Yolanda Foster Reportedly In Near Full Recovery From Lyme Disease


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has told Bravo that she is almost in full recovery from her Lyme disease symptoms, according to a new report, and just in time to tape this season’s reunion.

Foster “has informed Andy Cohen she will definitely be on board for the upcoming reunion,” an insider revealed. “During the reunion last year, Yolanda was only able to film for under an hour because she was suffering from the effects of her Lyme disease. But this year she feels like it’s almost a full recovery.”

The source told RadarOnline that “with the Lyme disease controversy being Yolanda’s storyline this year, she is ready to fight back against accusations she has been faking it. Yolanda won’t allow the other ladies to bully her about the hell she has been through. She’s feeling much stronger than she has in months, and the ladies are going to be in for a big surprise when Yolanda lights into them.”

“Yolanda is ready to take on 2016 with a vengeance,” the insider added. “She won’t be a victim any longer.”

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84 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Reportedly In Near Full Recovery From Lyme Disease”

  1. Good, now maybe munchausen will go away and stop those awful sick selfies that no one wants to see. Bye felicia, please go away and shut up lemonbrain, stop whining, stop lying and deal with your aging issue’s (menopause, etc.), like everyone else, find a shred of self respect. Grow up and get over yourself, everyone deals with problems and not all are needy morons such as you…..

    1. You are a terrible person if you can sit there and judge someone who has a disease. How about you take the time to research it before you throw out ridiculous accusations that she has a mental disease. I have had Lyme disease and co infections for 12 years and it’s profoundly effected every aspect of my life, what Yolanda is going through is typical for the disease. It takes years to get under control and needs to be treated by a lyme specialist. At the age of 28 I had to have an angiogram because I get Atrial Fibrilation. Lyme is very serious. I understand that people that say terrible things like you are highly uneducated. I hope people can take the time to see what he’ll people with lyme go through to get healthy again. http://Www.ilads.org is a great resource and here is an article by a dr that contracted lyme and the struggles he had had to over come. http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2015/06/what-its-like-to-have-severe-lyme-disease.html

      1. Great job Paige! I also have been suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. It’s time those who do not have this disease (or worse yet, have the disease and be misdiagnosed) to wake up AND for the CDC and ISDA to change their guidelines. Insurance company’s also need to be forced to step up to cover the costs of Chronic Lyme Disease treatments. Anyone else who is ignorant enough to “throw the first stone”, so to say, will rot in hell. Remember, KARMA.

      2. Everyone is entitled to their opinion just like you. Scolding commenters is ridiculous and unneccessary. Peace to you.

    2. The problem with Yolanda as I see it, is that most people believe that she was suffering from sort of illness early on. The problem we have is all the lies she has been caught in. From stating she hasn’t been able to read, write, listen to music etc. Only to find her driving a car, having lavish dinnr parties while her King played the piano, not to mention all the vacations she and david took while she was posting that she was to dick to get out of bed. This is just to name a few. She has lost a lot of fans because of her deception. Like most eople on ther sites, I too agree that she was vured a long time ago and kept up with the charade because she like the attention. She has not done anything to bring awareness to this disease. Taking selfies in a bathrobe is nothing short of attention seeking.

  2. Great, I mean we already knew this she told andy on what what happens live that she was about 60% recovered.

    Hope this means this will be a shorter season!! They usually only film a reunion like 4/5 episodes before the end, hopefully they will go for a shorter show like RHONY and look at fixing things for next season, this season has been such a bore and I don’t wanna see Yolandas story dragged out for a long season.

    Would love to see a few of these women get taken to task at the reunion, some of them have it coming.

    1. The season just started. NY wasn’t a short season either it was like 17 episodes not including reunion. I thought NY was awesome, it was hysterical!

      1. Once again Naynay I agree 100%! I loved NY, once B stopped crying it was fun, so far there has been fun on BH, we could do without the Yolanda sickness story line but last week was fun. Well apart from some idiot pushing my Ken into the pool!! I would have rescued him! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. I have been loving Beverly Hills so far this year. This last week was great, even tho the friend or brother of Taylor pushed Ken in, it gave the girls a chance to have some more fun. I know you don’t get the episodes quickly at times, but not to worry, Atlanta is just as stupid as it always was. Now there is a weird woman with braids down her back, forget her name. I would remember if it was worth it. The same BS as always, just missing Nene is all. I agree about NY too, when B settled down. I loved Dorinda’s house in the Berkshires. That lady knows how to decorate a mansion!

      2. I know it’s just started but Atlanta has been amazing since starting back, NY was great it’s first few episodes, BH has been boring.

        17 episodes is a shorter season, they usually average 19 and sometimes more as a longer season.

        I loved RHONY, I was just hoping BH is shorter like NY’s last season, I wasn’t comparing the quality of NY to BH, NY was a very season!

