Yolanda Foster Opens Up About Divorcing David Foster on RHOBH


Tonight on the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we learn that Yolanda Hadid and David Foster are divorcing. Hadid opens up about moving out on her own and splitting with Foster.

“I couldn’t live in the same house with David,” Yolanda tells the camera. “It was very important for me to find a healing space that is mine and a place for my children to call home.”

As Erika Girardi came to visit Yolanda and her new home, Hadid explained, “The new condo feels like a safe place. We anchor there. That’s where the family belongs for now and we are going to build from there.”

Yolanda tells Erika that she’s getting used to her new place and that it feels good to be back on her own terms and in her own space. She also shares that all of the women have texted her since announcing her divorce to the public.

“I appreciate it, yet I am cautious,” Yolanda shares. “With the whole group, you’re the only person I confided in. I have trust issues with them right now and not a place I want to share. It’s nobody’s business. We were just two normal human beings that were going through the ups and downs of marriage…”

“…battling chronic illness,” Girardi added.

“That, business, children, step-children, life,” Yolanda continued. “It’s complicated. It was just really tough. If you stop making each other happy then you shouldn’t be together.”

“Divorce is almost like a death,” Hadid tells the cameras. “It’s shocking. David was my life partner and my best friend. I miss my best friend.”

Watch the clip below.

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65 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Opens Up About Divorcing David Foster on RHOBH”

  1. Team Yo all the way! she looks elegant and lovely. And yes, divorce is like a death so if nothing else, let’s have some empathy for that. I feel this whole season, while Yo has indeed discussed her illness a lot, she did NOT make an issue and shove it down the other ladies throat. They chose to make an issue of it and discuss it, which is perfectly fine and they’re entitled to do that. But I’m not aware that Yo tried to make it an issue, other than to HERSELF. My point is whether people believe she’s ill or that she’s delusional or misdiagnosed , etc , she didn’t make those women talk, gossip and whip themselves into a frenzy all season. Those women did that all by themselves.
    and of course ERIKA looks gorge!! xoxo

    1. no bueno CLF, no bueno!!! how many times do I have to spank you? I love you but you’re a loose cannon sometimes xoxo

  2. She could no longer live there with David. Why? Did she stop getting sympathy and compassion from him? Did he get fed up with her going around the world for treatments?

  3. I like Yo. Always have, always will. She’s got a good heart. I believe she is ill. I know others who are suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

    Rain, your comment was bang on. She didn’t force the subject out of the other’s mouths.

  4. I disagree…Yolanda did force “Chronic Lyme Disease” out of all our mouths and down our throats…with her sick selfies and her crazy treatments and by manipulating every single episode and press release to be about her and a complication of lyme disease that most medical professionals do not believe exists… and I hope I never hear about her “journey” or see that robe again.

    1. I totally & completely agree with you apple. Yolanda forced her chronic lymmes down all of our throats over & over & over, to the point of exhaustion. If the housewives & us talked & doubted the authenticity of her illness, & if David ran to get away from her & her dirty robe-no longer white, she has only herself to blame. Sorry team Yo, no pity left in me.

      1. Apple and Starr, not much point in saying any more no sympathy left for her all used up long long time ago if it was ever there! Xoxo

    2. Thank you Apple,,, why now she’s been sick for years ,,,,, I need answered. and that divorce didn’t just happen, their house has been on sale for before the season started. Y would a happy couple sale their home?

  5. Here I go Ladies…
    After spending an entire day with my 83 year old father at his oncologists office setting up his chemo-lite treatments this is what I have to say about this whining POS:

    Dearest Ho,

    SHUT THE EFF UP ABOUT YOUR TRIVIAL LITTLE PROBLEMS. You are an inconsequential, selfish little girl who married a selfish man and your motto for this marriage was “till Lyme do us part” or “till I don’t need you around anymore.” You are as far from being a fighter as bacteria and you make a mockery of the word marriage insulting those of us who actually have a backbone and stick it out because we actually HARK love each other and not marry for money. You repulse me and thousands of other sane people with your self-pity. Your daughters are half-naked little twits modeling bondage clothing and dating trash so stop bragging about them. Your two closest friends are addicts and you should be ashamed of being around them. You are manipulative, cloying, obnoxious and need a kick in the ass. You have zero idea what it’s like to be “sick” and go through “treatment” so stop throwing those words around in describing your idea of a journey before God decides to show you what it really is like.

    99.9% of the viewing audience.

    1. Gigicat, how is your Dad and when does he start his chemo? I hope you are settled now and is your husband there yet? I know he had a doctors appointment so was going to be later than you. Sorry lots of questions! Mine doesn’t start until Tuesday as I have to have various blood tests first over a few days. I have downloaded ACDC Thunderstruck ready to listen on my iPad! Take care my friend you have a lot on your plate. Xoxo

      1. Hi girl. He starts next Tuesday too. WEIRD! Same day. Had all the blood work today, and physical, and tests and talking and talking and talking and reading of Petscan discs we had and more talking and nurses and more talking. He kept getting tangled up in his oxygen cords. I’m making him a chemo kit so he can survive the shit days. Ginger, peppermint, books, etc. I don’t think he’ll listen to AC/DC though…. I can try. The entire infusion takes one hour so that’s good. The whole thing is heartbreaking but our Dr. from Rush/Pres is really hopeful that it’s a genetic mutation (ran another panel of tests for that) and can be targeted. So we’ll see. Hubby comes back tomorrow, had ear biopsy today (cancerous spots). I’m so over all this cancer but it’s on on my plate – so I’ll deal. I don’t run away and get divorced (hear that Ho and David?) She said tonight they married for love? Give me a break. Keep me posted.

