Yolanda Foster Says As Long As She’s Around The Women Won’t Treat Brandi Glanville The Way They Did In Season 2!

Yolanda Foster

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss why she wanted to hold Marisa Zanuck accountable for what she said about Brandi Glanville on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda says she has little in common with catty, trash talking women, and as long as she’s around, these “pit-bulls” won’t be treating Brandi the way they did last Season!

Yolanda writes, “I never liked big parties, especially going alone. I much prefer smaller gatherings that are more intimate. A couple of shots of Zing would have definitely made me a lot more relaxed, but I just have not been comfortable enough to let my guard down amongst this feisty group.

Thank god I didn’t, because I needed every bit of my Lyme brain to function in order to understand what these adult women with their high school antics were trying to do, which was clearly throwing Brandi under the bus. Guess what, that ain’t gonna happen under my watch.

I feel Marisa should have waited to discuss the text message with Brandi rather then sharing this private discussion with a bunch of women that she knew didn’t have the best intentions with Brandi.

When Faye started her B-bashing, once again I just felt like I was trapped in a circle with a bunch of women I honestly have little in common with.

Maybe that sounds arrogant or mean, but it’s just not the way I choose to conduct myself. I don’t mind having a debate or agreeing to disagree with someone face to face, but I am very righteous and will stand up against all of them when I feel like they are ganging up on someone. Trash talk is dangerous, especially when it comes from hearsay.

Watching Adrienne and Paul interact is painful. I always wondered why she talks to her husband the way she does. In my eyes it seemed so extremely disrespectful, but I guess we now know why.

So to be fair to Adrienne, we all know what it feels like to fall out of love with someone who was once your everything and all of a sudden every little thing they do irritates you. Breakups can bring out the worst in us, and unfortunately most of us will deal with it at some point in time. Hopefully Paul and Adrienne can put their egos aside soon and focus on raising their beautiful children united as friends.

I am still not sure why they choose to make a public announcement about their separation on Lisa’s special day.

Rather then standing around talking about the birds and the bees, I wanted to hold Marisa responsible for throwing Brandi under the bus at Adrienne’s party so we could move on from that. For a minute, I was speechless when Faye inserted herself into our conversation uninvited. I honestly have never seen anyone behave so rudely and inappropriately. How hypocritical from someone that is trying to belittle another woman for her behavior?

I saw how these Pit Bulls treated Brandi last year, and that ain’t going to happen as long as this sheriff is in town.

The fact that Faye defines a woman by a Chanel bag is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. To be honest, I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of a woman!”

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16 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Says As Long As She’s Around The Women Won’t Treat Brandi Glanville The Way They Did In Season 2!”

  1. Yolanda you rock! I was very impressed with your ability to maintain your poise and class while basically telling Faye where to “get off”. I believe you left her stunned. And speaking of class, the exit stage left with Brandi, so as not to gratify that clod with anything more than a smirk thereafter was perfect, and left her standing there looking like the moron that she is. It was perfect. Beautiful.

  2. I am so glad that Yolanda stepped in and talked Marisa in to being accountable for what she said about Brandi. Marisa should have waited and talked to Brandi on the side or in private, instead of sharing her business with a bunch of Brandi haters. All it does is create more stupid drama. These are suppose to be rich, and very well to do with ladies, but honestly we with less money have way more class an tact than this sorry group, excluding Yolanda, Lisa and Brandi. Should be interesting to see how the reunion show turns out.

  3. She should run for president!!
    I think she must have been raised by Care Bears on the rainbow.

    She says she only looks out for the best of others and doesn’t like drama.

    Why did Bravo hire her? They need at least someone with flaws who is interesting to watch. When your perfect and you let the whole world know it you’re a bore.
    When your human and make mistakes and are called out by other people you are interesting and make for a better housewife.