  3. So glad she’s getting better, hopefully this season will now take on a different, nicer feel to it. But, my mind is in jumbles. Is she laying this to rest because there’s been so many negative remarks about her being ill & she feels it’s time to stop the self pitying & it would be advisable for her sake to do so as many saw through it & question marks have been rampant? The Lymme’s is better, what of all the other side liners? is she cured of that as well? For her sake, we hope she really gets back to her old self again. Hopefully, there will be no war when she attacks the other ladies.

    1. I don’t think so she mentioned she was doing better since before the season started, before there was any kind of backlash.
      I’ve also seen more backlash from the media against the other women over backlash against Yolanda.

      1. That is exactly right. By the time the shows aired she was doing better. Maybe all her “crazy pointless: therapies actually helped her body get stronger. Alternative medicine has many powerful therapies.

        1. Yep. I think we are being given a lot of misleading information, I don’t for one second believe that medicine cabinet was all the stuff she’s currently taken, maybe everything she’s tried or everything for the next year but I don’t believe the storyline we are being fed on that one. And we don’t know nearly enough about her actual treatment to speculate.

  4. WHy are we talking about this. Tell me she gets better from whatever disease she had,,,,, what’s her story line.? Without the illness she got nothing. I for one don’t want to hear about her divorce,,,,, I give no sympathy to ANY GUY OR GIRL who gets into a relationship with someone who has been married 4 times. She NEEDS a husband she does not want to be alone. These wealthy people have no good sense. Yoda has nothing to bring to this show and without Brandi that she always was babysitting… loada is done.

  5. Wow, I sure hope none of the people criticizing ever become sick with a chronic illness! Although I can’t fully understand because I don’t have to deal with it, I don’t think any of us have the right to judge another person when we haven’t been where they are. We all have things we deal with and to discount someone else’s experience that we do not understand is pretty low.

    1. It is low. The Bible says we will be judged by every word we speak. Laying around criticizing suffering people ought to be a define demerit.

  6. Maybe that little twerp was making her sick. His non stop piano playing. His demand for SILENCE when he performed in their house. The revolving door of aging has-been singers warbling at all hours. I would have slammed the swinging cover for the keys on his fingers after his first demand for SILENCE.

    1. I kinda thought the same thing…Yolanda is a beautiful and very successful woman. She married a man who never seemed to have time for her, her mother has cancer, again, and her children are growing up and moving away…not saying she doesn’t have Lyme disease, but we all know there is a link between our mental health and our physical health… Kyle could be right….(and I never say that).

        1. I too fully agree with Gigicat & apple. I have also felt that her troubled marriage brought her down doubly. With him gone, she’s maybe found life less stressfull & a whole lot more peaceful & it’s been an up-ward swing since.

      1. I have always felt on top of her Lyme, she was dealing with kids growing up leaving the home, menopause, failing marriage, all these things can make you physically sick. I am Yolanda’s age I’m dealing with menopause and children grown up and leaving the house, however it hasn’t made me sick, I turned my sons room into a craft room. ♥♥

        1. Yup to everything. And she really needs to stop calling her grown kids who are having sex with all those Hollywood weirdo’s “babies” because it’s bordering on creepy. And P.S. All women need a craft room! Good for you!!

            1. Hey Sally, I have a Garden Room with 16 feet of gro lights in it. Plus hundreds of garden magazines, pots and baskets and trays and a gardening library to rival the Library of Congress. I get excited at a new shovel!! All of us have learned how to move on and live from the sound of it!

              1. It’s true, I prefer my greenhouse, yes I get excited but at seeds!!! The DIY although I have always done it, I have called a day on it! But I did enjoy it!

              2. you got that right. I would LOVE a greenhouse like this! I get excited over new power tools actually… I like wood working….

            1. They are the best, Sally. Rescues are forever grateful and loyal…I call them velcro dogs…because they are always stuck to my side.

              1. All our cats are rescues too. Bob is 2 and is deaf and the mother abandoned him, Elizabeth is 19 and has kidney problems, Maurice is 12 and has asthma and stomach issues), Romeo and Juliet – the Siamese are 10 and were living on this idiot woman’s back porch OUTSIDE in Tahoe IN A CAGE, Mr. Lucky was tied up to a tree with a dog’s choker collar so we took him home – we have no idea how old he is, I’m figuring by his teeth about 6, Sam is 2 and was found outside with BURNED PAWS (we took him home from the shelter), Casper is 8 and we took home from the same shelter and Lily is 10 and was the runt of a litter that nobody wanted in a pet store in LA. And I have to tell you, it took a long time for the abused ones to trust anyone other than me, but all of them have such a capacity to love. Anyone who abuses animals needs to be shot – on site. Period.

                1. GIGICAT, You’re doing my dream. God always bless you. Sometimes I personally wish I could come face to face with the animal abusers, they would surely find out first hand where barley grows. Animals are so much sweeter than most humans.

