Yolanda Foster Says Kyle Richards Kisses Lisa Vanderpump’s Ass


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the first episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda says she believes Kyle hired SUR to host her party because she is continuing to kiss Lisa’s ass. Yolanda says she wishes Kyle would say what she says to her face instead of behind her back.

Yolanda writes, “It’s nice to see Kyle in her store and working to succeed in the Beverly Hills business world. It didn’t seem like she quite understood the purpose of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

There are so many catering services in this town. The fact that she is choosing to hire Lisa’s restaurant, SUR, to do her party is once again a clear example of first degree ass kissing and maybe the greatest lie of all! Even her own daughter is pointing this out to her. What kind of message does that send to her children? She belittles Lisa and then turns around and pretends nothing ever happened. It’s all so fake and confusing to me.

Kyle’s perception of Lisa’s and my friendship is the same perception of our conversation in paris, which in both cases is wrong.

The Paris conversation in this boring debate took place one-and-a-half years ago, and it will forever more be her word against mine. But honestly, she must have nothing more substantial going on in her life to still be feeling the need to talk about this. It’s interesting to watch her try to minimize my relationship with Lisa and obsessively try to attack my integrity as a human being. How many times can you call someone a liar in one episode? Most psychologists would call that projection.

Kim and her dog are adorable and great comedy. I am so happy to see that very funny playful side of Kim focusing on making a home for her and her family rather than roaming the side streets of Rodeo Drive.

Watching Kyle’s party makes me feel really stupid. I should have followed my intuition and declined her invitation. The “Oh lord, here comes. . .ahhhhhh” comment when she sees me at her party again shows how fake she really is. It’s hard not to react when I see her mocking my accent and my husband, but for now, I will leave that alone and focus what energy I have on more positive things.

The liquid courage seems to be working for Kyle. I truly hope maybe one day she will actually have the balls to sit face-to-face with me and tell me instead of everyone else how she really feels about me.

I don’t really understand how our show gets mixed in with Vanderpump Rules, but my only comment is, I’m wondering why Scheana is still working for Lisa? wouldn’t you think you would fire someone if you found out they destroyed your best friend’s marriage?”

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  • DebBrenn

    She’s right about one thing – we’ve watched Kyle throughout the years smile and schmooze to each woman’s face and then say nasty things about each to whoever i present. She’s a snake in the grass, and it’s not only not nice, it’s cowardly.

    • Tamara

      I’ve been over Kyle ever since she repeatedly threw her sister Kim under the bus. Alcoholism is a disease and to hear her talk crap to her friends about her sister was disgusting to me. And the crocodile tears she shed when face-to-face with her sister….the ultimate in “two-facedness”(did I just make up a word?) No surprise that Yolanda was able to accurately nail down and call out Kyle’s duplicity.

  • deonn

    that last sentence she said was really stupid ” I’m wondering why Scheana is still working for Lisa? wouldn’t you think you would fire someone if you found out they destroyed your best friend’s marriage?” first she wasnt friends with brandi at the time. second she prob was a good worker thats why she kept her. and third why does yolanda run on instagram and say all this stuff like “get wise and be mature” if she herself cant be? lol girl stop

  • Kevin

    I am SO glad that Yolanda mentioned the BH/Pump Rules editing. I hated the fact that Bravo meshed the two series together. I understand what they were trying to do, but the whole thing was a mess in my opinion.

  • Shannon

    Yolanda is by far the fakest and most annoying person on this show. She thinks she’s amazing and it’s ridiculous.

  • Yolanda came on the #RHOBH with this hard as nails demeanor, saying whatever came to her mind, sparing no one’s feeling. Remember the European trip where she made so pretty direct comments and later denied them. Now she acts as if she is so demur and has such a diplomatic character and would never say anything to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m with Kyle on this one.