  4. Dear Yolanda,
    As usual you are on point about everything. Bravo!
    As far as Faye Resnick goes (goes away I hope). The woman does not possess a shred of decency. All she has ever been is a want-to-be, hanging onto others like bad body odor. Please feel free to throw her in front of the nearest train! I hope by this time you have Googled Faye Resnick to read the bio of her life. Nothing but pure garbage.
    I don’t understand why Bravo would bring more pain to the Brown and Goldman families by giving this leech of a woman any fame at all. Casting Faye has made me view Bravo TV in a whole other light. What they won’t do for ratings is shameful.

  5. Thank you, Yolanda! It is so nice to see a woman stand up for a friend. Faye Resnick is the rudest, most hypocritical person …who interrupts a conversation saying “I’m not leaving” when she is clearly not wanted? I was so glad Brandi and Yolanda walked away. Thank you, Yolanda for standing up to Faye! So refreshing! The other ladies are clearly too afraid o f Faye to speak up. I have such hatred for that woman!

  6. Please get rid of Kyle kim and faye!!! Pls pls pls they are sooooo catty. My 12 year old niece is more grown up. They pretend they don’t want drama yet they r the ones who stir it up! Oy

  7. Yolanda, I agree with you about taking Brandi to Marisa, and the 2 of the talking it out, BUT you should have walked off also. And as for Faye I am not sure what that cow was even doing there, she needed to get on her broom and fly away. And if Kyle is Lisa’s TRUE friend she would take up for her and stop being her around the women that she does not get alone with. And one more thing Brandi is a grown woman you do not need to fight for her Lisa, and Ken does a good job of that. If Brandi would think before she talks she would not cause so much trouble for her self. I am not saing not to say it just the way she saies things needs to be thought out first. So you, Lisa, and Ken let her be a big girl and wear her big girl pannities.

  8. I don’t like Ypolande. I think she likes to stir up trouble. She is the new kid on the block and should take it slow. I cannot believe Bravo is allowing Faye Resnick on the show. She is trash if I ever smelled it. Her claim to fame is her Playboy pictorial and her relationship with Nicole Simpon. Get the hook.

    1. Margaret, I agree with you so much. Yolanda always thinks she is right. And is not. She is very nosey too. She used to be pretty when she was young. But why do you think she picks Gigia over her other daughter? She is always Gigia this and that but her other daughter Bella I think it is has accomplishments also but she never tells about hers and a son too. Plus her famous husband is a rude person. I never knew he was rude like that to women or men. I do not like her, or her meddling in the others business. She can have Brandy, but brandy is not young like her daughter. I do not get why the difference is made in her daughters. I can do without her on the housewives. I remember something about David one time saying someone could not sing if they did not be quite. I can not rem all of it. Thought it was big lipped Taylor. But Yolonda was very pretty in her day. Just a know it all and so nosey and thinks Brandy is her daughter. Brandy is older than that.

  9. I find Yolanda a very refreshing, beautiful, honest and an ethical woman who is strong enough in her own feminity and self worth to stand up for what she believes in. also, I wish everyone could have a Yolanda type friend in their life. It would make life easier having someone that loyal and honest as a support group. Regarding Faye Resnick, telling the world that what you have financially is what defines a “lady” is not only obnoxious to hear but makes me feel pitty for anyone who would wants a friendship with someone so morally corrupt.

  10. And, I wish Yolanda could see threw how Brandie treats other people. I never like to see people ganged up on. Never. But that’s what was going to happen to Adrienne if she showed for the reunion. I am glad she did not show. To me that is bad to be ganged up on even if it is Brandy or Faye. I am tired of Kyle though, an attention getter. But everyone has feelings. Maybe Brandie needs Yolanda to help her understand that. Why is Kim still on the show? What does she give the show? Kyle almost had something when her husband was seeing someone. But from the time I first started watching housewives, it has really gone down hill. Used to be real housewives, glamorous ladies that were housewives. Some now are not even housewives. It is different now. Needs renamed and some gone. And now Bravo is fake.

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