Yolanda Foster Reportedly Upset About Poor Editing


The season has just started for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but fans can already tell that this is not an easy one for Yolanda Foster. We have witnessed her battle with Lyme Disease, seen her go to doctors and get treatments, but apparently that has not been enough for her fellow castmates. They have questioned what exactly the Dutch beauty is sick with and if that is not bad enough, Radar Online is reporting that Yolanda is not happy about the editing she is getting.

“Yolanda is really mad about the editing that she is getting because she feels like Bravo is making it look like she’s faking her disease. She has fought so hard to get better and to portray her as exaggerating the disease is insulting her. She feels like she is being exploited.”

While she may not be happy about the way she looks on screen, the source adds that she is enjoying the attention she is getting for having the disease and her public divorce with David Foster.

“The attention Yolanda has been getting from her illness and her divorce has made her a bigger star, and she really likes that. Since she’s getting divorced she is thrilled that she is a famous name in her own right.”

The source concluded, “Yolanda has always wanted to outshine the other women. She wants to be as famous as Kyle Richards or Lisa Vanderpump and now that they’re talking about her all the time she is becoming the bigger star.”

What do you think of Yolanda’s editing? Is it about the fame or do you think she is being real? Sound off in the comment section below!

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48 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Reportedly Upset About Poor Editing”

  1. There is something very wrong with this story, 1. Radar again 2. Sources say a star??? Is that a joke. I can imagine she enjoys the extra attention but none of them are stars. It’s laughable! I have never liked Yolanda, I think she has a mean streak in her, i have said so a few times but I wish her continued health.

    1. Sally I wish her good health also but I do not believe her the doc she is seeing believes microwaves and tech is making us sick and we need to use special paint on our houses and some messed up ideas we will get exposed 1 way or another because it is the world we live in…

      1. Myst7, the more I read about Yolanda the more I think she needs psychiatric help. She said the minute she married David she got sick! Not soon after or around that time but the minute??? I don’t doubt she has or had Lyme disease but I also think she was cured ( or controlled) a long time ago. The leaky implants can’t have helped. But I just cannot take anymore of her photos or teeth extractions, well fillings, why oh why do we need to see all of this? I love BH it’s my favourite of the shows but she is ruining this series for me. Apart from the Dubai trip I might just skip the rest of this series.

  2. the fame is what she has wanted a model,then she did a Dutch housewife show she married David Foster on,and now she is on RHoBH and she started it for Herself and to make her kids famous, it worked Yolanda is Not Stupid but she sure thinks the People who watch her show are
    No she is not as famous as LVP or Kyle she is becoming infamous with her European treatments and Doctor that lost his License to practice in the USA so he is in Europe now

        1. 3 years! I was bored reading all of it but to blame; global warming??? Microwaves??? Special curtains with a coated silver lining! And on and on! OMG. If he is still treating her she needs psychiatric help quickly!

    1. He what!!!!!! OMG! That’s insane! He didn’t lose it for now reason. This whole situation is sounding crazier and crazier.

  3. This entire situation is just crazy…….. I think of myself as a very intelligent woman but Yo is a mystery to me. Part of me feels like she is using the illness (real or fake) to overshadow her divorce.
    She said she married David and she immediately got sick. In the early season she was on she was moving all over the place. She was redecorating Mohammed’s home and throwing parties and never showed one sign of an illness.
    So if the illness hit her so hard why did we not see it on the 1st season she was on. It makes me crazy.
    Here’s my issue…. if your sick and we hear yo say it all the time. Why would you EVER put yourself on a reality show where your life is going to be picked apart by the entire country. I don’t know if she wants sympathy? I know that the last thing I would do was to go on TV. She can be upset over the editing or coverage of her life on the show but the only one to blame for that is herself. For her kids sake you would think that she would make this part of her life very private and hopefully she will win the battle and then she can come back. I just don’t understand any of these women. Like Tre Giudice’ as she calls herself. She is a convicted felon and she has put her family through the ringer yet she has People magazine taking photos for the cash. I would tell ANdy for the sake of myself and my family Im done. I need to spend the upcoming years taking care of my children so they will not be susceptible to peer pressure or the media frenzy. Same thing. People on these reality shows make HORRIBLE decisions about their lives and thy really screw up their families and mostly the children (yes you Brandi) I guess I think differently than these women I must be truly boring.

    1. I am also confused, Melodie…and I agree with your post. The only thing I might add is these women are pampered and spoiled and may think and act differently than you and I do.

    2. She wasn’t diagnosed with Lyme disease till after her first season ended when it seemed to have gotten a lot worse. Back in the season 3 reunion she said there were moments of it being really bad during season 3, but it got worse after filming.
      In season 4 she was doing treatments for it and had the regular antibiotics you have to clear up Lyme disease and the doctors told her she’d be looking at years of recovery because of the neurological damage done from having Lyme without it being diagnosed.

