Yolanda Foster Opens Up About Lyme Disease…

Yolanda Foster

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Yolanda Foster has been open about her struggle with Lyme Disease and how she has handled her battle with herhealth. David Foster’s beautiful wife took to her Facebook this weekend to explain what it was like struggling to find herself again after her health crisis.

“I had become the shell of the woman I used to be,” Yolanda wrote, revealing she couldn’t participate in the lives of her family like she used to. She is currently in Florida getting special treatment.

“I literally starred at the ceiling for 6 months, not being able to read and write anything of substance,” she wrote. “Watching t.v. was too much stimulation. The Lyme had so severely attacked my brain function that I often asked David if he thought I would be normal again.”

Yolanda remains optimistic she will get through this. “Thank god for the incredible strength and loyalty with which my husband and children guided me through those dark days,” she concludes.

Photo Credit: Bravo