Yolanda Foster Officially Files for Divorce from David Foster


Just before the premiere of the newest season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired it was announced that Yolanda and David Foster were ending their marriage. While this may be a surprise to some things just got even more official. TMZ reported that Yolanda has officially filed for divorce.

The site shared that Yolanda filed “irreconcilable differences” for ending the relationship. She reportedly would like spousal support but the couple already has a pre-nup.

Last month the couple made a joint-statement, “We’ve shared 9 beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues.”

It was hinted that Yolanda’s illness caused a strain in the marriage as she revealed when she got married was the time she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This was her second marriage and David’s fourth.

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  1. It’s always sad when a marriage breaks down whoever it is. In UK we have to wait two years unless it’s unreasonable conduct.

    1. I think the two year wait is a good idea, mostly.

      These days, too many people don’t understand that EVERY long marriage WILL have it’s very low points as well as it’s very high points. When they hit the guaranteed low spot, they think it’s all over. If they’d wait it out, I think many of them might be surprised to realize that with a little effort AND patience, the good times often do return.

      Of course when they’ve already got six marriages between them, it’s probably a little late for all that though. With six marriages between them, I do not find a divorce announcement surprising.

      1. Well! I’m not sure as when my ex cheated I would have liked to get it over and done with a lot quicker but then I didn’t have children with him!

        1. Well, I did say “mostly.” There are always exceptions, and in my opinion, if there aren’t any kids, that would be one of them.

  2. Can’t wait to see what David has to say about Yolanda and her Lyme disease later this season because apparently there is a reason people are questioning it

    1. He already spoke on Yolanda’s illness since the split and was overwhelmingly supportive of her. Said not to doubt it that she was very ill.

  3. On RHBH, David always seems to be very loving towards her. They seemed very happy together, guess that was for the cameras.

  4. The groping on camera last week of David onYo’s tit before she had it removed Rreally looked juvenile. He may already be working on his 5th wife and probably include “no leaky boobs or unconventional treatment if illness” in his prenup, the schmook.

    Yo will just find another deep pockets or back to Mohamaad and help him launders his money while he is in jail ..hee hee hee

  5. I cannot speak for David Foster, but everyone deals with health issues in their own way. Some people will deal with increased anxiety with humor, whether appropriate or not. I do not think David meant harm by the boob squeezing, but rather he made a mistake thinking it would be cute or funny to Yolanda. I thought it was bizarre as well. Maybe he is not comfortable with cameras during the most intimate of times for the couple, or he may have acted differently. After seeing how nice he was to her in the hospital when he answered the phone after her surgery and was comforting her, I think maybe Yolanda may have been unrealistic with her expectations of David as a husband. She had nine years with a man who had a history of failing relationships. She was the one who filed for divorce, perhaps, because she wanted him to quit working and spend a full time commitment to her because she was sick, and her sickness came as soon as she was married. Maybe it was all coincidental, but did she perhaps expect the man to change once they were married. That never happens. I don’t know all of the details, but I think Yolanda needs a man who waits on her hand and foot and showers her with affection, even though she would want us to see her as that same sort of person when it comes to her “love”. She, with the camera on anyway, would be the doting wife to him. We do not know what happened when the cameras were off. So, since I do not know both sides of this story, I will not judge David. I think he is who he is and is not changing. Yolanda should try to be without a man for once and not just look at the financial worth of an individual first and foremost, since it appears that is what she did in the past. She really needs a good psychotherapist because she has issues that need to be addressed for her to move on in a healthy manner, mentally and physically.

    1. That’s an excellent Point about people dealing with illness differently. As a nurse I’m sure you sure all the range of reactions, I don’t know how you do it because I internalize people’s pain and I’d be a hot mess 🙂 I remember seeing David in some reality show years ago, can’t remember which one, but he was dealing with his grown children etc and that’s just how he always acts . It’s easy to navigate the ‘for better’ part of our vows, it’s the ‘for worse’ part that details some people xoxo

      1. Rain, I think if we all quit marriage after hiccups or without any real effort, then probably all marriages would end in divorce. Of course it depends on the individual sitiuation. It becomes too easy for couples to divorce, especially in some states more than others and especially with good prenups. Some just may have unrealistic expectations of his or her partner. Others maybe never should get married, since they are unable to fully commit to anyone.

        1. ITA! Marriage is NOT easy but you have to be stupid to not know that going in! I always wonder how I’ve made it this far with my honey bear but maybe because I take nothing for granted. It’s hard work and it just doesn’t steer itself. But the good times are good . I always joke around here about younger men and I tease him about other women but it’s all just fun and laughs . Oops just got distracted by a vision of Michael Fassbender! Lord forgive me for I have sinned xoxo

        2. Oh wise one! But very true, how many times I have felt like quitting but stick it out then am so pleased I have. Is he perfect far from it but am I hell yes!!! Lol no I’m sure he has felt the same at times!! But we work it out! Xo

  6. I’ve never liked that David so nothing he does surprises me. Yo was her usual self. Marriage isn’t always a bed of roses. Anne Morrow Lindberg wrote this book called “Gift From The Sea” about marriage. She took a break from Charles and spent a summer at the beach totally alone. It totally changed my viewpoints on marriage and what should not be expected, etc. It might be a good idea for some of these serial vow-takers to read. Six marriages between the two of them…. a bit telling.

  7. I thought it was awful for David to hold Yolanda’s boob on the way to the hospital. It was insensitive as she would come out of there very insecure of her new body. I also didnt appreciate his comment to Lisa about Yolanda’s boobs being smaller than Kens. God knows what else he said or did to hurt her. That was 2 minutes of their life together. What didnt we see?

  8. For some reason, the end of this marriage really bothers me. I agree with Judge Judy and Sandy, that some people are too quick to throw in the towel. After watching David acting so sweet and kind towards Yolanda last nite, it makes me think they must’ve had a HUGE blow-out for things to unravel so quickly.

    1. I wondered the same thing Queenie. I even saw Yolanda’s FB and they had nice comments well into December. What the **** happened???

  9. I think many extremely high paid people get a very narcissistic God complex.

    Give me a regular guy who is a faithful, giving, loving life partner any day over a Mr. Wonderful misogynist who trades women in like new cars because he believes he walks on water.

    My take is that David is shallow and conceited and therefore WORTHLESS as a partner regardless of his millions or billions or trillions. Perhaps Yolanda will learn something about what truly makes a Quality Person at last. Hint: It ain’t money.

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