Yolanda Foster Says She Reached Out To Lisa Vanderpump After Puerto Rico, Lisa Says Otherwise


As we previously reported, Kyle Richards released proof that she reached out to Lisa Vanderpump after Lisa and Ken left Puerto Rico. Lisa claimed in her blog that she had not heard from any of the women after leaving Puerto Rico, writing, “I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements.”

We tweeted Lisa, asking about the text messages from Kyle, and Yolanda Foster revealed she also tried contacting Lisa. Yolanda wrote, “I texted her as well without response!”


But Lisa claims Yolanda is lying and didn’t reach out. “No @YolandaHFoster there was never any text from you, you might have to push the send button. The first text is me 9/10 wishing u better,” Vanderpump quipped.

Photo Credit: Bravo