and dignity would not associate with the likes of Brandi or Marisa. SO that being said I think you can figure out what YOLANDA is all about. She looks dissheveled and unkept she is gross. Don’t let her fool you because she married DAVID FOSTER SHE fooled him to and its only a matter of time.

  5. Yolanda you are so AWESOME! You really truly are a woman of integrity, compassion, honesty and self awareness blended with a hefty dose of empathy for all. Humble and forthcoming in every way. You do wear your heart on your sleeve because it is bursting with love. A true person that possesses these characteristics is like a rare gem, hard to find, complex, unique and fascinating. I do believe you have managed to remain true to yourself consistently from the beginning even while enduring your own personal struggles. You were/are pretty darn seamless. A beacon of light that draws you in or in the case of the Richard sisters scares one away because they have never experienced such a woman. Perhaps they did not have this type of role model. Be it their upbringing, their self-rightousness or their personal disillusions or should I say delusions. They ALWAYS have an agenda for others to comply with and that is no way to live. But these tendencies are a part of alcoholism which is a family disease. They do not seek peace in life, they don’t know what that is and are accustomed to turmoil. All is not right for them when life is easy going, peaceful and calm. A lot if it stems from “alcoholism” but the Richard sisters won’t uncover those deep dark secrets and skeletons because they’d have to look at themselves and admit feelings they are unaccustomed to. Rather than seek help or comfort. It’s all a facade. I have to say they do try but lack the tools in their toolbox of life. Without a doubt there is a dis-ease in their family that more than likely did not start with Kim. These tendencies run in families whether they believe it or not. Hopefully Kim’s forever recovery will help the entire family, in time. But Kim is still in the very, early stage of beginning her recovery. There is no time limit. One does not become cured, ever. One learns to manage their life day by day or minute by minute. Alcoholism is just that acute. Recovery is not something that one tries to achieve alone. Just like we say it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village along with new wisdom to be part of the recovery process. It’s really okay to be true to yourself, to be exposed and to uncover the truth. It is then that a person begins to become whole. It’s a journey, not a mission, it doesn’t just end. It is said that “alcoholism” stunts a persons growth and that the age you start your addiction is the age you remain until you seek sobriety. So let’s say you (not you), a person (unbeknownst to them are alcoholic) starts at age 13 until that person becomes sober they remain with the mind of a 13 year old. So they begin sobriety at age 13. This little fact helps put things into perspective when dealing with the disease of alcoholism.
    Time will tell. As far as things go for Yolanda, don’t ever change. I don’t think you could if you wanted to. Just remain the true woman that you are and continue to be the example. Maybe they will get it thru osmosis. Don’t let the Richard sisters ruffle your feathers, you can only help those that truly want help.
    I wish you nothing but peace and a happy journey. Ain’t life great? Lol.

  6. Yolanda is a fake. And I agree a bully. Yolanda doesn’t have any class. She is not a nice person. I agree David must be embaressed with how Yolanda acts. She is disrespectfull towards people. She is creepy I think she acts desperate towards the other women for attention and desperate for attention from her husband and its not working. Poor Yolanda you can see right through her lies.

  7. Yolanda down deep does not like the other women on the show. Yolanda does not really like people its all a put on. She always wants to be right and ready for a fight. She is very aggressive and tough. David better watch out. He will be on to his 5th wife.Yolanda is to much to take.

  8. Not only Kyle formed an opinion of Yolanda through her blog, I, and my others did too. Your integrity is that of a trouble maker. You confront the housewives to clarify what is none of your business and attack others when the issue has nothing to do with you either. You are no different than Faye. Only difference is Faye does not need to team up with scorn mouths as Brandi to hurt others. You are two-face that gets her kicks out of seeing others argue than give airs that you are better then all. You are cold hearted, and if your sickness causes you memory setbacks, it is stupid to leave your treatment in Florida to come gossip in a reunion.

  9. Brandi is a mean, classless, nasty person who often times makes cruel accusations based on her opinion – She needs to pull her head out of Lisa’s ass and find someone someone else to have a threesome with besides Lisa and her lawn ornament of a husband. Brandi’s vagina hole was likely the size of Kansas so she had to get it tightened so Ken wouldn’t get swallowed up by it:)
    And Yolanda………..Where do I begin…..Wouldn’t it be great it we could all be just like you, Yolanda. You seem to think you have it all figured out and are quick to criticize others and tell them how they should live their lives. I think deep down you dart around like Martha Stewart and work out like a fiend because you’re petrified your hubby will move on to number six. All that ass kissing seems to have taken a tole on your upper lip.

  10. EVERYONE does NOT love YoHO!!! She is a fake, backstabbing, LIAR!!! She looks dirty and has had BAD plastic surgery!

    1. Yolanda is a hypocrit, as she continues to engage in the the very behaviors she looks down on others for. I think she picks on Kyle and it seems she, and some of the others gravatate toward those they feel superior to in order to boost their egos.
      Brandy can a mean spirited person and continuously tries to justify the cruel comments that come out of her blow hole. I suppose it’s easier to justify your behavior when you have Yolanda and Lisa cheering you on – Even when you act like a foul mouthed scank.

  11. Yolanda , your sticking up for brandy makes you such a stupid woman and you did too call Lisa a phony I saw it on the show, it’s on tape, idiot watch again, maybe with your king David and you’ll see you are two faced and a liar too stupid to see how inappropriate brandy is do you really think it was ok for brandy to show her nipples to a top shoe designer and his friend who she had never met? I liked you at first till I saw your e dress love for brandy the skank and putting your hands on marissas face the way you did that was abusive, keep your damn hands off of others is that what you do to your kids and husbands to get someone to listen to you?not classy, yo!

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