Yolanda Hadid Would Like Kim Richards to Return To RHOBH


Yolanda Hadid’s health is continuing to improve as she battles Lyme disease and according to a new report she is becoming great friends with her former RHOBH co-star Kim Richards. Sources claim that Yolanda is surprised how well Richards is coping with the death of her ex-husband Monty Brinson and that Hadid is advocating for Kim to be welcomed back to next season of the show.

“Yolanda has been so impressed with Kim’s commitment to her sobriety,” an insider said. “Watching Monty suffer for so very long was the hardest thing for Kim to deal with. She basically put her life on hold for the last two years to take care of Monty.”

“But Kim has been absolutely committed to her sobriety and promised Monty that she would stay on the path to maintain it,” the source told Radar. “Yolanda wants Kim to rejoin the cast of the show for next season.”

“Kim has also been a great support for Yolanda during her divorce from David and her recovery from Lyme disease,” the insider added.

Do you want to see Kim return to the show?

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  • Sally☕️

    Here we go again, Km has been a grea support to Yo! Snooze fest!

    • Sally☕️

      Typos Kim and great

  • I know Yolanda means well because Kim probably needs the money, but it isn’t a good idea. These woman thrive on arguing and bashing each other. That’s how they keep their jobs! That would probably be too stressful for Kim and could cause damage to her sobriety. Kim needs to find a different job that doesn’t put her under that kind of pressure.

    • You are right. If Yolanda was truly a concerned friend she would realize that Kim being on this show is just not healthy for her, not to mention the fragility of Kim’s and Kyle’s relationship. Kim basically blamed the show’s stress as the reason for her relapse so why would it be smart to put her back on.

  • Aunt Bee

    Yolanda needs a friend because the others doubt her except Erica. Yo would love to see Kimbo and Bimbo come back to support her. Another RH show down the drain for me.

    • Jake

      It’s already down the drain, it’s been since the begining of the season ^^

    • Sally☕️

      Bee, all Yo wants is someone to hold her hand and mop her brow and tell her how ill she looks. She isn’t concerned who it is or what it might do to Kim to come back!

      • Real Sandy ⛱

        Yes, I agree. Yolanda only thinks of Yolanda first. It is all about having her cheerleaders around her, supporting her and attacking the other housewives for her. She needs backup and people to kiss her behind for her if she can find them IMO. Kim’s own welfare is the farthest thing from her mind.

        • Sally☕️

          Totally agree spot on!

  • Jane Bond☂

    You can tell an awful lot about the character of a person by their circle of friends. Brandi & Kim ? Two of the most polarizing women in Bravo history? That’s really odd isn’t it ? for a woman whose platform is all about righteousness and integrity ?? hahaha.

    • Sally☕️

      Miss M precisely! It does say a lot!

      • Jane Bond☂

        See??! And just look at mine! 🙂 xoxo❣❌⭕️☂

        • Sally☕️


  • SidewinderVX

    Well if they have Kyle back they should have Kim. Kyle proven she can’t be on the show without Kim.
    People kept saying she’d be different with no Kim but she’s the same and just drags her family onto tv behind their backs. So if they bring her back I’d rather they brought Kim back too so she can actually defend herself.

    But they need to just cut ties with them all.

    • kt

      Couldn’t agree more, they just need to cut ties with all of them!

      • Real Sandy ⛱


  • skeptic

    Really, does anybody think or care what Yolanda thinks or wants. The worst thing Bravo could do is bring Kim back as a full time butt-kisser to the high and mighty Yolanda, Queen of Integrity. Leave Kim off Bravo and let her continue to work on her sobriety. Bring her back to this show would be akin to hiring her as a bartender at a local watering hole. There is just too much temptation and opportunity for her to fall off the wagon.

  • starr

    Absolutely not!!! No Kim, No Yolanda either. What?!! does Yolanda feel she’s an asset to the RHOBH & Kim equally so? Kim is far from cured & certainly her nasty ways are there to stay, a leopard’s spots don’t change. The only reason that Yo wants Kim back is because she needs supporters to kiss her feet & she’s down to just Erika J at this point. Next thing we know is that she’ll be rallying for Brandi to return as well. She, Yo is in the dog house & she knows it.


    Of course she wants her to come back. Kim will make Ho look pretty sane. Second, what kind of trash hangs out with Brandi and Kim? Birds of a feather and all that? More “clues” (as if we need clues anyway) into the twisted, depraved mind of Ho.

  • If nothing else things have sure changed for Yo now that she is no longer the wife of David Foster. She’s scrambling among old HW for back up when just 2 seasons ago her persona was “I don’t need Kyle Richards to like me, I know who I am and what I stand for!” Well, insert Kim for Kyle and during that season she turned her nose up at every decent cast member and went for Carlowton and BG. She felt like with Mohammed’s friendship and house in the mix, and David Foster and her mansion behind her she needed no one as her friend, she had her refrigerator and her endless pool and her view. She had the mighty David Foster and his peers to choose from when entertaining. She rejoiced in the fact that she needed no one, certainly not any housewives for friends, the women her husband relegated to clown position. Wow, how the mighty have fallen.
    I am loving this season from the first episode to now. Almost reunion time already.

  • Naynay

    I think we should all show up at Yo’s to take care of her, hmmm let me think, I’ll bring the duct tape

    • Sally☕️

      Thanks I needed a laugh! Xo

  • Yolanda got really squirrelly.when the OC Cancer issue was uncovered as fake.When Rinna mentioned munchsean’s she got really nuts.Not to say she’s not sick but why is she trying to convince people.Be sick and please take a seat.

    • Sally☕️

      I like that expression! ‘Got really squirrely’ 😀

  • Simone

    Not only do I NOT want to see Kim next season, I do NOT want to see Yolanda next season. I suspect Yolanda wants Kim back so the attention can be taken a bit off of Yolanda’s bizarre new behaviour and be put on Kim’s drunken bizarre behaviour. Kim is predictably erratic and mean to her sister, Kyle. Stay gone, Kim, and go away, Yolanda.

  • VaNonna

    If Yoyo really cared about Kim she’d realize she needs to focus on her sobriety. I’m sure Yoyo wants the focus taken off her and her fake Lyme. It’s time for Yoyo – to go too. She doesn’t have as much integrity and she thinks.