                  1. I have a big plaque right near my front door when anyone walks in that says “the more people I meet, the more I love my cats” and it’s really true.. I mean I have my husband and all, but honestly, it would be a tough call if either he or the cats had to go….

                    1. Hahahahahaha! I would feel the same about my husband and my dog! To be totally honest it would be no contest my dog wins every time!

                2. Gigicat, you are a saint, through and through. I hope you and your family, furbabies included, have a wonderful Christmas and beautiful 2016, full of blessings.

              2. I really wish we could post photos here, certainly not of us, although when people are so revolting about a housewife it might be interesting to see what they look like!!! Our pets would be lovely though! Years ago we rescued a German Shepherd from Battersea dogs home but within a week we had to have it put down, it had distemper and was really vicious! My two brothers had to catch it and hold it down while the vet injected the poor thing! Such a beautiful dog! Good on you for your Velcro dogs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        2. Naynay I really feel for you going through the menopause! Ten years mine lasted!!! Glad you are keeping busy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️xo

          1. Going on 5 years with this wretched, sweating, jumble brained thing! Grrrr, but I also have 3 animal rescues a dog 2 cats. In the spring I start my seeds get them going then work in the garden all summer and of course my year round craft projects, have to keep it moving★♥♥★

            1. naynay you are a star! ❤️❤️ on the plus side wou might just be half way through!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. (((Lisa)))
        You are so right I hadn’t considered that. Thankyou for the very kind correction. You’re a kind person I can tell.

    1. You mean the fact the fact that she became ill shortly after her marriage & in full recovery upon her divorce? Or the revelation of her sickness after calling someone an a$$hole on tv & now having the brain fog lifted in time to confront said a$$hole & others who questioned her seemingly contradictory behavior? ITA

  7. As someone who has had a long chronic illness and knows the anguish of it I am so thankful to read that Yolanda is much improved. I have prayed for her health. I hope she moves forward to be a better, more sensitive, kinder person than she was before. Not that she wasnt kind but suffering is meant to make us all better people. More compassionate to the suffering of others. Good does come of it. I wish her much happiness and good health in her future.

  8. Yes. She is getting out while the getting is still good. She knows people are on to her. her latest posting of her and her children’s vials of medicine (dob impossible, the doctor does not exist) has put her on a collision course with complete humiliation. Best to recover now and put the controversy behind you. Eh Yolanda? But where does that leave your two children who you are going to walk to the gates of hell to make sure their lives are not a swirl of physical misery? Will they recover at the same time? You don’t have a cure, how did you do it? You must share your cure with everybody! Your children have CHRONIC Lyme’s disease, remember? That is not so easy to get rid of right? If you get better it is kinda not fair to leave them twisting in the wind, if you know what I mean. One of the strangest things I have ever heard since Roseann Barr said she had two distinct personalities. Yolo’s brain capacity is measuring at 72.21% today!

  9. I really don’t understand all these brain % functions, for all I know my brain in functioning at 16.8% and my husband’s at 2.3% feels that way sometimes LOL

  10. Imagine that, marriage/illness, divorce/healed. People commenting/questioning her illness and Yolanda using it as a storyline and what better way not to get caught, but to suddenly be healed. Too bad Brooks and Vicki didn’t follow that thinking…….

  11. Timing is everything and, evidently, so is Yolanda’s recovery for CHRONIC Lyme’s. Perhaps, Yolanda came out of the stem-cell, IV, non-approved therapeutic induced haze to realize people were not buying what she was selling……not her husband, not her friends and certainly not the public. Chronic is Chronic. Once Lyme’s is in your system, it can lay dormant and then rear-up. I have it and get tested every six months. It’s a blood test. There is no current cure, but you can live a normal life. And perhaps, Yo’s leaking silicone implant played havoc with her system, or, was it that she is experiencing menopause, or, was she addicted to ‘attention’ and she was getting enough, or, was it jealousy as the other ladies are more interesting, or, does she just really needs quality time with a really good shrink instead or spreading these selfies, et al. Yolanda adds nothing to the show and maybe she needs to go back home and buy herself that windmill.

    1. Gale, I hope you continue to manage your Lyme disease and it stays dormant! A very merry Christmas to you ❤️❤️

  12. That is a possibility cause she never had Lyme,she wanted to be famous and get her daughter’s a career which she and family paid for

  13. I don’t think she’s faking it. I don’t see a motive. People usually don’t hang around and cater to a sick person and give them attention, they largely leave them behind. It probably contributed to Yolanda’s marriage ending, too.

    Now Brooks seemed to have a motive for faking. He got to live very nicely off Vicki without having to work. But I don’t see any motive for Yolanda. I think she’s really ill with Lyme disease.

  14. Didn’t she recently start using CBD Hemp Oil? I recall seeing a show on 60 Minutes about it. Maybe it’s responsible in part, for her recovery.

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