        1. I will of course same for you! Yes I was in Monday and so much talking, drip next Tuesday two hours but will be there around five! Then tablets for two weeks, these are the important ones. Then I get a week off for good behaviour before starting again. But oh my the talking went on and on especially when you have been through it all before ( my son) so know about the side effects. But obviously I didn’t say anything as others were there for the general talk then we had an individual one. I will listen to ACDC but not out of choice these days I would prefer something restful. I will take a book with me as no internet! Not in NHS hospitals and we don’t have any private ones around here, too rural. I would have to go up to the other side of Edinburgh each time and I’m not doing that. I’m under the same consultant anyway so seems pointless. The Macmillan unit has a fantastic reputation. I will think of your father, next Tuesday mine is at 1.30. Also good luck to your husband! Xoxoxoxoxo
          Stay strong my friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          1. Suze…I am so sorry you have to go through this. I hope it goes smoothly for you with a minimum of side effects and you get the very best possible results. Have you read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series…first book is titled “One for the Money” …they are light and soooo funny….and may take your mind off your troubles for a bit.
            Just a thought…

            1. Thanks apple, I’m just about to download some today to read while I’m on the drip! I will look for that one. ❤️❤️❤️

              1. Her books are great. Stephanie Plum – Bounty Hunter by accident!! Her entire strange family, the men in her life. What a great idea to recommend these books! Suze, start at the beginning. You get pulled into the entire family drama, all the kooky characters. I laugh out loud when I read these…. If I had your address, I’d mail you the entire series…

                1. I thought I had bought 4 but it’s 5 for £11.00 so really cheap! I’m looking forward to reading them. They have emailed to say I should get them next week so probably not in time for Tuesday but I will start them as soon as I get them. Great that’s two recommendations now. I have other books on my iPad so I have something for next week. Xoxoxox

            2. I have just bought the first four! I got them second hand from Amazon and had to get to that to get free postage! It’s a shame I couldn’t get ebooks as easier to read for me but I have got them on the way now thanks apple xoxo

    2. Couldn’t agee with you more !!!! lymes is forever shoving her stupid lymes/neurological disease/calf licked my face disease/worms disease etc., and now she all about keeping her divorce private? This woman is batshit cray cray.. And she basked in telling viewer’s that mohammed had not spoken to LVP in 8 months (since lymes is at home counting the days in that dirty robe)—all the while her pathetic boob (ericka) sitting there soaking up yolymes kool-aid..The only problem lymes had was a 10 year old ruptured implant that the idiot waited 10 years to remove —gee, what could go wrong there.
      The ruptured implant, menopause and aging badly (those are her true issues)–
      What is it with this (alleged classy intelligent woman) to cause her to hand with tampon string/brandi & ercunty)??? Odd.


    3. Gigicat, I think your father would be horrified at how you just negated another person that’s chronically ill’s disease. Shame on you. Chronic LYME (for those of you that are ignorant enough to not even know how to spell it) disease does in fact exist, and it is just as, if nor more, debilitating as cancer, or any other disease that ravages your body. Lyme disease and all of it’s co-infections eat away at your body and mind. There is no cure, there is no easy fix, and people are left to suffer and go bankrupt trying to find their way back to health. I applaud Yolanda for her tenacity at trying to make it more publicly known because there are obviously too many people that lack awareness of just how debilitating Lyme disease is. Ignorance is not bliss, guaranteed.

  6. I don’t know what to think any more, about those two. But, I will say that it really bugs me they split up.
    I think after people reach a certain age, it’s a lot easier to just try to get along, than hope that there’s someone else, more compatible out there.

  7. Boy, Rinna is like a dog with a bone. She just will not quit her trash talking about Yolanda. I wonder what part of her life she’s avoiding by being so overly involved in someone else’s.

  8. Personally I think how amazing it is that ro how has made such a drastic recovery the past few week during of this past show.. Oh my she even has enough energy to shower. What a glorious miracle. What a pathetic actress she has been..

            1. Rain, I love you too, it’s been grim, but I don’t want to say on the blog xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

  9. Laughed so hard at pathetic rinna & whiney—-both were wanting a knock-down drag out fight with LVP at kyle’s party—and both looked so deflated that no one was biting, buying their BS.
    rinna needs to keep her mouth closed, and whiney needs to keep her legs closed….

  10. yolanda has been uber jealous of LVP because LVP was good friends with mohammed & had loyalty to him and not lymes—–
    Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about that (other reality show) that lymes & david were on? The one that filmed their wedding???
    yolanda is a poser, liar, fraud and famewhore—–

    1. This is why I think have an illness be the story line of a season is an atrocious idea! Please bravo stop this nonsense

  11. Remember when Yolanda said she was going to rock her short hair. Guess she didn’t really care for it after all because, two months later, she had her hair back in a ponytail again. I didn’t care for that short style the way she wore it back off her head but when she wore bangs down it looked good on her.

  12. So sick of Yoyo – but just a question, is there a reason she always calls Gigi or Gigi calls when the cameras are rolling? Staged? Is this to remind all of the audience her daughter is model?

    1. It is to show, despite being at deaths door from Munchausens, that she is a wonderful, giving, caring mother willing to have her ailing hand pick up a phone to face time the favoured one. That call took all her spoons for the next few days.

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