Yolanda Foster Says She Reached Out To Lisa Vanderpump After Puerto Rico, Lisa Says Otherwise


As we previously reported, Kyle Richards released proof that she reached out to Lisa Vanderpump after Lisa and Ken left Puerto Rico. Lisa claimed in her blog that she had not heard from any of the women after leaving Puerto Rico, writing, “I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements.”

We tweeted Lisa, asking about the text messages from Kyle, and Yolanda Foster revealed she also tried contacting Lisa. Yolanda wrote, “I texted her as well without response!”


But Lisa claims Yolanda is lying and didn’t reach out. “No @YolandaHFoster there was never any text from you, you might have to push the send button. The first text is me 9/10 wishing u better,” Vanderpump quipped.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • DebBrenn

    I wouldn’t care if Yolanda texted her or not – she went after her in Puerto Rico for no good reason, and then claimed Lisa left because she couldn’t handle a “conversation.” That wasn’t a conversation, it was an inquisition. That was enough for me never to trust her.

  • only1me

    why would lisa even answer anything from these women, they would have loved that,if she did,

  • Cin

    Twitter, texting, social media….. that is not how you reach out to someone!!! Unless of course you don’t really care in the first place.

  • Megan Yostof

    I used to love this blog, but I feel like you have been awfully Anti-Lisa lately. A gossip blog should be 100 neutral! xx Good job otherwise!

    • Chainey

      I agree 100%.

  • ceebee

    I think Yo is the biggest hypocrite on the show. She gets things all stirred up and then acts so self-righteous. she’s a “girl’s girl” she says. Sure you aren’t. Glad you’re not one of my “friends”.

  • yolanda has already proven to be a liar (dissing Lisa in Paris), then changing her story at the reunion. yolanda blames the “lymes” every time she gets busted for either lying, being catty or out right rude.
    yolanda is an bitter nasty piece of work, someone should tell her that she is not aging very well and needs a make-over ASAP. Her jealousy of all things Lisa V., leaves her looking like a rabid, foaming at the mouth animal……..
    yolanda is boring, and brings nothing to RHOBH except of course her lemons…..

  • Even if this bitter ugly woman reached out- if I were Lisa I would not respond after her attack in PR–she’s a jealous bully who tries to portray herself as a “girls girl”, a woman with class, etc., but all we’ve seen is her act like a junior high school child, petty, bitter, envious and classless clown—her choice of clothes say she needs a stylist and make-over fast……This bitter person needs to get out of her bubble and get a life instead of living thru mohamed, her children and louse david. She always talks alot of BS about being a “proper dutch girl”, but the viewer’s have yet to witness that………….

  • yolanda is a pompous twit who thinks she’s a “legend” in her own mind……..I hope that she gets some help with her (aging very badly) looking face…..
    Note to yolanda—you were a dime a dozen model nearly 30 years ago, mohamed left you after only 6 years, and you are davids 6th wife (time to get over yourself), you are only fooling yourself… The viewer’s see what you are……..

  • Anna

    Notice that the viewers do NOT like you one bit…. All for the same reason. You are so mean and aggressive and seem to have no real warmth or feelings for others. I think you are an angry, bitter, jealous, very needy and lonely woman–An aging model who has lots of money and time on her hands, but no real friends, pastimes, hobbies or anything of importance to do. You spend your time finding nonexistent ways in which you perceive others slight you. You have a loud, vicious, stinging tongue. You are not kind or caring, and have little empathy for hurt people unless they are furthering your personal cause ( Brandi) like bringing down those you feel are threatening to your standing. You have absolutely NO humility and it is staggering to behold. You are no girl’s girl! You behave as though you were royalty and entitled to so much more than all the little people beneath you. This is what makes it so difficult to watch you!
    You are not honest, and your envy of others is making you a truly miserable and ugly person. Even your ex, Mohammed, who is the source of your own wealth, and is so much more accomplished and successful than you, is a humble, gracious man by far in comparison to you AND that haughty husband of yours. Do you not see that both your husband and ex are embarrassed by you, and maybe even ashamed? It seems to me that your ex merely humors your presence, but finds you silly and petty like the rest of us. Is this why your marriage to him was so brief? You can not be a very easy person to live with. You just want to control everything and everyone. Maybe that is why David is never home, and never accompanies you to any events. You always make a horrible scene. I expect that you will not be the last Mrs. Foster, and I suspect that you are worried about that too. You have only yourself and that ridiculous pride of yours to blame. Forget the physical makeover. Its whats inside that needs the major overhaul.