      Part of the problem with Lyme disease is that the disease isn’t consistent, so it’s not like she was hit with the disease and has been bed ridden ever since, the disease keeps hitting her, so some days she’s fine other days it’s not. It’s not till after season 5 stopped filming that it seems to have really hit her and it’s been more consistent.

      I don’t get why people are saying it’s convenient timing now, we’ve known since season 4 she was dealing with long term neurological damage. And she’s been really bad since season 5 started airing after it filmed, so much so she couldn’t stay at the reunion.
      She seems to be doing better now, but we are watching footage from months ago before she was getting better

  4. I could believe ol controlling Yolanda could be bitchy about the edit, but honestly…the whole star thing sounds waaaaayyyy off. She was coming for lisa a few seasons ago, but she somewhat reminds me of a stage mom when we first got introduced to her kids.

  5. Did anyone notice the scene where Lisa r and Eileen came to visit she was in bed reading an iPad as soon as she heard the door bell she put it away and laid her head on her pillow . I thought that was odd !!

    1. Yes but I also wonder how much of that was editing to make it look that way. It may not have been, however Bravo knows how much attention was garnered from showing Brooks faked his illness, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did some creative editing to stir the same type of story. Which they are doing a good job because it is working. The HW’s have talked about how things didn’t really happen like it showed and will say “what you didn’t see”. So I just wonder if they edited it to make it look like the doorbell rang and she laid down. When in reality it could have been 45 minutes before they even got there ya know.

      1. That scene was 100% editing. And for some reason got really misinterpreted by fans. People say she took off her glasses and lay down after they came into the house to make her look sick, yet when Lisa and Eileen come into the room Yolanda is sitting up, not even propped up, she’s just sitting up on the bed. That scene of her lying down could have been from another time that day, but it doesn’t even align with the scene were they enter the room.

        So that scene was editing, and it was really bad editing. But I can’t really see much other scenes that she could blame editing on, she hasn’t really been made to look like she’s faking, except by the other women talking about it.

  6. I have never thought of Yolanda as a fame whore. And I doubt most people would find media attention over a divorce something to want. I can understand wanting better editing but the rest of this story, very questionable.

  7. Please, she’s a total fame whore! All hw’s are. Her story changes with the wind. First she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, then she was diagnosed w/ Lyme 4 mos before she married David, then it was the minute she married him, then it was the leaky implants and getting licked by a cow and now 2/3 of her kids have chronic lyme, too. She has quack “doctors” getting rich off of feeding her need for attention. It’s all on the stoopidhousewives site.
    She wanted to make her kids models, even though they are not true model material, and she succeeded. Her kids are pretty, just not model material. And she has her teenage daughters posing nude/practically nude. She negotiates her kids’ contracts even though she’s too “sick” to read/write/watch tv.
    This woman is nuttier than a fruitcake!!

  8. All HW’s have been victims of the edit, it’s no different for Yo. I was a fan of hers at first until that condescending attitude came out, I thought she was trying to take Lisa V down from the beginning, Lisa V is Mohammed’s friend not hers. I really-really don’t want another cancer-gate. UGH

    1. I agree. Yolanda is not the one who is looking bad(pun not intended) , its some if the other ladies who are. However illnesses you can’t see always will bring out questioning from some.

  9. Oh, where do I begin? First of all there is no such thing as “bad” editing. They can only show what they have taped of YOU doing stuff, so if it’s YOU, then how can it be bad editing unless you yourself are bad? Second, she wasn’t sick in season one. She was running all over the place. She had no storyline other than looking down her nose at the other women, commenting on their drinking and lifestyle. So of course she needed a storyline and PRESTO, let’s use Lyme Disease and show everyone how sick I am, laying in beds, getting questionable, sketchy treatments from skeevy Dr’s. Third, she IS a fame whore. If she was a model when she was younger, that’s great but enough with showing pictures of herself 30 years ago. We could all do that if we wanted but that’s NOT reality anymore. Then she married Mohammed who was filthy rich, she caught him cheating and took her kids and a very hefty settlement and moved up to Santa Barbara (not cheap) and then met David (again, rich) and moved back to Malibu. I do not believe for ONE second she is not jealous of the other women who don’t fly in private planes everywhere they go, have ONE home, are working, sometimes both working and the kids are not getting DUI’s or dating all the creepy Hollywood little boys who think they are so cool cuz they sing a few songs. I had her number in the first season. I’ve been waiting for karma to catch up to her. So Yo? If you are reading this? Knock off the pity parties, stop with all the “bad editing” excuses to justify your BAD behavior and start acting like a woman your age, divorced twice, no income that you produced yourself and the kind of woman who has relied on men their entire life to survive. Own it. Stop the martyr stuff.

