Yolanda Foster Says She Can’t Pretend She And Brandi Are BFFs, Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Is Afraid Of Lisa


Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss the jab Brandi made at her last week on Twitter after Yolanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Yolanda says she hasn’t seen Brandi in 5 months and she can’t pretend like they are BFFs. Yolanda also weighs in on the dynamic between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards and says she doesn’t understand why everyone is so afraid of Lisa.

Yolanda writes, “First, I wanted to clear up Brandi’s jab at me with her tweet while I was on WWHL saying I cancelled dinner plans with her. It surprised me because it would have been justified if I had been a hypocrite and cancelled plans with her and instead taken a business meeting that was more important — but that’s absolutely not what happened! I cancelled because I was dealing with my crying child across the country in NY who was just diagnosed with a disease we were trying to figure out. This is something I shared with B in good faith — but not something I wanted to share with all of you because that’s my daughter’s privacy. But since Brandi brought it up on national TV, I feel I have to clarify the situation.

Obviously she lashed out at my comment about our friendship (which made her feel that I don’t love her). But, the truth is that I do care for her and never intended to hurt her feelings. We all lead busy lives. Even though we text once in a while, we have not seen each other in five months, so I am not going to sit here and pretend we are BFFs and talk every day because we don’t.

I have taken a lot of heat for supporting Brandi through all her ups and downs but I have done so because she supported me while I was down and out. Even though she is unfiltered on the surface, I always believed her to be a kind and good-hearted person deep down inside that needed my support, but I truly hope she does not mistake my kindness for weakness.”

As for the ladies, Yolanda writes, “All I heard for the past two years is how Kyle so deeply insulted her integrity and — like you all saw on the last reunion — Mauricio was a user (in her opinion) and only befriended people who could give him real estate deals. (Which I believe is part of his job and the way he provides for his family.) Nobody ever spoke of this after the reunion, and I know for a fact that even when we all got back together this subject was never discussed.

Lisa always seemed to be a great friend to Brandi, but when things got tough and not so pretty, I did see her distance herself overnight without any explanation or acknowledgment. She clearly decided to reposition herself within the group and therefore bring Kyle back in.

Kyle on the other hand always said that Lisa is like Bobby Fischer because she strategically manipulates every move. I wish she would have had the courage to use this perfect example to point that out to Lisa. Kyle should have drawn a line in the sand and demanded an apology for her husband and at least some sort of acknowledgement of what went down before accepting the invite for a joint birthday party.

It is impossible to rebuild the foundation of a true friendship without that.

Lisa is a beautiful, smart and witty lady, and I am not going to deny that I have always enjoyed her company. Somehow she intimidates the women in this group and they are therefore afraid to hold her accountable for her actions. I am having a hard time understanding why it’s so hard for Lisa to acknowledge her mistakes, because the truth is that we all make them everyday, including myself. When I forgot to put hearts on some of the namecards at my dinner party, I came around and acknowledged my rude mistake, even though I had not done it intentionally. Painting a heart on a little canvas for the three girls involved was my way of saying, “I am sorry, I screwed up!””

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  • Deed

    I’m not a die hard fan of Lisa’s, but I like her most of the time. Why don’t you get off her back & clean up your own issues? What makes Yolanda so superior to everyone else? I saw right through you early on, and I didn’t like what I saw one bit. If Lisa is so bad, and this is really true….. Well I guess that just means she’s that much more clever than you, because I sure don’t get the same vibe from her that I have from you from day one. You have so many problems of your own & enough people that truly dislike and mistrust you. Plus you keep telling us how terribly sick you have been, and now your daughter has a “secret illness.” Isn’t that enough for you to deal with and to keep you from constantly analyzing ( ah, with so little insight, nonetheless) others and concerning yourself so much with their actions and behaviors? Plus, isn’t it time for you to singlehandedly prepare a 6 course gourmet dinner for your King? My, you do have a lot to do after all. Maybe you should QUIT blogging. No one wants to listen to you talk on a high horse on a mountain top. Forget a spin off. You’re not a girl’s girl & you don’t get how the real world functions. Nor do I expect you would ever care. You don’t fool the large majority of us, and the few fans you once had are truly dropping like flies. I just don’t like anything about you or your husband. Snub your pointed little nose at that.
    Even though I never liked you, I could, and did, in the very beginning look at you purely physically and say to myself, “my, that is a really beautiful woman.”
    I can’t see that lady anymore, you hear me? You don’t even look the same. You are so jealous and over competitive , two faced, and a liar to boot. No I don’t see anything even remotely pretty at all. You lost that when you talked out of both sides of your conniving mouth constantly defending Brandi’s atrocious behavior. Too late to fix it now Yolanda. You will never recover from all of those blunders in my eyes and many others. Now shouldn’t you be in your kitchen
    slaving over your stove?

  • Chainey

    Well said!

    • shantel1960

      OMG, well said. You pegged Yolanda to the tee.
      Well written!

  • starr sabga

    WOW & WOW!!!!!!! Great job of analyzing 2 faced Yolanda. I KNEW she is a Lisa V wannabe & her jealousy is so clearly apparent. Great Job.

  • Anonymous

    Deed: sums it up… Very well said:-)