Yolanda Foster & Kim Richards Aren’t Friends Anymore!

Yolanda Foster, Kim Richards

Yolanda Foster is taking to her Bravo Blog to share her insight on the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda explains how she helped Kim Richards when Kim was upset in Paris, and even shares details about Kim and Kyle’s fight that we didn’t see on the show! Yolanda also teases that she and Kim are going to have a falling out before the end of the Season. Read what she wrote below!

Yolanda writes, “Sadly our trip to Paris had come to an end. As we cruised Le Seine, I really believed that, regardless of some little bumps in the road, we had bonded and strengthened our friendships within the group. . .

Ken is adorable. He is a good old-fashioned man and I loooove to see him do all the romantic little things for Lisa. I always say, “Get wise, keep your romance alive,” but these veterans can teach us all a thing or two. They have a great marriage, and I am so excited to witness the renewal of their vows. I am such a “hopeless romantic,” and will be bringing my box of tissues.

The photo shoot at Jim Jordan Studio was the craziest day in my career ever. We all got to the studio at 7:30 am, while our stylist showed up three hours late. It was so stressful because I knew David could only stay for one hour because he was doing a show with Barbra for the Women’s Heart Center event that night.

Anyway, my love was a great sport. Photo shoots are not his favorite thing to do (haha), but he came and conquered. We got some beautiful pictures together, and he went back to work while we figured out the wardrobe and finally ended up shooting a beautiful story.

I’m sure there is a good reason, but I don’t quite understand why Marisa is bringing in Mauricio to sell the Zanuck residence. It’s a beautiful property and I am sure she won’t have a problem selling it.

OMG! I never met Dana but she seems a mess. What is her beef with Brandi? Brandi is not on par with her and the other girls in this group??? She must be friends with Faye.

At this point, Kyle’s has shown me her true colors, but regardless I wish her success, prosperity, and good luck with her new store. She created a beautiful place in one of the best locations in Beverly Hills.

I really got emotional watching myself at Kyle’s opening. I had been struggling with the loss of my brain function for the past couple of months but this particular night was the defining moment when I realized that something was really wrong with me.

I had been hiding it pretty well, fighting to keep myself going. When I needed to make a point to Taylor, I was scrambling in a way that is hard to explain. I had the story in my head but I wasn’t able to pull the words and have the appropriate sentences come out of mouth. My brain was paralyzed. I went home that night and knew I needed to face my illness — and that’s where my endless health journey and battle with Lyme disease began.

Obviously there had been tension between Taylor and I because she spoke badly about my husband and I within the group, but I was happy that she finally made the effort to apologize and clear the air so that we can finally move on.

It’s hurtful when someone trash talks the one you love, especially someone as kind and honorable as my husband. I am very protective of him and all the people I love for that matter, I am sure you understand that feeling.

Anyway, looking back, I really went out of my way to support and guide Kim throughout our Paris trip. Under normal circumstances, I would never bring this up because I don’t believe it’s great karma to mention the good deeds you do in life. This situation is only important information for you to know because it’s something that is going to come up by season’s end.

When we left Paris, Kim was not well at all. I accompanied her through the airport, carried her bags while she was crying, struggling and upset with Kyle. Even though I wasn’t feeling well either, I wanted to show my support to a woman I thought was becoming and needing a friend.

The next time I saw Kim was at Kyle’s store opening where she barely greeted me, and chose to walk straight into the dressing room with Kyle to explain their version of our Paris trip.

I’m a little naive when it comes to these kinds of matters so it took me some time to realize and understand what had gone down. It’s quite interesting to learn how their perspective of our experience is so different then mine.

In hindsight I should have just minded my own business and not gotten involved!”

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6 Replies to “Yolanda Foster & Kim Richards Aren’t Friends Anymore!”

  1. I really love Yolanda. Many say this is a scripted show. As we can tell how Kyle and Kim addressed the oops I took the wrong medication in Paris. Please darlings, no one buys that line of crap. Lets see, she was acting exactly like Brandi did in Hawaii when she openly said she took Xanax and mixed it with alcohol. That is how people react to Xanax and alcohol. When a person with addictions comes home from rehab, their house should be cleared of all potential prescription drugs and alcohol, but I am sure Kyle being so busy with her life she did not go to clean Kim’s house. In my opinion Yolanda is the only one that is not in the loop that this show is scripted by Kyle.

  2. Yolanda + Lisa are 2 favs of mine. However, Yolanda’s worship towards her husband gets annoying sometimes! If things are so wonderful, why does she feel the need to enforce this continually?

  3. Even ill, Yolanda’s brain is working far better than either Kyle or Kim’s. She seems to have her priorities straight, and suffers no fools.

  4. Yolanda, Please you are above this…. It’s small stuff. Stop and think, Kim is sweet with a problem and why she would want it on national TV is beyond me. She needs the extra cash? So what if she didn’t come to you and kiss your ring. Our kindness needs to go unnoticed by others. You did what you thought was correct at the time. Now stay off your blog being negitive. You’re bigger than this. Sorry your ill.

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