Yolanda Foster “Joanna Krupa Did Not Break Up My Marriage To Mohammed”


Yolanda Foster is clearing up allegations that Joanna Krupa ruined her marriage to Mohammed Hadid. While Yolanda doesn’t deny that Joanna slept with her ex-husband, she states that she wasn’t the reason for their divorce… infidelity was. Yolanda explains she is ready to put that negativity behind her for her children and her relationship with Mohammed.

Yolanda writes, “Which leads me to clarify that Joanna Krupa did not cause Mohamed and I’s divorce. Unfortunately infidelity did, but at this point, 12 years later, we have left that negative chapter behind and have moved on to be friends and are united parents to our children.

I always like to remind myself that the most honorable people of all are not those who never make mistakes, but those who admit to them when they do and then move on and do their best to right the wrongs they have made.”

Photo Credit: Bravo