Yolanda Foster Insists Cheating Or Financial Issues Were Not The Cause Of Her Divorce From David


RHOBH star Yolanda Foster is taking to her blog to discuss this week’s episode of the show. Foster addresses Lisa Vanderpump’s questions of her having Lyme Disease and opens up about her divorce from her husband David Foster. Yolanda makes it clear that no infidelity or financial problems were the reason for their split. Read what else she had to say below.

“It’s been quite a week. I’ll start by letting you know how much I appreciate all your love and unwavering support.

A big hug to Eileen and Vinnie for their loss of the amazing Dick Van Patten. I know how much they both loved him. Having lost my father at an early age, I have great empathy. The loss of a parent is profound at any age.

I really enjoyed watching Lisa and Kyle’s vacation in the Amalfi Coast. I remember those days well, and even though the past couple of years traveling have felt more like a challenge than a vacation for me, it proves that when you don’t feel well, it doesn’t matter where you are–no matter how beautiful the location.

It made me smile to see Lisa and Eileen’s visit back in April, and it made me even happier to see how much progress I’ve made since then. It gives me so much strength to feel supported by my fellow ‘Wives!

I want to address Lisa VDP’s statement on tonight’s show. I was surprised to hear her say I have any doubt about my Lyme diagnosis, because I don’t. The fact is my challenges are multi-faceted. So far, we’ve treated my Lyme disease, co-infections, heavy metal toxicity, silicone ruptures, parasites, and viral, bacterial and fungal infections. I don’t expect anyone to understand a disease so complex. I’ve been immersed in discovery 101–finding my way back to health.

Removing my metal-based crowns was gnarly, but in hindsight, it has brought clarity to my case. I was highly allergic to the materials and metals that they were made of, so through chelation, we have been able the bring down my heavy metal toxicity significantly.

Daisy has been an angel sent to me from heaven. She has been by my side since early January and an undeniable force in uncovering this mystery of my chronic disease. I will be forever grateful to David for bringing her on to help and educate us. Being a chronic Lyme survivor herself, she has made it her life mission to be a nurse/health advocate for patients like me.

It’s important to me that I share some words about the news of my separation. It is true that David and I have chosen to go our separate ways. There is nothing easy about this process as it is a loss no matter how you look at it. We should all know by now that rumors and what might seem like “sensational drama” will always trail behind news like this. I can say that the sale of our Malibu home, financial matters, nor infidelity played a role in our decision. I accept that speculation is part of what comes with the public lifestyle I have chosen, but I am human just like the rest of you. My wish is to get through this time with the great respect we’ve always had for each other. I want to honor the joy we’ve shared and focus my strength on my children and my well being.”

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30 Replies to “Yolanda Foster Insists Cheating Or Financial Issues Were Not The Cause Of Her Divorce From David”

  1. Sidewinder, I think you might be right this may be the season LVP gets knocked down a few pegs. Looks like other women are going to hold her accountable for her words. No more dropping little bombs of doubt for the camera and getting away with it.

    1. Cassy, I agree with you, even as a Lisa fan who has defended her on blogs when I really thought she was wrong, (there I am admitting to that) but it does seem as though you are right! It also seems as though the other Lisa will be in big trouble. Saying Munchuausens is nasty!

    2. I’m hoping so, a little accountability is a good thing.
      I’ve always enjoyed the backhanded comments from here, they are a little too mean this year though. She’s clearly holding a lot of grudges, her and Ken are coming across so bad this year.

      Even to keep going at dinner with Kyle was awful, Kyles to in her pocket to say anything so one of the children had to shut her down.

      I really hope she takes a knock and deals with it well, she’s getting too close to Nene territory of no accountability and big headedness for it to be fun.

  2. I don’t know the first thing about Lyme’s but 2ft long parasites? I am confused- I thought it was the immune system that is compromised with Lyme’s. How does that produce 2ft long parasites & why are you looking/treating for parasites. I feel I need a medical degree just to watch Bravo these days.