  10. Always when there is an issue – it’s due to editing………………. but the fact that she’s happy with all the attention now makes me think that’s all this has been about.

  11. Very questionable this story on radar. But, then again, with Yolanda, everything is very questionable right now. More pity party to come on Tuesday with her will. One has to feel sorry for this very sick in the head woman. I really wish her health.

    1. Jessie, I am sure at some point Yolanda has had Lyme. If not we have another Brooks case and I don’t want to think about that. (Plus at least there is no personal reason for me to hate Yolanda). I don’t like her and never have I hope for all of the people who really are suffering she isn’t lying! The comment she made about the ‘minute’ she married David is a bit dubious! Why would she say minute???

    2. This is an excellent link! Someone took the time to put together all the inconsistencies that go through my head every time I see this attention-seeking woman.

  12. She knows poor editing always happens on reality TV. Every cast member is a victim of that. Her BS excuse of signing up for another season to bring light to her disease doesn’t fly any longer. There are millions of people that are much sicker than her and they don’t constantly post sick selfies. Also she talks to her adult kids like they are children. That disgusts me and I’m most positive it annoys them also. No kids that age want to be talked to that way. Disgusting

  13. Just for the record, the average model booking German clients as Yolanda did in her era easily netted $200,000 a year, and Yolanda definitely would have made that and more as a FORD girl. I’ve produced many a casting, booked many a girl, and signed many a model voucher (the agency time sheet confirming day rate and reg/overtime hours a girl shoots so that she can be paid), including those from Ford, d Yolanda would have definitely been financially and most important independently secure having a successful 10+ year career before she even met Mohammed. I know some viewers don’t like her, but a lot of times their personal feelings about her don’t correctly represent how certain businesses are actually structured- and that feeds into misinformation about people’s careers and quality of life. I get what you feel about her, but she did work the expected life span of a typical fashion model and made a hell of a lot of money doing it before she became a wife and mother. We also don’t know if or how, in typical Nordic fashion she may have invested or diversified her money. The northern European attitude to managing money is very different to that of the south, let alone in the United States. Frankly they tend to be a lot more conservative and strategic with planning than we are. So the allegation that she somehow had nothing before marriage doesn’t work for me.

  14. I like Yolanda okay. They all have their moments and traits like anybody else, but I find her quite far from the most annoying HW around! It must really suck to be put through a chronic illness and a divorce at the same time. Hopefully, this season will show a big turnaround for her and something nice coming into her life.

  15. (Bad editing), how about a lame bad acting, aging badly menopausal lemonbrain idiot. yolyme, it’s not the editing, it’s you—-go away with your fake munchausen stupid story line….Grow up and get over yourself already……

  16. sidewinderVX your post describing Lyme disease is on point. I know how chronic Lyme, neurological imparticular, affects people. My nephew has suffered with this for five years. It’s a disease with relapsing remitting symptoms. Instead of educating themselves, to many people shoot off their mouths without having a clue what they’re speaking about. Especially when the person they’re speaking of is someone they dislike.

  17. I wanted to be able to give details but I’m not allowed regarding editing, that first scene on this season was set up between the producers, Lisa V and Kyle and Yolanda, the entrance to the party without makeup, the comments from Lisa and Ken and Kyle all were part of a set up and editing. Not quite as we saw it! I have waited as long as I can I hoped I could say more but that’s it I won’t be allowed. So who knows at all about editing? It’s us, the viewers who fall for it! Someone has a turn each year at being the ‘baddy’! We don’t have Brandi anymore so to me it looks as though they have chosen Yolanda. Personally why do we have to have someone with a bad edit it’s putting me off watching! Most of the housewives have had turns.
    Going by the majority of the comments here I am surprised by how many think it isn’t quite what Yolanda is putting out. I never liked her but certainly thought she was sick! As for how long before Yolanda put down her book, are some saying she was being filmed for a length of time just reading her book? Sounds a bit off to me.

    1. Sally, Did you go to the link Jessie provided. It’s not about editing, but it is an eye opener about the timeline, the actual name of the disease and much more. Very very interesting and an easy read.

      1. 3D I did first thing this morning. I am trying to think well of Yolanda but it is getting harder! I don’t like her never have never will! I hate to think she has been lying to people as from reading these blogs, it’s opened my eyes to Lyme disease. I didn’t even know we had it in Scotland, but then where I am I don’t think there have been any cases reported. BH was always my favourite but I’m fast losing patience with it. I can be at home watching myself I don’t need to see sickness on a show like this. Then that’s my choice to watch or not before someone tells me that!!!

        1. I thought that link was so good. I just zip the parts with the sickening part of removing “heavy metals” which even I knew was BS tho, if anything she said or did was in some way part of the actual show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” I might miss something important, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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