Yolanda Foster Says Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer & Faye Resnick Kiss Adrienne Maloof’s Ass!

Brandi Glanville & Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to dish on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda doesn’t hold back as usual! She talks about Adrienne and how she uses her financial power to intimidate Brandi. Yolanda states that Faye, Kyle, and Camille “kiss Adrienne’s ass,” and also slams Marisa Zanuck for comments made about her husband, Dean. Yolanda also writes she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and not to mistake her calm attitude for arrogance. Read more below!

Yolanda writes, “I am a girl’s girl, and I’m sensitive to little things like that. I guess the way Brandi was received in this group last year really affected her, so that’s probably why she made a great effort to reach out and get to know me.

I maybe wasn’t received with much love, but I did get respect, because I demand it. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth. Even though I have plenty of insecurities, no one in this group intimidates me.

Which leads me to Adrienne. Intimidation with status and financial power is to me the worst quality a rich person can have. I saw Adrienne do it to Brandi, actually she threatened her with an “Oh boy she is going to get slapped with a fat old lawsuit” for all of us to see… Then she denied it, so why would I not doubt her integrity?

Brandi came to the barn because she had so much anxiety and fear about the lawsuit; I truly felt in my heart that I needed to stand by her, support her, and make her see that Adrienne is no more or less then anyone else in this world.

I’m glad you got see another glimpse of my baby Bella and her great passion for her sport.

The fact that Faye, Kyle, and Camille kiss Adrienne’s ass and make her believe that it is OK to behave like that is concerning to me. I wonder if any of the three ladies have the true means to have a $700 an hour lawyer fight their battles with their girlfriends.

Lets keep it real here. The truth is that I couldn’t afford it, and I don’t believe any of them could either.

I grew up cleaning stalls and milking cows. I don’t have a college degree, but I did grow up on the streets (and that is not Rodeo Drive) of many different countries around the world and survived because god gave me the perseverance and great intuition that I used religiously.

So if you read my calm demeanor for arrogance, you are mistaken. I was raised in a culture that is maybe to a fault emotionally controlled, so I have learned to step back, assess the situation, and act on that. I love the American openness and use of language, I just don’t know how to be that way.

Knowing and feeling for Dean’s mother, I can only say I hope Marisa will never hear a woman speak about her own son the way she speaks of her husband. We all have our crosses to bear and even in my life behind the big house, ocean views, and lemon trees, life isn’t always as pristine and perfect as Marisa says it is in her blog post last week. But I do wash my dirty laundry in the laundry room where it belongs and protect those I love.”

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6 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Says Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer & Faye Resnick Kiss Adrienne Maloof’s Ass!”

  1. Yolanda is such a breath of fresh air. I wish all these Housewives shows focused mire on their real daily lives instead of the incessant, cackling bitchfests.

  2. Dear Yolanda – you hit the nail on the head! Marisa Zanuck has a lovely husband – charming and handsome – her last name is synonymous with one of the most talented families in the motion picture industry – shame on you Marisa. She seems as if she is acting out or maybe thinking she needs to catch up on the bad behavior the others seem to relish. Regarding your dinner party with the housewives – my gosh, how were these people raised? They were rude and unappreciative of the lovely dinner and heavenly music that your husband and other talented musicians were so kind to provide and share with the viewing audience – FOR FREE PEOPLE!!! What a treat for all of us – thank you. I can’t even imagine being present in that setting with all the talent in one room. Shame on Taylor for misbehaving as well as a few others. Gorgeous home, beautiful family – love the lemons – I go through so many lemons a week and we don’t live anywhere near California. Hopefully, your wonderful insight into being a mother, wife and homemaker will rub off on those who need it most. I so appreciate someone that takes pride in their family and home – it’s the way most of us were taught by our mothers. You are extremely refreshing. I have always treat guests in my home in the most gracious way possible – after all if you don’t do it for guests, when will you?

  3. Yolanda Everything Lynn said and also, KYLE just as always is and continues to show her bratty mean-girl spirit, She says she DOESN’T Lie, but If she has to lie about her #Backside (To say she had Only her love handles done) not admit to having her butt done, She must think we all believe hers lies through out the show #SheIsAwful

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