  3. Can we talk about that medicine closet, my big mouth hung wide open hitting my knees, I found that shocking!! Oh jeeze I think there’s something more than Lyme going on here. Do u think her marriage was going down hill and maybe she was milking this to keep him around, I say that because according to her she’s better now, she has brain function. I don’t know, I have a feeling another bravo show another illness will go on all season. That 2ft parasite that came out of her body…help..I know nothing about that stuff, does anyone know about that kind of stuff??? Yikes

    1. Oh no no no, I can’t believe I am asking this, I feel sick at the thought! How did it come out and who measured it. If it was an operation, fine I can cope with that but nothing else!

  4. I believe I heard Yo say she does a cleanse once a week? How does a parasite grow to be 2 ft in less than a week.? That is more info than I want to know.

  5. FINALLY–Yo mentions the Leaky Boobs as part of her ongoing battle!

    As for the parasites, possibly taking “natural remedies” that contain unwashed herbs, vitamins that are gel cap containing some type of chopped dried grass product, or sticking something up her butt for cleansing can cause parasites?

    1. You have just got me into trouble! Reading this I shouted! Now he wants to know why and if I tell him I really will be in trouble then!

  6. Too many different diseases going on with Yo, or are they all related to the Lymme? Just too much to understand & I’m just as confused as Lisa V. I just wish her better.

    1. ITA! I totally understand LVP, Kyle, & others questions. I don’t believe any of them were questioning Yo’s lyme disease, but all of the other things going on with her health. I don’t think Ken was being mean, he tried to tell Yo she looked good because he didn’t want to hurt her. He seems genuinely upset that she looked so ill. When Yo jumped all over him in a previous season, I lost respect for her. She also continuously made snide remarks about LVP. Even when she was eating with Muhammond & he shut her down. She seemed to be siding with Brandy and was mean spirited. I’ve always believed she has 2 sides. Not questioning her health issues in any way, but sometimes I do think you can go overboard with all the medicines & treatments. When I hear commercials for certain medicines, & all of the horrible side effects, it makes me question is the medicine worth the risk?

      1. I think you are on the right track here Patricia. I don’t think Ken was being mean either. He was trying to encourage Yolanda. I do wonder how many health treatments Yolanda has had and if it has really done any good? I haven’t seen much improvement. I sure wish someone would come up with a cure for this disease. I have a friend who has it and she also says it’s so very debilitating.

        It did seem to me like David likes to be pampered and when the pamperer get’s sick then what’s the pampered to do? I hope he really isn’t as bad as it appears to Yolanda. Hang in there Yolanda.

  7. Bravo to Yolanda for conveying the idea that divorce does not have to evolve into a death match. I also appreciate the fact that she has chosen to appreciate the past and is focusing on the future.

  8. I read that Yo wants to stay in the condo but David wants her out. I have a feeling that David gets his way NO MATTER WHAT since I think he lives by the Golden Rule which in his tiny mind is “He who has the gold rules” and I also think that we will never know what caused the break up but I do believe that within six months he is gonna be with another woman (if not already) cuz this guy doesn’t stay single for long. She’s much better off without him. Furthermore, maybe Yo “was” (since she said last night on WWHL that she is much better) sick BECAUSE OF HAVING TO LIVE WITH THAT MORON for so long and cater to his every whim and boost his ego every waking second and act like an indentured servant and not an equal partner. It doesn’t matter where you live, or how big your closets are or if you fly private or a bored of going to the Almalfi Coast, if you are with someone who just takes and takes and takes emotionally and doesn’t deposit anything, it is going to make you sick. Being with him would be enough to wear anyone down, even the strongest of women. I’m not sure about this parasite thing but One Rotten Egg might be onto something. She has flown all over the world, gotten treatments from who knows where. First-rate places or some back alley, voodoo, third floor walk-up type place that hasn’t seen a bucket of cleaning solution and a brush in ten years? And what was with that closet of drugs/pills/potions/cure-alls? That was a head-shaker. I guess if you don’t know how to fix something, you’ll try anything to get better.

    1. If they have only been married four years and he had the condo for years, then it is his. She keeps saying she has been sick for four years. Coincidence?

  9. It was not cheating….it is not cheating if the act of sleeping with someone else takes place outside the area code where the husband/wife lives

  10. Your positive mental attitude should be how we all should live our lives. I commend you for your strength Bless you Yolanda. Your life will only get better because of it!

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